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Nux Vomica - Modalities Etc - T.F. Allen

Poison-nut, Nux, Nux vom, Colubrina, Nux-v.

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HPUS indication of Nux Vomica: Vomiting

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Nux Vomica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Morning and afternoon), Anxiety.

(Forenoon), Flickering and glittering in left outer field of vision; itching and gnawing in scalp and nape of neck; vomiting of sour mucus; sticking in right side of abdomen; thin liquid stool, followed by hard faeces, with flatus.

(Noon), After lying down, stitch in tip of tongue.

(Towards evening), Headache about lower portion of skull; stitches within ear; sick feeling in pit of stomach; vomiting of sour mucus; itching on inner surface of pudenda; soreness of margin of precipice.

(After midnight), Dryness of mouth; cramp in stomach; clawing in stomach; pressive pain in rectum; dry cough till daybreak; when lying on opposite side, boring pain in elbow-joint; cramp in fingers; in bed, cramp in calves, if thigh is flexed; in bed, cramp in toes; sweat on thigh and calves; sweat; convulsive attacks.

(Open air), Stupid feeling in head; headache in forehead; jerks in teeth, ending with stitches; cough loosens; colic; pain in chest; tearing pain in ulcer on thigh.

(After taking open air), Weariness and relaxation of all limbs.

(Draft of air), Pain in small of back.

(Cold air), Sticking in calves.

(Air entering mouth), Pain in hollow tooth.

(After anxiety), Nausea; rapid respiration.

(While asleep), Discharge of saliva from mouth.

(Ascending stairs), Stitches in throat; tightness transversely through chest; constriction through chest; tightness in chest; cramp and sticking in fingers; afternoon, heaviness and weariness of lower extremities.

(Deep breath), In open air, pain in hollow tooth; toothache; in open air, stitches in one row of teeth; sticking in left side of abdomen.

(Breathing), Stitches between scapulae.

(Bending head to side), Pain in opposite shoulder-joint and scapulae.

(Bending head down), Sensation of something heavy falling in forehead.

(Bending forward and backward), Pain in small of back.

(Chewing), Sticking pain, extending to ear.

(During chill), Throbbing pain in small of back, with eructations.

(After coition), Dry heat of whole body.

(Coughing), On waking, dry fauces, and bad odor from mouth; sharpness in throat.

(Before dinner), Headache; swelling of gums, with toothache; hiccough; nausea; jerking in hip-joint.

(During dinner), Heat in head; nausea; faintness; flushes of heat.

(Drinking coffee), Griping in abdomen.

(After drinking), Milk, sour taste; distension of abdomen; tightness of breath; in morning, pressive pain in loins; shivering.

(Warm drink), Drawing toothache.

(While eating), Vertigo; sweat on forehead and scalp; obscuration of vision; griping and pinching in abdomen about navel.

(After eating), Hypochondriac mood; tearing headache; stitches in left hemisphere of brain; heat in cheeks; rising of matter into mouth; pressure in pit of stomach; pressive pain in epigastric region; qualmishness; sick feeling; distension of abdomen; fulness in upper abdomen; cough; pressive pain in chest; hands chilly.

(During emission), Impotence; penis relaxed.

(Physical exertion), Cough.

(Exerting mind), After a meal or stool, pressive pain in rectum.

(During eructations), Vertigo.

(Expiration), Tickling in trachea.

(Expectorating), From chest, bitter taste low down in mouth.

(Closing eyes), Pressive pain in middle of brain.

(Holding head erect), Stupid feeling.

(Lying down), After dinner, palpitation; burning in ball of thumb.

(Lying on bed), Pain in all limbs.

(Lying on back), At midnight, dry cough.

(Midday nap), Erections.

(After midday nap), Weakness of forearms and hands.

(After a meal), Heat in cheeks and chilliness in arms.

(Exerting mind), Throbbing headache; sore pain in teeth; burrowing toothache.

(During micturition), Tenacious mucus from bladder, with urine.

(Motion), Pain in nape of neck; pain in abdominal muscles; stitches in side of abdomen; sticking pain in middle of chest; stitches between scapulae; pains in pelvic region; joints painful; sensation of paralytic loss of power in all limbs; pain in voluntary muscles; chilliness; shivering of whole body; flushes of heat.

(Moving head), Rush of blood to it, with sluggishness of rest of body; cervical muscles painful; cracking in cervical muscles; pain between scapulae.

(Moving nose), Soreness of margins of nostrils.

(Moving hand), Pain in right wrist.

(Reading), Cough.

(Reflecting), Cough; constrictive pain in forepart of urethra.

(Rest), Dull pain in small of back.

(Rising from seat), Hollows of knees feel short.

(Warm room), Boring toothache; fingers feel frozen.

(Running), Shattering and quaking in brain.

(Standing), Stiffness and tension in hollow of knee; jerking in hollow of knee; trembling of knee and foot; after sitting, leg falls asleep.

(Stepping on heel), Sore pain in part.

(Sitting), Respiration difficult, tight; pain in shoulder-joint, and heaviness of arm; falling asleep of lower extremities.

(Stooping), Heaviness of head; headache; painless drawing in face; offensive exhalation from mouth; profuse discharge of water from mouth; stitches in throat; pain between scapulae.

(During stool), Contraction and constriction in rectum.

(After stool), Burning pain in anus.

(After supper), Hypochondriac mood; burning pain in pit of stomach.

(Swallowing), Pain in throat; stitches in throat; sticking in uvula and submaxillary gland; sour taste to food.

(Thigh bent), Cramp contraction in soles of feet.

(Touch), Pain in nape of neck; stitches between scapulae; pain in chest, beneath axilla; spasms renewed.

(Touching part), Pain in scalp; pain in back; pain in muscles of thigh and knee.

(Turning body), Coarse stitch in small of back.

(Before urinating), Pain in nark of bladder; sticking or jerking in urethra.

(While urinating), Burning-tearing pain in neck of bladder; burning in urethra; after dinner, burning-sticking pain in urethra; itching.

(After urinating), Pressure in neck of bladder; pain in tip of glans penis.

(After walking), Sad and weary; crawling in calves.

(Raw wind), Sore pain in head.

(Drop of water touching tongue), Violent spasms.

(Washing in cold water), Smarting of red pimples on face and forehead.

(Yawning), Spasmodic contraction of fingers and toes.

(After yawning and stretching), Spasmodic pain in limbs, with chilliness; internal beating.


(Evening), Fulness in head; buzzing in head; after lying down, headache; stitches in temple; after lying down, nausea, sour vomiting.

(After midnight), Cough.

(Drawing in cold air), Boring toothache.

(Bending body), Forward, griping in abdomen; backward, painful weariness in chest.

(Emission of flatus), Pain in rectum; sticking pain in bladder.

(After eating), Bad taste in mouth.

(Laying head on table), Headache in forehead.

(Lying down), Pains relieved, ; nausea; faintness; flushes of heat.

(Lying in bed), Respiration more natural.

(Lying on side), Cough at midnight.

(Lying on left side or back), Headache in right orbit, in morning.

(Pressure of hand upon part), Sticking in right side of abdomen.

(Rest), Colic in lower abdomen; sharp pressure in bladder, urethra, perineum, rectum, and anus.

(Rising from bed), Hoarseness and roughness of chest; sore spot in trachea; pain in joints and middle of long bones; incarceration of flatus in abdomen.

(After rising), Headache; anxiety; ill-humor.

(Standing still), Vertigo.

(Sitting), Tightness in chest; pressure in upper abdomen.

(Stretching legs), Cramp in soles of feet.

(Urinating), Constrictive pain in forepart of urethra.

(Walking), Appetite.

(Hot-water pans to part), Pains in stomach.

(Wrapping cheeks warmly), Toothache.


Great hunger, also in the morning (after fifteen hours),

Hunger; but after eating ever so little he was immediately satisfied and filled up (after three hours),

Periodic ravenous hunger, in the afternoon, especially after drinking weiss beer, after a small swallow of which he became hungry; if he hunger passed away without eating, he felt quite full and satisfied,

His appetite disappears after walking (for half an hour),

Constant loss of appetite,

Diminished appetite,

He eats without appetite,

Longing for tobacco, during the first hours,

Special aversion to bread,

Aversion to rye bread; it causes a collection of water in the mouth,

He is averse to sour (black) bread,


Excessive thirst,

Tormented with incessant thirst,

Excessive thirst for small beer, after the morning sweat,

Thirst ardent,

Much thirst (second day),

She called frequently for drink,

Thirst in the afternoon and evening,

Thirst, without heat of the body, and yet drink distresses the stomach (after six hours),

Thirst for beer during a chill (after twenty-four hours),

Thirst for small beer, with shivering (after two hours),

(Thirst for milk),

Thirsty, yet averse to water and beer,


Frequent eructations,

Painful eructations,

Eructations of a sour taste and odor, with yawning (three hours after eating), (after eight hours),

Eructations after eating and drinking,

Sour eructations all day (second day),

Sour eructations, coming as far forward as the tongue, after walking in the morning,

Eructations of bitter and sour liquid (after six hours),

Eructations of bitter sour liquid, at night (after twelve hours),

Bitter eructations while fasting,

Offensive exhalations from mouth, and vertigo on stooping,

It frequently seems as if she would eructate, but she does not; it then seems as if the oesophagus were constricted by a spasm,

Rising of water into the mouth, after eating,

Hiccough and Heartburn.

Frequent hiccough, without cause,


Rancid heartburn, as after overloading the stomach with rancid fat (after six hours),

Qualmishness immediately after eating,

Qualmishness about the heart,

Qualmishness during the morning sweat,

Qualmishness with a clean tongue after palpitation,


Haematemesis, or raising of blood from the stomach (after one hour),

Stomach in General.

Distension of the pit of the stomach, that is painful to touch,

Constant pain in the stomach,

Complained of violent pains about the stomach and chest (after ten minutes),

Stomach painful; on the second day attended with coliclike pains in the bowels,

Pain and a sense of weight and heat in the stomach (after a quarter of an hour),

Pains in the epigastric region,

(Chronic pain in the stomach and upper abdomen),

Constrictive pinching pain in the stomach,

Cramp in the stomach, clawing in the stomach, after midnight, towards morning, as from a purge, changing to a burning in the pit of the stomach,

Tension in the stomach,

Tension above the stomach,

Tension transversely across the epigastric region, above the stomach, about 3 P.M., followed by a pain as if everything in it were raw and sore,

Pressure in the pit of the stomach, with distension, after eating,

Spasmodic pressive pain from the pharynx to the pit of the stomach, in the morning,

Pressure as from a stone, in the upper abdomen (epigastrium), in the morning, aggravated by walking, relieved while sitting (after fourteen hours),

Pressure in the stomach, after eating a little, in the morning,

Pressure in the (pit of the) stomach,

Pressure in the stomach after eating, and a metallic and herby taste returns,

Pressure a few inches below the pit of the stomach causing eructations,

Pressure, as from a stone in the stomach,

Pressive pain in the epigastric region, as from overloading the stomach, immediately after eating (after five hours),

Pressure below the pit of the stomach, especially after walking in the open air, that is not relieved after sitting, for a quarter of an hour,

Tightness of breath, causing pressure in the pit of the stomach, with distension in the abdomen, immediately after drinking (after two hours),

Fluttering, sinking feel at epigastrium, with palpitation (after several days),

Disagreeable sensation in the pit of the stomach, ascending up to the throat, choking him, and stopping his breath,

Violent gastric symptoms,

Milk seems to cause acidity (after fifteen hours),

Scraped sensation in the pit of the stomach,

Sensation as if something in the epigastric region were twisted about,

Sensation as of throbbing in the epigastric region, after supper, mostly noticed on laying on the hand (after twenty-four hours),

Throbbing in the epigastric region,

Sensation of burning in the pit of the stomach, going up from below,

A kind of cooling burning (as from saltpetre on the tongue) rises from the pit of the stomach to the pharynx, especially at night,

Burning pain in the pit of the stomach, and farther downward, with anxiety, soon after supper,

Burning in the orifice of the stomach,

(Coarse stitches in the pit of the stomach, in the evening, and for some time after lying down),

Tearing pain in the stomach,