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Nitro Muriatic Acid. - General symptoms

Aqua Regia, Nitromuriaticum Acidum, Nitro-muriatic Acid, Acid nit mur, Nit-m-ac.

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HPUS indication of Nitro Muriatic Acid.: Low spirits

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Nitro Muriatic Acid. in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Lower lip has a blister on the inner side as large as an incisor tooth, which I first noticed at 1 P.M.

while eating dinner, at 2 P.M., could not help biting it.

for several hours after, whenever I closed my teeth, I would bite it.

the inside of lower lip was also somewhat swollen, and this blister the most pointing part (fourth day),.

Fluttering of the heart, while eating dinner at 2 P.M. (eight day).

while eating dinner, at 1.30 P.M.

at a quarter before 2 P.M., started for the cars, was a few minutes late, and had to run part of the way.

after running slowly half a square, was taken with fluttering of the heart, so I had to stop running and walk, then it gradually passed off (ninth day),.

Have been troubled more or less with constipation since I began the proving.

this evening, at 7 P.M., had desire for stool.

after much urging was unable to pass anything owing to constriction of sphincter ani.

on pressing with finger at the end of coccyx, expelled a small amount of faeces (twelfth day).

desire for stool, at 8 A.M.

after much urging with rectus abdominis, expelled a small amount of faeces, notwithstanding the constriction of the sphincter ani (thirteenth day),.

Sticking in dorsum of right hand to third knuckle.

afterwards successively, the same on dorsum of left forearm and hand, then in back of both thighs, when walking, at 7.30 P.M.

directly after, while still walking, a sharp, stitchlike drawing pain in front of right forearm, beginning and worse and most persistent at commencement of biceps tendon, above elbow (third day).

the pains (especially of the upper extremities) recurred quite frequently, up to the morning of the fourth day,.

May 1st. Since yesterday I have felt some pain in my throat, especially on swallowing. This pain seems to follow the course of the oesophagus. During the whole of this forenoon, I had a sense of burning over the root of my mouth and down the gullet. This sensation is like what arises from having chewed an acrid vegetable substance.

and is so unpleasant, that unless it leaves me by to-morrow, I shall bathe no more. To-day I bathed as usual, staying in the bath for half an hour. It has been to-day, and is, in general, so acid as to make my skin smart a good deal in many places..

June 6th. For a fortnight after giving up the bath I was sensible of some of its effects upon my mouth, and my pulse remained too quick. I am now remarkably well. My liver seems to be sound, and I have experienced a happier change than I even did from Merc Viv Mercury. Mere sponging the skin with Nitro-Muriaticum Acidum muriatic acid, sufficiently diluted with water, gives rise to the very same effects with bathing. Fifteen or twenty minutes may be employed in the sponging, though I found that a much less time does produce very material effects. When the bathing or sponging is carried to a considerable extent, and when the system is much under its influence, a sense of weakness comes on occasionally.

some nervous irritation and restlessness are felt, a taste of metal (generally compared to that of Cuprum Metallicum copper) becomes sensible.

a sense of pain occurs in some parts of the palate or mouth, which is not permanent, but comes and soon goes off again. At length little specks or small ulcerations, extending no deeper than the cuticle, are seen on the interior surface of the mouth and over the tongue, so that some degree of excoriation or rawness is at last produced. This is attended by a considerable discharge of saliva, with an increase of the feeling of lowness or depression. These effects resemble those of Merc Viv Mercury, but they are not the same. The excoriation from the Nitro-Muriaticum Acidum muriatic acid never reaches deeper than the cuticle.

it never gives rise to fetid ulcerations of any kind, nor does it produce the least offensive smell of the breath nor in the mouth. The effects of it in this way are surprisingly fugitive. At one hour the discharge of saliva may be excessive.

the next it will stop, and perhaps suddenly come on again. The excoriations in the mouth generally go away in a day or two if the remedy be discontinued, and appear no more. While the mouth in this way is affected by the acid, the teeth partake of uneasiness.

Almost a specific in Oxaluria. Removes the distressing skin symptoms resembling psoriasis. Three to five drops three times a day. So-called bilious conditions; torpid liver, hepatitis and early cirrhosis of liver. More adapted to hepatic torpor and gastric catarrh common in hot and damp climates and aggravated by meat eating and Alcohol (Hale). Constricted anus. Gravel.

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