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Nux Moschata - Mental (inc. personality) symptoms - T.F. Allen

Nutmeg, Nux Mosch, Nux-m.

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HPUS indication of Nux Moschata: Dry mouth

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Nux Moschata in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.





She fell into a delirium, that lasted several hours,

After a few hours, he was attacked with violent vertigo and delirium, so that he made remarkable gestures; then he used improper language in a loud tone, and could in no way be quieted or made to sleep until he had taken tea and been bled, after which he fell into a profuse perspiration, with deep sleep, from which he woke well,

Delirium with the dysmenorrhoea,

Mental derangement,

Possesses narcotic properties, causes reeling, delirium, and apoplexy,

They became foolish and delirious (in five soldiers),

It causes foolishness,

Completely distracted in the head, and as if intoxicated (in a pregnant woman, from ten pieces of the nuts),

Causes intoxication and indolence,

Unusually lively, laughing and bright, in the forenoon,

Felt foolishly happy, but could not talk; had no desire to talk (first evening),

He seemed to himself to be remarkably lively, with constant throngs of joyous fancies, and he managed to see something ludicrous in everything,

Great fear of death, at 5.30 P.M.,

Weeping mood, with burning in the eyes, and lachrymation (first day),

Praecordial anxiety,

Reeling and great anxiety,

Violent anxiety (second day),

Extreme ill-humor (first day),

Petulant and irritable, when roused,

Disposed to be petulant,

Variable mood; at one time he wishes to do something, but when he is about to accomplish it changes his mind (first day),

At one time mood more earnest, at another more inclined to laugh (first day),

Felt perfectly careless; nothing could have offended me (first evening),

Indifferent mood (first day),


Thought uncontrollable, at 2 P.M.,

While writing he omitted letters, wrote in different alphabets against his will, and changed from one subject to another (after six hours),

The words he employed to express his sensations remarkable for their merit of being the opposite to what he should have used; on the third day his thoughts hardly submitted themselves to his control, unless by a consciously great effort,

He cannot comprehend what he is reading, does not know what he is reading (first day),

Ideas were somewhat confused,

Great incoherency on attempting to express her ideas (after seven hours),

Great confusion of ideas, with strange feeling over the whole system (after four hours),

Unfitted for any work (first day),

Loss of memory, at 2 P.M.,

The preserved nuts, if eaten too frequently, destroy the memory,

It causes forgetfulness,

When writing, he had scarcely written half of the thoughts in his mind when everything vanished; the other part could be recalled only with difficulty, or frequently not at all; was first obliged to rest; commenced to write anew, but could write only a single word, when he had to stop and collect his thoughts (first day),

Dizziness and vanishing of thought, and on forcibly arousing himself, he is first obliged to collect is thoughts,

While reading he gradually sinks into absence of mind, which passes into sleep (after three hours),

Before he could answer a question he was obliged to wait awhile and collect his thoughts; frequently in spite of everything he was unable to give a suitable answer immediately; a kind of slowness of ideas (after five hours),

He staggered when walking, and when reflecting his mind ran upon one idea until all at once he woke from complete abstraction, and was obliged to collect his thoughts before he knew where he was (after five hours),

Absence of mind, cannot think; great indifference to everything; scalp very much stretched, he laid down at noon to sleep for half an hour, but slept soundly for four hours; before falling asleep, boring pains in the root of a tooth; on falling asleep, some dull headache on the left side (after six hours),

He talks very little; confused images appear before his mind; whenever he wishes to say anything he is first obliged to collect his thoughts (first day),

He never accomplishes what he undertakes, but remains standing in one place, absent-minded; he appears quite changed to his companions,

It became difficult to recall to mind things learned shortly before; for many such things the mind seemed paralyzed for many days together,

In a state of apparent unconsciousness,

Dulness of sense and loss of control; she could have been led anywhere without resistance; loss of power (first evening),

*Total loss of consciousness, seemingly to her of a half hour's duration, but really only momentary, at 2 P.M.,


Senselessness, intoxication condition, and absence of mind (first day),

It surely possesses narcotic and stupefying properties,

She fell into the deepest stupor, was deprived of all motion and sensation,

She lay immovable and stupid the whole of the first day, as in coma,

State of mind similar to that of the opium-eater, entertaining no apprehension of the result, although aware of the presence of some danger,

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