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Nux Vomica - Head symptoms - Clarke

Poison-nut, Nux, Nux vom, Colubrina, Nux-v.

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HPUS indication of Nux Vomica: Vomiting

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Nux Vomica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Head bewildered, and confused, with cloudiness, as after a debauch, principally in open air, and in sun.

Intoxication from the drunkenness of the previous day, with vanishing of sight and hearing; agg. after dinner and in sun.

Heaviness and pressure in head after dinner, esp. on moving eyes.

Congestion of blood to head (with burning in it and with heat and redness of the bloated face; agg. in morning, on moving head and when walking in open air), with humming in ears.

Loss of consciousness, with coma somnolentum, and paralysis of lower jaw, of organs of deglutition, and extremities.

Pressing in head as if something heavy were sinking down in forehead or head.

Tension in forehead as if it were pressed in at night and in morning, agg. on exposing head to cold air.

Heaviness, pressure, and sensation of expansion in head, as if forehead were bursting, principally above eyes.

Burning in forehead in morning on waking and after eating; agg. from mental exertion and when exercising in open air; amel. when at rest and in the warm room.

Sensation as from a bruise in the back part of the head.

Violent jerking or dull stitches in l. side of brain, from orbit to parietal bone or occiput.

Pressing in vertex.

Shocks and sounds in brain at every step.

Head is turned backwards, during convulsions.

Liability to take cold on head mostly from dry wind, draught of air.

Clammy sweat on forehead, when walking in open air.


Pressing headache in forehead, with sour vomiting; agg. in morning in bed, amel. when leaning head against something or when lying on back.

Periodical headache in forehead, sore as from ulceration, with constipation.

Stunning headache in the morning, after eating, and in sunshine.

Pressing headache as if skull pressed asunder.

Bruised sensation of brain; generally one- (r.) sided, amel. when lying on painless side.

Tearing, drawing or jerking pains in head, or shootings, or blows or pulsative pains, or digging, and sensation as if a nail were driven into brain, or tension and squeezing, or pain as of ulceration.

Pain in occiput and cervical spine with pressure as of a stone in stomach, with vomiting of food and sour mucus, followed by languor and weariness (cured with 30th, R. T. C.).

Semi-lateral headaches from excessive use of coffee.

Rheumatic headache with nausea and acid vomiting.

Headache with unfitness for meditation, or with loss of consciousness and delirium, or with nausea, eructations, and vomiting, or with heat and redness of the cheeks, and shiverings in rest of body, or with fatigue, lassitude, and great need to lie down.

Small, painful swelling (nodes) on forehead.

Small painful tumours on forehead.

Semi-lateral, fetid sweat on head during the semi-lateral pains (head cold to touch; the pain with anxiety and dread agg. from uncovering).


Soreness of scalp, and roots of hair, with great sensitiveness to touch.

Pain, like excoriation, in scalp, from a rough wind (amel. warmly covering head).

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