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Nux Vomica - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

Poison-nut, Nux, Nux vom, Colubrina, Nux-v.

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HPUS indication of Nux Vomica: Vomiting

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Nux Vomica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Morning), On waking, anxiety, with orgasm of blood.

ill-humor. after rising, excessive flow of ideas.

on waking, headache in middle of brain.

headache above right orbit.

headache over brain. after rising, headache in occiput.

drawing-burning pain in head.

jerking headache. after yawning, headache.

heaviness of head. while yawning, eye full of water.

external canthus agglutinated.

redness of left external canthus.

yellow mucus in canthi.

in bed, smarting dry sensation in inner canthus.

intolerance of daylight.

obscuration of vision.

margins of lids painful.

pressure in upper lid.

after rising, face hot.

on walking in open air, heat of face and whole body.

on waking, redness of cheeks.

in bed, sharp stitches in ears.

feeling of hollowness in ears.

after rising, roaring in ears.

on waking, twisting screwing in ears.

discharge of clotted blood from nose.

fluent coryza. dry coryza.

catarrh. stoppage of nose.

dryness of mouth. mouth and fauces covered with mucus.

before rising, stitches in lips.

loose tooth. on waking, jerking toothache.

bad taste in mouth. bad taste from hollow tooth.

sour taste. bitter taste.

slimy taste. no taste for milk.

taste of milk. taste of milk disgusting.

bad odor from mouth. offensive breath.

accumulation of saliva.

pressure in pit of stomach.

burning in pit of stomach.

great hunger. before rising, violent cough.

expectoration of clotted blood.

during sweat, qualmishness.

nausea. cutting in abdomen.

pain in abdominal muscles.

incarceration of flatus in abdomen.

rumbling and gurgling in abdomen.

during morning sweat, colic.

moving in abdomen. before stool, pressive pain in rectum.

after rising, contraction in rectum and anus.

diarrhoea. watery diarrhoea.

after eating, stool of hard and soft faeces, with flatus.

dark-colored diarrhoea.

in bed, itching burning in neck of bladder.

constrictive pain in forepart of urethra.

in bed, forcing outward at the genitals.

itching in glans penis.

after rising, involuntary irritation of genitals and desire for emission.

early, dry painful catarrh in larynx.

on rising, mucus adhering to upper part of trachea.

sore spot in trachea. in bed, dyspnoea.

soreness in chest. catarrhal accumulation in chest.

in bed, hoarseness and roughness in chest.

drawing and burning in left side of chest.

palpitation in chest. qualmishness about heart.

early, orgasm of blood in heart, with palpitation.

after rising, stitches in praecordial region.

drawing pain in nape of neck.

pain in small of back.

chilliness in back. early, heat in hands.

falling asleep of forearm to hand.

sensation of sudden loss of power in arm and lower extremities.

heaviness and weariness of lower extremities.

chilliness in limbs. while lying on back, sticking jerking from hips to feet.

pain in the limbs. pain in knee and joints.

in bed, pain in joints and middle of long bones.

pain in knees. itching in hollow of knee.

on ascending steps, pain in patellae.

in bed, on flexing legs, cramp in calves.

calves and feet fall asleep.

heat in soles of feet.

feet cold. skin painful.

whole body tremulous. sleepiness.

aversion to rising. stretching and yawning.

in bed, stretching. chilliness.

shivering. increased warmth.

while waking, perspiration on upper part of body.

general sweat..

(Afternoon), Buzzing in forehead.

from 4 P.M., one sided headache.

stitches in upper part of throat.

3 P.M., tension across epigastric region.

crawling in pit of stomach.

periodic ravenous hunger.

weakness, with loss of appetite.

nausea in pit of stomach.

rumbling in abdomen. tearing pain in abdomen.

drawing in back. during chill, stitches in small of back.

urging to urinate. pain, like small stitches, in sternum.

heaviness and weariness of arms.

while lying down, tearing in soles of feet.

tearing in left leg to toe.

fever. shivering. 6 P.M., fever.

yawnning and stretching..

(Evening), Anxiety.

in bed, fantasies. while walking, apprehension, depression, feeling of intoxication.

in bed, obscuration in front of head.

buzzing. buzzing in forehead.

complaining mood. reproachful and despondent.

twitching of right side of face.

after lying down, twitching in muscles of face.

redness of face. after lying down, heat of face.

after lying down, vertigo.

itching of lids. in bed, biting in inner canthi.

illusions of smell. drawing toothache.

loose tooth. after eating, red, hot spots in throat and cheeks.

during menses, after lying down, crawling in pharynx.

after lying down, stitches in pit of stomach.

thirst. after lying down, flatulent colic in upper abdomen.

after eating, pain in rectum.

pain in rectum and anus.

after stool, sore pain in anus.

before going to sleep, dry painful catarrh in larynx.

after lying down, paroxysms of cough.

dyspnoea. oppression of chest.

paroxysms of pain in nape of neck.

in bed, jerking in limbs.

coldness of limbs. in bed pain in left shoulder-joint.

after lying down, chilliness in arms.

before going to bed, sticking in condyle of right wrist.

after lying down, itching pain on thigh and knee.

in bed, when stretching legs, cramp in calves.

tearing and sticking pain about knees.

before going to bed, drawing and sticking in right external malleolus.

burning pain on sides of foot and toes.

after lying down, heat in soles of feet.

while undressing, itching in several parts of body.

trembling 9 P.M., faintness.

exhaustion. 8 to 9 P.M., severe pains.

sleepiness. chilliness..

(Night), Headache.

itching in ear through Eustachian tube.

chirping and swishing in ears.

stopped coryza. burning in pit of stomach.

burning in throat. eructations of a bitter sour liquid.

crawling in anus. sudden diarrhoea.

aching and heaviness in right testicle and spermatic cord.

emissions, without erections, followed by relaxation of lower portion of body, with cold feet and lascivious dreams.

chest oppressed. tension and pressure in external chest.

in bed, compression of chest.

dyspnoea, with roaring in ears, rapid pulse, and perspiration.

pain in small of back.

arms and fingers fall asleep.

cramp in soles of feet, on movement of thighs.

delirious ravings increased.

febrile attack. offensive perspiration.


(After dinner), Hypochondriac mood.

confusion of head. vertigo.

headache. stitches in left temple.

on moving eyes, headache.

heat in face. coryza. dryness of throat.

qualmish. nausea. sour vomiting.

pain below umbilicus. diarrhoea.

dark-colored diarrhoea.

pressive pain in perineum.

sticking pain in bladder.

dyspnoea. offensive breath.

chilliness. sided convulsive attacks.

perspiration on back..

(During menses), Headache in occiput.

headache. in morning, nausea.

pain in side of abdomen.

spasmodic motion in abdomen.

after stool, weakness.

after midday nap, tearing in left arm and thigh.

itching rash on thigh.

rising from recumbent position, weakness, chilliness.

prostration. chilliness.

chilliness, followed by internal burning heat..

(Walking), After eating, vertigo and dizzy reeling.

in open air rapidly, a mounting to head.

shattering and quaking in brain.

headache. in open air, toothache.

in morning, sour eructations.

long distance, stitchlike pain in abdomen.

in morning, pressure in abdomen.

in open air, constriction in lower abdomen.

swashing in abdomen. in morning, itching in anus.

in open air, cough and expectoration.

tightness transversely through chest.

constriction. tearing and pulling in lower portion of back.

pain in shoulder and heaviness of arm.

in open air, weakness of right lower extremity.

holding back sensation in muscles of lower extremities.

burning sticking extending from small of back through thighs.

itching on thighs. paralytic pain in head of femur, extending below knee.

pain in muscles of middle thigh.

lame feeling in thigh.

empty feeling about knee.

dry sensation in hollow of knee.

after sitting, legs fall asleep.

in morning, spasmodic pain in ankle.

pain in ankle. feet weary and sore.

in open air, weariness of whole body.

in evening, exhaustion, palpitation, anxiety, sleepiness.

in open air, clammy sweat on forehead, perspiration on inner surface of hands..

Toothache after dinner, at first a sensation of beating or sticking, afterwards a tingling like a painful buzzing, that extends to the eyes, and is aggravated on walking in the open air, that also from time to time lasts into the night, when it is relieved if she wraps up the cheeks very warmly.

when it reappears it always commences with needle-like stitches,.

Woke about 2 A.M. (after three hours and a half), with constant pains at stomach-pit, sometimes cutting.

fell asleep, woke again about 5 A.M., with the same pains, which went lower after a time.

bowels felt sore. stomach and abdomen tender to touch.

at 8 A.M., took Seidlitz power.

at 8.30 A.M., pain in small of back, off and on.

occasional pain-like twinges (as after a strong mercurial pill) in region of liver, and to a less extent in region of spleen.

at 9.45, bowels feel easier from the pain and cutting if he lies on right side.

not so easy when lying on left side or back.

still feel sore. a hot-water Stannum Metallicum tin applied to stomach relieved the pains.

lay in bed till noon. when dressing, felt very sore at pit of stomach, extending a little way up chest.

also pain in small of back, also little (twinges) in both sides.

about 12.30 P.M., after sitting down, after having risen from bed, pain felt around abdomen and small of back, but soon decreased.

1 P.M., only slight pains in abdomen, now and then, with slight soreness.

now and then, slight cutting pains in bowels.

all this soon went off. Seidlitz powders never cause these symptoms in him, .

A kind of flatulent colic low down in the lower abdomen.

a sharp pressure, as with a cutting or sticking instrument in the bladder, neck of the bladder, commencement of the urethra, perineum, rectum and anus, as if flatulence, with cutting pain, were forcing out all these parts.

it was intolerable on every step (he was obliged to walk bent over because it so drew him together).

speedily disappearing during rest, while sitting and lying,.

External heat, with red cheeks, and sensation of anxious, intolerable, internal heat (although he covered himself carefully).

the mouth is full of saliva, though the lips are dry.

there is no thirst or only apparent thirst.

he desires to drink, but pushes the drink from him, does not relish it.

during the heat, sleeplessness.

he lies with the arms under the head.

after the heat, thirst for beer,.

Violent tetanic spasms.

her head was drawn backward.

the arms extended, the fingers flexed to the palms.

the jaws firmly contracted.

the countenance somewhat livid.

the eyes open, fixed, and somewhat protruding.

the trunk stiff. the legs extended, the feet turned outwards, and the toes flexed to the plantar surface.

the skin dry and warm.

respirations loud, almost amounting to stertor.

this paroxysm lasted about two minutes.

an interval of perfect sensibility ensued.

the intermissions were of about five minutes when first seen.

the paroxysms generally increased.

the intermissions became shorter.

during the last half hour of life the slightest movement caused a paroxysm.

sometimes an attempt to speak or drink would cause one.

Spasms, with tetanic rigidity of nearly all the muscles of the body, with interruptions of a few minutes, during which the muscles were relaxed.

the pulse became soft and the patient recovered consciousness and speech.

the spasm was renewed by the slightest touch, though at times it would immediately cease when the patient was tightly grasped, or the elbow was straightened up,.

Trembling, soon becoming a violent spasm.

as soon as the arm was touched in order to feel the pulse he was suddenly seized with a frightful tetanic spasm, in which the eyes were widely open, protruding, rigid, and immovable.

the jaws clenched. lips widely open.

face distorted. the extremities rigidly outstretched, and the spine bent backward.

the trunk, especially the lower part, was from time to time seized with violent jerks, like electric shocks, along the spinal columns, which raised up the body.

respiration was checked.

the face and cheeks became blue.

after half a minute there was a pause, during which the child breathed with great exertion and in a catching manner.

desired coffee. but on attempting to swallow lukewarm water he was again seized by a tetanic spasm.

after awhile the pulse became 102, spasmodic, and irregular.

the spasms were renewed whenever the lips touched the cup or whenever any one touched his person.

even a noise caused a recurrence of the spasms, which sometimes occurred without apparent cause.

after the paroxysms the eyes were usually closed.

the forehead and face covered with perspiration.

cheeks and lips blue. he groaned aloud without complaining of any special pain.

afterwards the pulse became slightly irregular and soft.

When lying on the sofa was seized with a most curious feeling from head to feet, as if his whole body inside the skin (brain included) was made of finest threads.

it felt something like numbness, and the ecstatic feeling after a mutual and warm embrace.

it lasted about two hours and then passed away at 6 P.M. (third day).

returned in slighter degrees up to to-day (thirteenth day),.

Well-marked opisthotonos, the spasms increasing and affecting respiration, which at one time appeared to cease.

Awoke in a spasm, uttering loud cries.

on the cessation of spasm, fainted. On coming to himself, the first drop of water that touched his tongue induced a violent spasm, with loud shrieks and complete opisthotonos. In two hours and a half, had nine spasmodic attacks, more or less severe. The last of these, which seemed to be induced by the application of a cup to the lips, was very intense and prolonged. The patient started suddenly up in bed, his whole frame being in a state of complete rigidity. The limbs were rigid, and the fingers clenched. During the spasms, evident relief was afforded by forcible extension of the body. In the intervals there were constant twitches of the extremities,.

Marked convulsive fits. Five strong tetanic convulsions. Extremities stretched out.

hands grasping firmly the sides of the bed.

legs a part. feet everted (after half an hour). A severe tetanic convulsion, involving nearly all the muscles of the body and extremities. Chest fixed.

respiration difficult.

body bent backward (opisthotonos). This was followed by an interval of rest and relaxation of all the muscles, but the patient seemed to be much prostrated. Slight convulsive starts and twitchings of hands and feet followed at various intervals. After this attack the patient became so sensitive that the slightest touch or movement of the bed, or a sudden noise, would cause a spasmodic jerking of the whole body,.

Half an hour after the last dose, on rising from a chair, was attacked with vertigo, followed by convulsions of the extremities, relieved during rest, but renewed by a slight movement.

speech hurried. while talking, convulsive contractions of the facial muscles.

slight trismus. pale face.

weak pulse. head covered with sweat.

the attack lasted an hour and a half.

the patient compared the spasms to electric shocks,.

Extremely painful muscular contractions, lasting three or four minutes, and interrupted by a violent spasm.

the body was bent backward in opisthotonos.

the impulse of the heart marked, the pulse small, scarcely perceptible, only 20 to the minute.

the function of the brain undisturbed.

in consequence of the spasm affecting the masseter muscles the patient bit at everything brought near the mouth,.

Slight transient convulsion.

in a few minutes she had another and a more violent attack, and shortly afterwards another.

I should estimate the duration of these fits at from a minute and a half to two minutes.

in them she retained her grasp.

her whole body was straightened and stiffened.

her legs pushed out and forced wide a part.

I could not perceive either pulse or respiration.

the face and hands were livid, the muscles of the former, especially of the lips, violently agitated, and she made constantly a moaning, chattering noise. I thought she was not unlike one in an epileptic fit, but that she did not struggle, though as she forced herself straight out, it became difficult to keep her from falling on the floor.

a fourth and most vehement attack soon followed, in which the whole body was extended to the utmost, and she was rigidly stiff from head to foot.

insomuch that, with all the force I chose to exert, I could not bend the thigh on the pelvis to replace her in her seat.

from this she never recovered.

she fell after it into a state of asphyxia,.

Her appearance was that of one suffering from tetanic convulsions.

her face was livid. the lower extremities extended and widely.

the muscles of the chest rigid and very hard to touch.

her breathing short and quick.

pulse low and fluttering.

pupils dilated. consciousness undisturbed. On attempting to pass the tube of the stomach-pump, it produced, on coming in contact with the teeth, a most violent convulsion, and the tetanic state of the whole muscular system returned from merely tapping any part of the body with the finger. She was seized, just two hours and a half from the time of taking the poison, with one the most awful convulsions it is possible to conceive. Her face was livid.

teeth clenched. saliva flowing from the angles of the mouth.

the eyelids widely separated.

eyes protruded. the pupils fully dilated, so that the whole contour of the face assumed a most horrific aspect.

the arms were violently agitated.

the muscles of the chest hard and immovable.

breathing suspended. the pulse not to be felt at the wrist.

the legs were extended and widely separated, and no effort of mine could either approximate or bend them.

there was slight opisthotonos.

the fit lasted about two minutes, when the muscular system relaxed, and she was no more,.

Drawing, crampy pains in the back of the neck, with paroxysms of internal stiffness and rigidity from the nape downwards.

the paroxysms varied in intensity.

during the mild attacks the muscles of the neck alone were affected, when he could all about and speak freely.

during the more severe attacks, not only the muscles of the neck but those of the chest and throat were affected, causing great difficulty of breathing, and a choking sensation, especially when attempting to swallow anything.

also the muscles of the head, and especially of the forehead, causing a contraction of the eyebrows, and giving him a peculiarly sullen expression of countenance.

during the most severe attack, all the muscles of the back and legs were affected, and the entire body became rigid and turned backward.

at times he was unable to keep his seat on the chair, and when he attempted to get on his feet he could scarcely stand or move his legs, as the muscles were so rigid.

each paroxysm lasted from one to two minutes.

he always made an effort to move about when the attacks came on, and to rest the affected parts,.


Excessive itching all over the body, extending afterwards to the head (after four to five days),

Insensibility of the skin,

Terrible pricking, stinging, and itching of the skin, so much so that she had to take off all her clothes to scratch herself (after four to five days),

Jerking and twitching under the skin of the limbs,

Burning-itching stitches in various parts of the body,

Biting itching here and there, especially on the outer portions of the body, on the limbs and joints, in the evening, after lying down (after four hours),

Burning itching over the whole body, in the evening, in bed,

Burning itching over the whole body,

Fine burning-itching sticking (like needle stitches) here and there in the skin, as from fleas in the evening, after lying down (after five and a half days),

Burning itching on the upper arms, thighs, abdomen, and back, in the morning, while dressing, and in the evening, while undressing, and even at night,

(Sensitiveness of the skin of the whole body, as if it were sore; on touch, it seems as if different places were asleep),

Crawling from the feet upward,

Crawling in the skull externally,

(Itching and gnawing on the scalp and nape of the neck, as if an ulcer were healing, especially in the forenoon),

Itching and crawling in the face, as if fleas were creeping about, disappearing on scratching, but soon returning,

Crawling on the forehead and vertex,

Pain in the skin, above the left eye, as if it had been burned,

Itching of the lids, towards the inner canthus, in the evening (after twelve hours),

Itching in the forepart of the lids (after one hour and a half),

Soreness, as if ulcerated, of the margins of the nostrils, on moving the nose, especially in the evening,

Itching as though the arm were falling asleep, though without prickling, followed by a sensation of contraction,

Itching on the finger-joints,

Biting itching on the glans penis (after two hours),

Itching on the glans penis, in the morning,

Itching on the glans penis (after two hours),

Corrosive itching on the glans penis, in evening and morning,

Burning itching on the posterior portion of the glans penis (after six hours),

Itching on the perineum, after the midday nap (after sixteen hours),

Itching on the scrotum (after two hours),

Itching on the thighs, when walking,

Itching on the left thigh and foot, especially in the evening, when getting into bed,

Itching in the hollows of the knees, in the morning; he was obliged to scratch,

Itching on the leg, at some distance from the ulcer,

Itching in the toes, as if the limbs had been frozen (after one hour),

Itching burning in the toes, as from freezing, in a mild time of the year, especially if he goes into a warm room or in bed,