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Nux Vomica - Face symptoms - Clarke

Poison-nut, Nux, Nux vom, Colubrina, Nux-v.

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HPUS indication of Nux Vomica: Vomiting

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Nux Vomica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Sickly aspect, with livid circles round eyes, and sharpened nose.

Face pale, yellowish (esp. round nose and mouth) and earthy.

Yellowness around mouth and nose, or around eyes.

Reddish-yellow face.

Heat (swelling) and redness of face or (of one) of the cheeks, sometimes alternating with paleness.

Patient feels as though sitting before a hot fire.

Cold sweat on face.

Muscular palpitations in bed, in evening, or tingling itching in face.

Drawing in masseter muscles, with stiffness.

Tearing and drawing pains in face, sometimes only on one side, extending into ear, with swelling of cheek (and pain in cheek-bone).

Tension round mouth, nose, and eyes, with swelling of the parts.

Swelling of face, sometimes only on one side, swelling of a pale colour.

Pimples in face from the excessive use of spirituous liquors.

Intermittent neuralgia; agg. in infra-orbital branch of trifacial; always agg. in morning; amel. sometimes when lying in bed, esp. after abuse of coffee or liquors.

Small, purulent pimples on cheeks and head.

Painful dryness, fissure and desquamation of lips.

Scabs and (corroding) ulceration on the red part of lips, and corners of the mouth.

Small, purulent pimples round lips and chin.

Sensation of excoriation, and small ulcers, on internal surface of lips (painful to touch).

Tettery eruption on chin.

Distortion of mouth.

Side-to-side movement of jaws.

Spasmodic clenching of jaws.

Periodical prosopalgia nervosa, agg. at night.

Shooting (swelling) in sub-maxillary glands, when swallowing.

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