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Nux Vomica - Mouth symptoms - T.F. Allen

Poison-nut, Nux, Nux vom, Colubrina, Nux-v.

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HPUS indication of Nux Vomica: Vomiting

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Nux Vomica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



General Mouth.

The mouth is drawn to one side,

Mouth tightly closed,

Sticking-drawing pain extending to the inner ear, almost like a cramp, on chewing and compressing the jaws (after four hours),

Offensive exhalations seem to him to come from the mouth, after eructations,

Bad odor from the mouth (second day),

Offensive breath after dinner (after thirty-six hours),


Speech is difficult,

Unable to articulate any sound (after half an hour),

Speech constantly interrupted by sighs, weak, monosyllabic, often quite unintelligible,

Speech very much interrupted by the frequent spasms of the extremities and spine (opisthotonos),


Painful swelling of the gum, with painful pimples on the inner surface of the lips and on the tongue, as in mercurial salivation,

Gums and teeth

Looseness of the teeth,

Looseness of a sound tooth, that is only painful when knocked against,

A sound tooth, that had never been loose, fell out,

A loose tooth, with a dull pain caused by chewing, late in the evening and in the morning, before rising (after twelve hours),

Several jerks in various teeth, always ending with a stitch, in the open air,

Pain in a hollow-tooth, extending to the head, if air enters the mouth,

Constant sore pain in the teeth, aggravated by exerting the mind and by reflecting,

Pain as if air were entering a hollow tooth, on taking a deep breath (in the open air),

Drawing pain in a hollow tooth, if sucked with the tongue,

Drawing toothache, with stitches in an indefinite tooth,

Drawing toothache, caused by warm drinks and soup,

Drawing toothache, with stitches in one row of teeth, especially on drawing in the air with open mouth (after a quarter of an hour),

Drawing toothache, now in an upper, now in a lower back tooth, then drawing in other teeth toward the front, especially just after eating, at night and in the evening, with red spots on the cheeks and throat, with a complaining mood, full of reproaches and despondency,

Burrowing toothache on exerting the mind and reflecting, followed by painfulness of a gland below the angle of the lower jaw, towards evening (after nine hours),

Boring-gnawing toothache, that is neither aggravated nor relieved by touch or chewing, but relieved by drawing in cold air, and aggravated by going into a warm room,

Tearing toothache, that at first attacks a hollow tooth, then soon all the upper jaw, then all the lower, then extending through the bones of the face into the head and temple of the same side, returning by paroxysms, relieved for a time by sleep, renewed by cold water or a crumb of food getting into the hollow tooth (after two hours),

Jerking toothache, rhythmical with the pulse, with swelling of the gum,

Jerking toothache, with jerking in the ear, with twisting screwing in the ear, in the morning, immediately on waking, and in the evening,

Jerking toothache, as if caused by the swelling of the gum,

Sticking toothache in several teeth in both jaws,

Dull sticking toothache in an upper incisor,

Constant toothache while walking in the open air, like a quiet sore sensation, especially on opening the mouth,

Toothache in the morning, as from soreness of the gum,

Toothache, as if a tooth were out of place and were loose, with some coarse stitches, only noticed on drawing in the open air with the open mouth,

Taking cold, and toothache like fire or fine burning stitches on the slightest exposure to the open air,


Gums red,

Ulcer on the gum of the incisors, with drawing-burning pain,

Swelling of the gums,

Gum swollen as thick as the finger, with bubbling pain, as in an ulcer, on account of which she could not eat for five days,

Swelling of the gum, with toothache, commencing with pressure (after one hour),

Swelling of the gum, with a pain like a bubbling, as if an ulcer would break,

Gum swollen, with drawing pain,

Swelling of the gum, with toothache, before dinner,


Dryness of the mouth, in the morning, without thirst, as if he had taken alcoholic stimulants the previous evening,


Frequent accumulation of saliva in the mouth (first twelve hours),

Frequent accumulation of watery saliva is discharged from the mouth (after waterbrash),

Profuse discharge of water from the mouth, on stooping, without nausea,

Mouth covered with saliva, which he ejected by spasmodic jerks, strongly reminding me of a case of hydrophobia I had seen some time before,

Discharge of saliva from the mouth while asleep (after twenty hours),

Bloody saliva,



Tongue coated, white protruded only with difficulty,

Tongue white (after twenty hours),

Tongue inflamed and contracted,

Painful blisters on the tongue (after six hours),

Tongue heavy, noticed in talking,

Such great heaviness of the tongue that she was unable to speak distinctly,

Tongue inclined to be dry,

Tongue rather dry (second day),

Stitches in the tip of the tongue, after lying down for the midday nap (after two hours),

Itching on the left side of the root of the tongue,

Dryness of the forepart of the mouth, especially on the tip of the tongue,

Speech difficult, lisping with the tongue,


Spitting of blackish, almost clotted blood, at first at 2 A.M., then about 2 P.M., with a peculiar taste in the mouth and an odor of blood in the nose, and at the same time a little blood is always blown from the nose,

Sour-smelling breath,


Bad taste in the mouth in the morning, though food and drink have a natural taste,

Bad taste in the mouth in the morning, before eating, disappearing after eating,

A bad taste low down in the throat, on hawking (after two hours),

Bad taste, as from hollow teeth, in the morning,

Bad taste in the mouth,

Sour taste in the mouth,

Food and drink have a sour taste in the mouth,

Sour taste, especially in the morning,

Sour taste and sour odor from the mouth,

Sour taste after drinking milk,

Bitter taste in the mouth in the morning, though food and drink have a natural taste,

Sour taste in the mouth, immediately after swallowing food that had a natural taste,

Bitter taste on spitting out saliva,

The mouth has a bitter taste, but not the food,

Bitter taste low down in the throat, on expectorating the mucus from the chest,

(Salty taste in the mouth),

Coppery taste (after several days),

(He notices a sweetish offensive taste and odor about himself),

Beer has an herby taste,

A nauseous herby taste in the throat, almost like that of carrots (after one hour),

A putrid taste in the mouth,

A disagreeable, almost sulphurous, odor and taste in the mouth and nose,

A bad, slimy taste, composed of an herby and metallic taste, with ill-humor laxity, in the morning,

Taste in mouth as from a disordered stomach,

Bread has a smoky taste,

Bread or rolls have a sour taste, but not other food,

The taste of milk in the morning is disgusting, as if spoiled,

He has but little or no taste from eating; food seems to have no taste at all,

She has no taste for milk, in the morning,

He has no taste for coffee (after three hours),

He has no taste for meat,


The mouth and fauces are covered with mucus in the morning, with yellow hardened mucus in the canthi (after sixteen hours),

Dryness of the mouth after midnight, as if the tongue stuck to the palate, without thirst, though with much accumulation of saliva in the fauces (after five hours),

Hawking up salty mucus from the fauces,


Swelling of the roof of the palate and uvula, as from adherent mucus, especially noticed on swallowing (after eight hours),

Swelling of the palate, with pressive pain, even when not swallowing, and a biting sensation in the palate posteriorly (after thirty-two hours),

Painful pimples on the palate anteriorly behind the upper incisors (after forty hours),

The internal mouth, gum, tongue, and palate are slimy, and feel raw and sore, as from something acrid,

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