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Nux Vomica - Head symptoms - T.F. Allen

Poison-nut, Nux, Nux vom, Colubrina, Nux-v.

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HPUS indication of Nux Vomica: Vomiting

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Nux Vomica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Confusion of the head after dinner, that returns after twenty-four hours (after twenty-four, and seventy-two hours),

Confusion of the head, as after a night's carousal,

Intoxicated confusion in the head,

Extreme giddiness, obliging him to discontinue his work (after four to five days),

While out on an errand was suddenly seized with giddiness,

Giddiness, a kind of staggering feel (after several days),

Transient giddiness, repeated several times (second day),

Reeling sensation in the brain,

Burning in the brain, beneath the frontal bone,

Heaviness of the head, in the morning (after four days),

Excessive heaviness of the head, on stooping,

A stupid feeling in the head if he holds it erect; if he bends it down a sensation in the forehead as if something heavy fell into it,

A stupid feeling in the head, in the open air and in the sunlight,

Stupefaction in the brain,

It seems as though there were an obscuration in the back part of the head,

Dulness of the head,

Head wonderfully dull; on moving it blood rushes into it, with sluggishness of the rest of the body,

Dull aching in medulla oblongata (second day),

Headache, in the morning, in bed, as if the head had been beaten with an axe, disappearing after rising,

Headache; the brain seems bruised and beaten,

Tearing in the vertex, forehead, eyes, with qualmishness and nausea in the region of the chest and weakness of the vocal organs (after two, and twelve hours),

Tearing in the head, extending down to the ear (after forty hours),

Roaring and whirling in the brain and in the ear,

Shattering and quaking in the brain, when walking and running,

Swashing and bubbling in the brain, while walking,

Violent jerking or dull stitches in the left hemisphere of the brain, extending from the orbit towards the parietal bone and occiput, soon after eating (after ten hours),

Some violent stitches in the head (after six hours),

Some beats or jerks in the head,

Jerks in the head (after eight hours),

Forehead and Temples.

It seems as though there were an obscuration in front of the head (in the forehead), in the evening, in the open air, as if consciousness would vanish for a moment (after twenty-four hours),

Drawing movements back and forth in the forehead, extending to the root of the nose,

Buzzing in the forehead, in the afternoon and evening,

Sticking and pressure above the eyelids,

Vertex and Parietals.

Occiput and External Head.

Drawing in the head posteriorly, as if she were chilly there (after one hundred and twenty hours),

Headache externally

the scalp on the vertex is painful on touch, as if beaten,

pain in the scalp, as if beaten; the hair stood up on this place and was painful to touch (after eight hours),


Giddiness, with pains shooting through the head, and going off in an instant (after several days),

Fulness in head; partial headache; could not study; buzzing in head, disappearing in course of evening (second day),

Headache in the middle of the brain, on waking in the morning; felt even before opening the eyes (after twelve hours),

Intolerable (burrowing?) headache commencing in the morning while lying in bed, disappearing after rising (after a few hours),

Headache commencing a few hours before dinner; worse after eating; followed by violent stitches in the left temple, with nausea and very sour vomiting; the symptoms disappear in the evening, after lying, down,

(Headache in the morning, a constant picking (dull sticking throbbing); worse on stooping, when it seems as though a piece of the forehead would fall out),

Tensive headache, at night,

Tearing-drawing headache,

Tearing headache in the head, extending to the root of the nose and upper jaw, aggravated by walking,

Tearing headache after eating, with a feeling of heat in the cheeks and a chilly sensation over the body, at least in the hands,

Pressive headache (after five minutes),

Pressive pain in the middle of the brain, on closing the eyes, like that which occurs after vomiting,

Pinching headache,

Drawing-jerking headache, in the morning,

Drawing-tearing and burning pain in the head, in the morning (after sixty hours),

Drawing pains in the head (after six hours),

Headache composed of heaviness and pressure, after dinner, especially on moving the eyes (after sixteen hours),

Headache, like a heaviness, in the brain, in the morning,

Headache, on stooping, as if something heavy fell forward in it,

Headache, after the slightest thought, while lying down, as if the brain would be pressed asunder,

Headache; while lying in bed, in the morning, on the left side, a pain in the right hemisphere of the brain, as if torn to pieces; it disappears on lying on the right painful side (after fifty-two hours),

Headache, a pressure in the occiput, outward from both sides, as if the posterior portion of the skull were forced asunder, with heat in the brain; relieved for a moment by pressure of the hands; lasting twenty hours (after eleven hours),

Headache externally; pain in a raw wind, as if the head were sore externally, though the spot is not painful to external touch (after six hours),

Headache in the morning, in bed, as if over the surface of the brain, as if the skull would burst (after ten hours),

Headache, in the morning, as if he had not slept at night,

Headache, shortly before dinner,

Headache, as if the brain were split in two (after eight hours),

Headache, as from emptiness,

A headache that makes him stupid, in the morning, in bed, on waking, disappearing after rising (after sixteen hours),

He woke at night with headache,

Headache immediately after yawning, in the morning,

Pain in one-half of the head from time to time, as if a nail were constantly forced deeper and deeper into the parietal bone from above downward,

Painless drawing here and there in the brain,

Pressive pain in the forehead, as if he had not slept enough,

Pressive and throbbing headache in the vertex from fixed attention of mind,

Pressive headache above the right orbit in the morning in bed, if he lies on the right side, disappearing if he lies on the other side or back,

Pressive headache in the forehead, relieved by laying the head upon a table, aggravated in the open air, with weariness in the feet after going upstairs (after three hours),

Pressive headache over the left eye and pain in the bones, as if he had received a bruise; could not open the eye,

Tensive headache in the forehead,

Drawing pain first in the temples, then in the forehead, then in the occiput,

Pain in both temples from exerting the head,

Pressing-downward drawing pain deep in the head, in the region of the vertex,

Headache drawing upward in the right half of the brain, near the ear (after one hour),

One-sided headache (from 4 P.M. till night), with weakness and weariness,

Pain in the occiput, as if the brain were pressed forward or bruised,

Pressive headache in the occiput, in the morning, immediately after rising from bed,

At the time of the menses headache in the occiput, as from an ulcer in the brain and as if suppurating; it was far more painful on lying down than when standing up,

Drawing pain in the external parts of the head,


Headache externally; pain in the scalp, aggravated by touch,

Headache externally, as if the hair on the occiput were painful,

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