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Nux Vomica - Generalities symptoms - Clarke

Poison-nut, Nux, Nux vom, Colubrina, Nux-v.

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HPUS indication of Nux Vomica: Vomiting

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Nux Vomica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Tension and rigidity, numbness and torpor, heaviness, lassitude, and paralysis of limbs.

Great lassitude and fatigue, even in morning on waking, or after getting up, and great exhaustion after shortest walk in open air.


Goes to sleep late from crowding of thoughts on him.

Goes to sleep late; wakens at 3 a.m. and lies awake till break of day, when he falls into a dull sleep full of dreams, from which it is hard to rouse, and wakens late, feeling tired.

Great disposition to sleep, principally when rising in morning, or after dinner, or early in evening, and often with sleeplessness at night.

Gentle and prolonged sleep in morning, with difficult waking.

Sleep too short, with difficulty in going to sleep again before midnight, and inability to remain in bed after three o'clock in morning (feels pretty well at that time, lies awake two or three hours, feels miserably, bad taste in the mouth, &c.)

Great flow of ideas in bed in evening, which often drive away sleep till morning.

The morning sleep agg. all complaints.

Much yawning and sleepiness during day.

Yawning in general; yawning with stretching of limbs.

Sleeps mostly lying on the back.

Loud snoring respiration during sleep.

Comatose state, with heavy and profound sleep during day.

Light nocturnal sleep, with frequent waking, or like a kind of coma vigil, with reveries full of troubles and agitation, and a sort of weariness as if the night were too long.

Sleeplessness from flatus.

During sleep frequent starts with fright, groans, lamentations, much talking, weeping; delirium, with an impulsive desire to run away from the bed, stertorous or whistling respiration, the patient lying on his back, with the arms raised over the head.

Continual, fantastic, terrible, and anxious or voluptuous dreams, full of cruelties and horror, or of meditation and cares; dreams of vermin, mutilated bodies, teeth falling out, of the occupations of the day, and of urgent business.

Uneasiness in thighs, anxiety and restlessness, heat and ebullition of blood at night.

On waking in morning pain in limbs, as if they were bruised, great lassitude, with necessity to remain lying down, fits of stretching and of convulsive yawning.



Attacks of convulsions, cramps, tetanus, and other spasms, sometimes with cries, throwing back of head, trembling of limbs, involuntary evacuation of fćces and emission of urine, vomiting, profuse sweat, thirst, and rattling respiration.


Shooting, shaking pains, or jerking, tearing, and drawing pains, with sensation of torpor and of paralytic weakness in parts affected.

Complaints in back small of back; lumbago, rheumatism, &c., where patient cannot turn over something seeming to be in the back which prevents turning over; strong aversion to open air, can't turn over if air is let in under bedclothes, also makes him chilly.

Affections in general of knee-joint.

Pains in limbs and joints as if they had been bruised, chiefly while in bed in morning, and during or after movement.

Trembling of the limbs.

Palpitation of muscles, or sensation as if something were moving in them.

Immobility of joints.

Cramp-like contractions of several parts.

Spasms which the patient compares to electric shocks.

Feeling of electric shocks after each dose.

Affections in general of anus and rectum.

Affections of bladder in general.

Every distressing emotion brings a recurrence of the epileptic fits.

The attacks of chorea are followed by sensation of torpor and numbness in parts affected.

Attacks of uneasiness, principally after dinner, in evening, or at night, and sometimes with nausea, which ascends from pit of stomach, anxiety, weakness, and trembling of limbs, transient heat and paleness of face, tinkling in ears, pains in pit of stomach, tingling in feet and hands, and necessity to lie down.

Affections in general of r. hypochondrium; r. abdominal ring; r. side of sexual organs; r. side generally, left side of chest.

R. abdominal ring where there is a protruding hernia.

Fainting fits after least exertion, principally after walking in open air, and sometimes with vertigo, stunning, sparkling, blackness before eyes and ebullition of blood.

Bleeding in inner parts, esp. if the blood be dark.

Rapid and general prostration of strength, and great weakness of muscles, with staggering gait and prostration.

Excitability of whole nervous system, with too great sensitiveness of all the organs, principally those of sight and hearing.

Affections in general of larynx, trachea, gums, inner mouth, palate, gullet, r. side of face, forehead.

Excessive sensitiveness and repugnance to the open air, and to a current of air, with great tendency to take cold.

Heaviness of body, indolence and dread of every movement, with great desire to remain lying down or sitting, positions in which almost all the pains are amel.

The sufferings which have appeared during repose in a room are amel. by walking in the open air, and vice versâ.

Coffee, wine, tobacco-smoke, meditation and watching, as well as windy weather, also provoke or agg. many of the sufferings.

Patient generally feels agg. on rising in morning or towards 8 or 9 p.m., as well as after dinner, and many sufferings recur regularly at one or other of these periods.

Fainting fits; may faint after every labour pain; or patient may have vomiting spells, and faint away after each attack; in diarrhoea may faint after every stool.

Emaciation of body.

On waking in night.

amel. Head symptoms better from having head wrapped up or covered; lying down; lying on side; from loosening garments; in room; from warmth in general or hot things; on getting warm, and on getting warm in bed; in damp and wet weather; after discharging wind; while lying in bed.

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