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Nux Vomica - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

Poison-nut, Nux, Nux vom, Colubrina, Nux-v.

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HPUS indication of Nux Vomica: Vomiting

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Nux Vomica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Extremities, limbs


While the lower extremities continued outstretched, stiff, and cold, the other extremities were still under the control of the will, though somewhat cold and affected with cramps,

Rigidity of the extremities,

Stiffness of the joints, especially of the knees, afterwards the gait became tottering (after a quarter of an hour),

Peculiar stiffness of all the limbs, especially of the knees, with tension,

Diminished mobility of all the joints,

Tension and stiffness in the limbs (after eight, and sixteen hours),

Stiffness of the limbs, with jerking,

Trembling of the limbs and jerking of the heart (after one hour),

Heaviness in the arms and lower extremities, so that she could not raise them,

Spasmodic pains in the limbs, with chilliness, internal beating, after yawning after stretching,

Pain in the joints and in the middle of the long bones, as if bruised, in the morning, in bed (with incarceration of flatus low down in the lower abdomen, beneath the pubis); these both disappear after rising (after twenty hours),

Pain in all the joints, as if beaten, on motion (after four hours),

Pains in the knees and all the joints; worse in the morning,

Complained of cramping pains in limbs when he moved them (second day),

A simple pain, as from a bruise, associated with a tearing sensation in all the joints upon which he is not lying; only relieved and removed by turning over and lying upon the painful side, but after this the pain soon again commences in the other, sound side; this compels him frequently to turn over in bed,

Pain, as if bruised, in the joints of the side upon which she is lying, very early in the morning, in bed, disappearing on turning over; on lying still it is gradually renewed in the side upon which she now lies, entirely disappearing on rising (after thirty hours),

The longer he lies in bed, in the morning, the more pain he has in all the limbs, especially in the joints, as if beaten and bruised; relieved after rising (after eighteen hours),

Tensive pain in the limbs, very early in the morning, with stoppage of the nose (after ten hours),

Pain in the roots of the nails, if he knocks against them or only touches them, as if they would ulcerate,

Tearing in the left arm and right thigh, after the midday nap, during the menses,

Drawing and sticking, as with needles, on the backs and soles of the feet and toes; a similar sensation in the arms and hands,

Jerking in the limbs, in the evening, in bed,

All the joints are more painful on motion than when sitting still, after midnight (after six hours),

Sick feeling in all the limbs,

Painful feeling of rending and lassitude in the limbs (after a quarter of an hour),

Great weariness and relaxation of all the limbs, after taking the open air (after eight hours),

Great weakness of the limbs, so that he could not stand upon the feet,

Weariness in all the limbs, especially after ascending steps,

Weariness of the extremities, so that he could scarcely move them, with a painful contractive sensation through the whole body,

Sensation of weakness and prostration in all the limbs,

Sensation of sudden loss of power of the arm (and lower extremities), in the morning (after twelve hours),

Pain in the shoulder-joint, as if wearied by work or as if beaten, if the arm hangs down, on walking in the open air (after four days),

Pain in all the limbs, as if beaten and bruised all over,

Pain, as after great exertion, in the flesh of the thigh, even when touched; pain as if beaten,

Pain, as if beaten, in the middle of the thigh, in the muscles, on walking (after one hour),

Pain in the right nates, as if the flesh were beaten to a jelly,

The muscles of the thighs and knees are painful, as if beaten, more on motion than during rest; the pain is also aggravated by touch,

Pain in the knees, as if they were beaten, during rest and motion, only during the day,

Violent pain in a chilblain, in the summer, as from most excessive cold, a kind of beating in it, immediately,

Upper extremities

Heaviness and weariness in the arms (and feet), in the afternoon,

Indolence of the arms,

Falling asleep of the arms, at night (after four hours),

Pain in the arm impeding motion (after twenty-four hours),

Drawing pain in the arm,

Drawing pain from below upward in the arm, with paralytic stiffness,


Burning painful spot in both deltoid muscles, that also seems hot to touch,

Rheumatic pain in the right shoulder and in the deltoid muscle,

Drawing pain in the top of the shoulder,

Pain, like a bruise, in the shoulder-joint and scapula, on bending the head towards the opposite side,

Pain, as if bruised, in the shoulder-joint, so that he cannot raise the arm,

Pain in the shoulder-joint, as if paralyzed, with heaviness and weariness of the whole arm, both while sitting and walking; after some motion he could no longer hold the arm up,

An indescribable pain in the shoulder-joint upon which he was lying, gradually disappearing after turning over, with general perspiration, about 3 A.M. (after sixteen hours),

Pain in the left shoulder-joint, in the evening, in bed; if lying upon the opposite side a sensation as if the ligaments were torn, which disappears if he lies upon the painful side (after forty-eight hours),

Pain in one scapula, as if sprained,

Painful sensation in the scapulae, as from too great exertion and straining,

Elbow and Forearm.

Contractive pressive pain in the elbow,

Boring pain in the elbow-joint, when lying on the opposite side, after midnight (about 2 A.M.), (after sixty hours),

The muscles on the inner side of the left forearm are swollen and painful, as if burnt,

The forearms were partially flexed the whole time,

Weariness of the forearms,

Paralytic pressive pain in the middle of the right forearm, from within outward,

Drawing pain in the forearm, with a stitch in the fingers (after half an hour),

Weakness of the forearms and hands, almost as if they were paralyzed, after the midday nap (after two hours),

Falling asleep of the forearm as far as the hand; it seems lifeless (dead) with coldness, though with distended veins; every morning, or every other morning, after rising (after four days),

Wrist and Hand.

Drawing sticking in the external condyle of the right wrist, in the evening, before going to bed,

Pain, as from dislocation, in the right wrist, on moving or exerting the hand,

Pale swelling of the hands and fingers (after twenty hours),

One of her hands swelled up; she had no feeling in it for hours (after four to five days),

(Hands frequently dark-red, full of distended veins),

Cramplike contraction in the palm of the hand, that cannot be spread open without pain (after twelve hours),

Convulsive twitchings of the hands and fingers,

Falling asleep of the hands,

Drawing pain from below upward, first in the hand and then in the elbow-joint (after three hours),

Burning on the back of the hand,

He had no power in the hand to write,


Spasmodic contraction of the fingers, when yawning,

Cracking of the thumb easily, on moving it,

Cramp in the fingers, after midnight, in bed,

Pain in the finger-joints as after hard work, and as if the tendons were too short,

Drawing pain up and down in the fingers,

Jerking-sticking pain along the bone of the thumb, extending backward,

Burning in the ball of the thumb, on lying down, after dinner (after one hour),

Falling asleep of the fingers, during the nightsweat,

Feeling of cramp in the fingers, and sticking, as with needles, on stretching out the arms,

Lower extremities

Lower extremities somewhat separated, straight, stiff,

Inability to flex the lower extremities; every attempt caused the most violent pains,

Before the tetanus appeared, there was complete paralysis of the lower extremities,

Lower extremities stiff, immovable; all the muscles hard, tetanically contracted,

Heaviness of the lower extremities obliges him to sit still,

Heaviness and weariness of the lower extremities, from the morning on, so that they hurt on walking,

Weakness of the right lower extremity, on walking in the open air,

Heaviness and weariness of the lower extremities (and arms), in the afternoon, especially on ascending steps,

The lower extremities are not able to support the body; is obliged to lie down,

Tottering and unsteadiness of the lower extremities (after two hours),

The child frequently falls, when walking,

Sensation of sudden loss of power in the lower extremities (and arms), in the morning (after twelve hours),

Loss of power over the lower extremities, and falling down,

On attempting to rise from the chair, he was unable to stand on his feet; could not raise his feet or walk a step,

When walking, she was frequently obliged to stand still, because of a sudden sensation of holding back in the muscles of the lower extremities, that seem affected as by an electric shock,

Frequent sticking jerking extending from the feet upward to the hips, very early in the morning, while lying on the back; it disappears if he lies on the painless side (after five hours),

The lower extremities seem bruised,

Falling asleep of the lower extremities, while sitting, during dinner,

The sensibility of the lower extremities was still blunted (second day),

Hip and Thigh.

Jerking in the hip-joint, before dinner,

Sticking in the right hip-joint, as from a sprain,

Burning in the right hip-joint,

Heaviness of the right thigh, so that he cannot well raise the extremity,

Paralytic drawing in the muscles of the thighs and calves, painful on walking,

Painful tension in the thigh; it seems too short,

Paralytic pain in the head of the femur, extending down below the knee, while walking (after two hours),

Drawing-tearing pain in the thigh, extending to the knee, on fatigue,

Drawing pain extending from the abdomen through the thighs (after forty-eight hours),

A bruised pain in the posterior muscles of the thighs; worse on rising from a seat,

Gnawing biting-itching pain on the thigh and over the knee, in the evening, after lying down in bed, which is not relieved by scratching,

Bruised feel down the thighs (after several days),

On walking in open air, a curious feeling in left thigh, as if a string was drawn right down the thigh; a very lame feeling, and a dread of taking the next step; he thought he must limp, but did not; an empty feeling about both knees (fourth day),

Frequent jerking and twitching in the flesh of the thigh,

Sensation of jerking, as if one pulled on a thread, in the side of the right thigh,

Jerking in the muscles of the thighs,

A drawing-downward sensation in the thighs,


Painful swelling of the knee,

Stiffness and tension in the hollows of the knees, especially after standing (after two hours),

Trembling of the knees and of one foot,

Trembling of one knee and foot, with an excited, even agreeable tension of mind, several evenings, while standing,

Tottering and knocking under of the knees,

At times the knees are so weak that they will not support the body,

The knee-joint easily gives way, on moving about (after one hour),

Tearing and sticking pain somewhat above and below the knee, in the evening (after thirty-six hours),

Jerking in the hollows of the knees, while standing, after walking in the open air,

Sensation in the hollows of the knees, as if they were too short, when rising from a seat,

A distressing sensation in the knee-joint, when walking, as if it were not lubricated, as if it would crack,


Numbness of legs and stiffness,

Felt legs becoming stiff (soon),

Falling asleep of the calves and feet, in the morning,

Sensation of falling asleep of the leg, though without prickling, followed by a sensation of contraction,

Falling asleep of the leg, after sitting, while walking and standing (after eighteen hours),

Falling asleep of the leg, while sitting and standing, and a sticking in it if it rests against the other leg,

Spasmodic drawing in the legs,

Tensive pain in both patellae, as if wearied by walking, on ascending steps; worse in the morning,

A seated, fine sticking-burning pain in a small spot on the tibia (after a quarter of an hour),

Tearing pain in the left leg, extending to the toes, in the afternoon (after seven hours),

Cramplike pain in the calves,

Tensive pain in the calves,

Cramp in the calves, in the morning, in bed, on flexing the leg (after thirty-two hours),

Cramp in the calves, in the evening, in bed, when stretching out the leg (after twenty-four hours),

Cramp in the calves, after midnight, in bed, if the thigh is flexed upon the body (after four hours),

Cramp in calves of both legs (after four to five days),

Cramps in the calves of the legs,

Cramp in muscles of calf for a few seconds, produced by washing the feet (after three hours and fifty minutes); cramp in both legs for about a minute, produced by being removed into a warm bed (after four hours and ten minutes),

Pressure on the side of the calf,

Pressure on the outer side of the calf, as if cramp would occur, for two mornings, on rising from bed (after seven days),

Sticking in the calves, when exposed to the cold air, as if the leg had been asleep (after two hours),

Crawling in the calves, after walking in the open air,


Easy dislocation and cracking of the ankle, when walking (after four hours),

Pain in the ankle, as if dislocated and sprained, while walking, in the morning, after rising; cannot step upon it without great pain, that shoots up into the leg (after sixteen hours),

Pain in the ankles, only on moving about and walking, as if she had taken a fatiguing walk; the tendons are painful, as if drawn tight, and as if too short,

Foot and Toes.

Swelling of the back of the foot,

Swelling of the sole of the foot, in the morning (of the leg that is affected with an ulcer),

Weakness and tottering of the feet; he was obliged to sit down,

Falling asleep (deadness) of the soles of the feet,

Spasmodic contraction of the sole of the right foot,

Painful cramplike contraction in the soles of the feet, when the thighs are bent, disappearing on stretching the legs,

Peculiar drawing in the backs and soles of the feet,

Feeling, when walking, as if right foot would trip; after getting warm from a sharp walk, it quite passed off, and he walked more steadily (second day),

Burning pain in the soles of the feet,

Pain as if the shoes were too tight and pressed the feet, and the soles of the feet had become weary and sore from walking,

Pain like a burning, and as if the shoe pressed the foot, along the side of the foot and toes, as also on the tops of the toes, in the evening (after thirty-six hours),

Dull numb pain (numbness) in the heels, as after jumping from a height,

(Pain in the heels, on stepping upon them, as if he had walked till they were sore; worse when stepping on a stone),

Cramp in the soles of the feet frequently during the day, on attempting to rise, after sitting; she is obliged to stretch out the feet and run about in order to obtain relief, when it disappears; at night she is unable to sleep on account of this cramp, which comes on as soon as she draws up the feet or bends the thighs,

Tearing in the soles of the feet, while lying, in the afternoon (preceded by burning in the ball of the thumb), (after one hour),

Tearing in the malleolus (after the midday nap), (after two hours),

Drawing and sticking in the right external malleolus, in the evening, before going to bed,

Stitches in the soles of the feet,

Some stitches in the heels (after two hours),

Falling asleep of both great toes, immediately,

Spasmodic contraction of the toes, on yawning,

Cramp in the toes, after midnight, in bed,

Cramplike pain in the right great toe (during rest), that, however, soon disappears,

Pain in the corns on the toes, as if sore or like a boil (after four, and sixteen hours),

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