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Nux Vomica - Mental (inc. personality) symptoms - T.F. Allen

Poison-nut, Nux, Nux vom, Colubrina, Nux-v.

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HPUS indication of Nux Vomica: Vomiting

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Nux Vomica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




(Anxious, delirious fantasies, in the evening in bed, in the ninth hour, as if some one would get into his bed, and there was no room in it; or as if some one had sold his bed, etc.),

Slight delirium, a kind of coma vigil,

Rushed into the room, exclaiming that her mother had been murdered (after one hour and a half),

He is hasty; looked angrily at any one who asked him a question without answering, as though he was obliged to restrain himself to avoid being insulting; he was in such an irritable and unrestrained mood that it seemed as though he would like to strike any one in the face who spoke a work to him,

(Suicide; she throws herself down from a height),

The usual pain seems intolerable; she would rather take her life,

Very much inclined to violently reproach others for their faults,

He quarrels, reproaches, scolds, insults from jealousy, mingled with unchaste expressions, soon afterwards howls and weeps aloud,

Quarrelsome, even to violence,

Pains not endured without loud cries and complaints, mingled with reproaches and quarrelling,

He knits his brows and folds his arms,

He obstinately resists what is desired by others (after one hour),

He is fearful and frightened, and starts easily; therewith the head seems intoxicated and is dizzy,

An intoxication mounting to the head,

Intoxication (after half an hour),


She cannot tolerate the slightest contradiction or the most gentle persuasions to do differently, which make her beside herself,

Oversensitive to impressions upon the senses; he cannot tolerate strong odors or bright light,

He cannot tolerate a noise or talking; music and singing affect him,

She cannot endure the slightest ailment,

Great aversion to fluids, which were swallowed with great difficulty and often not at all,

Taciturn, as if averse to everything,

She moans and groans piteously without any assignable cause,

She weeps aloud and sobs (after three hours),

Extremely solicitous and inconsolable; breaks out into loud weeping, with complaints and reproaches that at times change to constant groaning, with very red, hot cheeks, without thirst,

He weeps if the least thing is done contrary to his wishes,

She wept occasionally,

Extremely tender, gentle mood; music affects him to tears,

(While sad she is unable to weep),

Silent grief and sadness,


Despondent and fretful,

Apprehension, oppression, and a feeling of intoxication, in the evening, while walking,

Uneasiness, with very easily dilated pupils (after fifty-six hours),

Intolerable anxiety for an hour,

Extraordinary anxiety,

Extreme anxiety, with violent palpitation, that impels him to suicide, after midnight (after five hours),

Extreme anxiety,

Great anxiety; he had to rise from any place and wished rather to die,

Great anxiety,

Anxiety; an anxious solicitude, as though something serious were dreaded, in the morning and afternoon (during the fifth hour),

Anxiety, with desire to commit suicide,

Anxiety and apprehension, as if he had committed a crime,

Anxiety; he could not remain quietly in any place,

Anxiety, caused by a suspicious and apprehensive condition of mind, especially during the afternoon hours,

Anxiety, with orgasm of blood and ill-humor, in the morning on waking; all of these disappearing on rising,

Anxiety, that causes perspiration, at least on the forehead,

Anxiety, causing only internal heat, followed by perspiration on the forehead (after a few hours),

Anxious solicitude and irresolution,

Anxiety; in sleep he threw off the covering,

Anxiety, in the evening, after lying down, followed by sweat after midnight,

Dreads death,

She believes that she is near death,

She was in great alarm, kept fast hold on her husband and refused to let him go,

Easily startled,

She is peevish and lachrymose,

She is peevish, thoughtful, takes everything ill-naturedly, and easily quarrels and scolds (after two, and three hours),

Scornful, peevish, inclined to be angry (after one hour),

She is very much inclined to quarrelsome vexation,

Everything miscarries with him; it seems to go contrary (after six hours),

Ill-humored, and very sad after eating,

Hypochondriac mood after dinner, and still more after supper,

Hypochondriac, sullen mood,

Very hypochondriac, and affected by the slightest thing, after eating,

Ennui; the time seems intolerably long, during the first hours,

She seeks rest and quiet,

Laughing and weeping alternately in quick succession,

Irresolution; constant fickleness in his plans,

Dawdles and is irresolute,


He is scarcely knows himself on account of excessive flow of ideas, in the morning after rising (after ten hours),

She wishes to accomplish much, but thinks it will not succeed,

The intellectual faculties apparently remained perfect to the last,

Dread of that kind of literary work at which one must think and employ the ideas, whether to be elaborated by writing or delivered orally, in the morning; but he is not averse to reading or committing to memory (after sixteen hours),

Inability for mental work; the blood mounts to the head till towards evening,

The intellectual faculties appeared a little troubled,

Unable to think correctly,

He thinks that everything miscarries with him,

He is especially hindered in scientific experiments; he does not himself know why,

Indolent at every undertaking in business; she soon becomes weary,

He has no patience for work,

No desire for work,

He is completely averse to work, though not to moving about (after two hours),

He easily makes mistakes while talking and writing, omits syllables and even whole words (after six and twelve hours),

Frequently makes mistakes while talking, has great trouble to find the words, and uses unsuitable expressions; he makes mistakes in weights and measures,

Taciturn; slow flow of ideas,

She remembers scarcely anything from the time of her fall to being brought home,

He could with difficulty collect his ideas,

Clear consciousness of his existence; fine, strong, correct feeling of right and wrong,

Loss of consciousness,


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