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Nux Vomica - Chest symptoms - T.F. Allen

Poison-nut, Nux, Nux vom, Colubrina, Nux-v.

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HPUS indication of Nux Vomica: Vomiting

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Nux Vomica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Oppression of the chest,

Oppression of the chest, in the evening,

Pressive (and cutting) pain in the chest, immediately after eating,

A warm tension in the chest,

Compressive pain in the chest,

Tension and pressure in the external parts of the chest at night, as from a weight, and as if the sides were paralyzed,

Compression of the chest, as if drawn together, at night in bed,

Asthmatic constrictive tightness transversely through the chest, while walking or ascending a height,

Asthmatic constriction transversely through the chest, when walking and ascending,

Feeling of constriction across the chest,

Tightness in the chest, as from too tight clothes, on ascending steps; relieved after sitting down,

Pain in the chest, as if it were compressed by a weight, in the open air,

Scraping in the chest, causing hawking,

Drawing pain in the ribs,

Drawing pain in the chest,

Heat in the chest that rises into the mouth, and that causes uneasiness, anxiety and sleeplessness (after six hours),

Catarrhal accumulation in the chest, in the morning, so that he cannot loosen it by coughing, without pain in the trachea (after fourteen hours),

Catarrh affects the chest, in the morning, in bed (like a felt); a hoarseness and roughness in the chest, and soreness in one spot in the trachea, from which mucus is loosened by coughing; relieved by rising from bed (after ten hours),

The chest seems stuffed; he cannot loosen it by coughing (after sixteen hours),

Feeling in the chest as if something would fall down (after six hours),

Internal and external warmth in the chest, with fine stitches in the pectoral muscles (after four days),

A warm orgasm in the chest, that causes anxiety,

Burning on the chest, with anxiety (after twenty hours),

Some painful weariness in the chest, which is not sore to touch, relieved by bending the body backward (after forty-eight hours),

(Jerking stitches in the chest),

Frequent slight attacks of palpitation in the side of the chest, in the morning (after sixteen, and thirty hours),

Throbbing in the chest,

Anxiety in the chest,

Sternum and Sides.

Pain, as if the sternum were pressed inward,

Pain, like needle stitches, in the sternum, in the afternoon,

Pinching-drawing pain near the sternum (after half an hour),

Sticking pain in the middle of the chest, becoming more violent on moving about,

Pressive pain in the left chest if she sits for awhile, immediately disappearing on eructating,

Like a drawing and burning tearing in the left side of the chest, in the morning (after thirty-six hours),

Pain in both nipples, like that caused by the milk rushing into the breasts after childbirth,

A simple pain in the right nipple when touched,

Painful sensitiveness of the nipples (after one hour),

Itchlike stitches below the nipple,

Shivering across the breasts (after a few minutes),

Around armpit

Pain in the chest, beneath the axilla, on touch; does not dare to press the arm against the chest,


Some violent stitches in the praecordial region, an hour after rising, in the morning (after seven days),

Spasmodic palpitation of the heart, with sense of fluttering at pit of the stomach (after four to five days),

Violent palpitation,


Palpitation on lying down after dinner,

Heart's action considerably accelerated, and fluttering against walls of thorax (after three hours),

The action of the heart was slow and feeble,

Some stitches in the region of the heart,

Orgasm of blood, with palpitation, very early in the morning (after twenty hours),

Painful thrusts towards the heart, rhythmical with the pulse,

Persistent pressure on the heart (in the region of the pit of the stomach),


Pulse rapid (after one hour and a half); 138 (after two hours and a half); 120 (after three hours); 114 (after three hours and a half),

Pulse quick,

Very quick and faint pulse between the spasms,

Pulse faint and much quicker,

Pulse quick (after three hours),

Pulse hard and excited (after three-quarters of an hour),

Rapid pulse, with complete consciousness,

Pulse frequent,

During the spasms, pulse rapid and irregular,

Pulse at first extremely rapid, but gradually diminished in frequency,

The pulse could not be counted during the paroxysm; 80 between the paroxysms,

The pulse somewhat indistinct, and beating, in the first half hour, 50 in a minute,

Pulse 96, rather small, and very irregular (after one hour),

Pulse small, hard, and rapid,

Small intermittent pulse,

Pulse irregular, during the spasms, almost entirely lost,

Pulse somewhat irregular, not hard, not rapid,


The whole sternum is painful to touch, as if beaten,

Pain in the side of the chest, below the shoulder, as if beaten and bruised, worse on touch and motion than during rest,

Increasing heat in the morning, on walking in the open air, with full pulse, without thirst, followed by sleeplessness (after eight, and sixteen hours),

Heat, with full rapid pulse; desire for bed, with thirst,

Internal heat, increasing from hour to hour, with full pulse, without thirst, followed by sleeplessness (after eight, and sixteen hours),


Pressive pain transversely across the chest, that impedes respiration,

Pain, like a bruise, extending from the sternum to the scapulae, with stitches and shortness of breath, during rest and motion, only during the day,

Pain extending transversely across the chest, with shortness of breath,

Stitches in the pectoral muscles, that are not caused by breathing (after three hours),

Pain in the region of the sternum, only during the day, on breathing, as if the chest were too short,

Drawing beneath the left breast, with anxiety, a kind of oppression of the heart, which makes respiration difficult (after three hours),

Respiration extremely rapid, with great heaving of the chest,

Respiration rapid, sighing, constantly interrupted,

Breathing accelerated, and rather laboring,

Respiration impeded,

Loud snoring and whistling expiration through the nose (after four hours),

Respiration easy (after three hours),

Respiration quick and difficult, and attended with great pain in the praecordial region,

Very slow respiration, with dilated pupils,

Respiration is difficult and tight as long as she remains up, but more natural on lying in bed,

Breathing short, oppressed, and hard,

Shortness of breath; she could not inspire sufficient air, even when lying down, with rapid pulse,

Respiration irregular, superficial; it became more difficult every moment, and she feared that she would suffocate,

Tightness of breath, and thereupon hacking cough,

The respiration, at first impeded, became suspended; and it was only by the continuance of long artificial respiration that it was restored,

Dyspnoea, at night, on waking from frightful dreams; she could scarcely catch her breath; with roaring in the ears, rapid pulse, and perspiration,

Dyspnoea, in the morning, in bed, while lying on the back, but after turning on the right side, headache,

Dyspnoea, after dinner; was obliged to take a deep breath slowly; after some hours shortness of breath (rapid respiration), (after twenty-six, and thirty hours),

Dyspnoea, in the evening and morning,

Dyspnoea and anxiety gradually increased for several hours; the breath constantly became shorter, and from time to time sweat broke out over the whole body,

If the clothes are fastened close under the ribs he is unable to get his breath while walking; if they are loosened somewhat, he breathes a little more freely, but if they are entirely removed the respiration again becomes difficult,

Larynx, Trachea, and Voice.

Dry painful catarrh in the larynx, very early in the morning, with increased warmth of the hands and feet, that at first requires uncovering, but after an hour he desires to be covered; followed by general perspiration (and relief of the catarrh), (after twenty hours),

Dry painful catarrh in the larynx, in the evening before going to sleep (after thirty-six hours),

Roughness and a scraped feeling in the larynx, that provokes cough,

Itching in the larynx, that provokes cough,

Tenacious mucus firmly adherent in the upper part of the trachea, in the morning, on rising; the chest seems stuffed up,

Adherent mucus high up in the trachea, provokes cough,

It seems as if the upper part of the trachea were constricted and narrowed by mucus, which he is obliged to forcibly expectorate by short coughs,

Tickling itching in the trachea, in the middle of the sternum, that provokes cough (after three-quarters of an hour),

On expiration, tickling in the trachea, that provokes cough,

She is unable to speak aloud,

Cough and Expectoration.

Violent cough before rising in the morning, with expectoration of clotted blood and soreness in the chest (after eighteen hours),

Cough, that causes a bruised pain in the upper abdominal region,

Cough, that causes headache, as if the skull would burst,

Cough, that loosens in the open air,

(Cough, that causes cracking in the ear),

Cough and expectoration, increasing on walking in the open air, followed by weakness,

Cough, after eating,

Violent paroxysms of dry cough, in the evening, after lying down, and very early in the morning (after twelve hours),

Cough, at night, preventing sleep,

Cough, at night, with an oppressed feeling in the chest,

A sore sticking when coughing,

Cough, at night,

Dry, persistent, fatiguing cough, about midnight, if she lies upon the back, disappearing when lying on the side (after five hours),

Dry cough, from midnight till daybreak,

Cough, on exerting the body (after forty-eight hours),

Scraping cough,

Cough, that returns with violence every other day,

Cough, caused by reading or reflecting,

Cough, that causes heat,

She did not sleep well on account of cough; and if she thought she was falling asleep the cough returned and disturbed her till midnight, after which she slept quietly,

Hawking of mucus from the trachea, without cough,

Cough, with sweetish expectoration,

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