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Nux Vomica - Rectum, Anus, Stool symptoms - T.F. Allen

Poison-nut, Nux, Nux vom, Colubrina, Nux-v.

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HPUS indication of Nux Vomica: Vomiting

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Nux Vomica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Rectum, anus, stool

On going to stool the pressure seems more upon the uterus (as if a child should pass) than upon the rectum,


Blind haemorrhoids (after six hours),

Very transient haemorrhoidal excitement (after eight hours),

Pain in the rectum, as from constipation, in the evening after eating, relieved by the emission of flatus from time to time (after four hours),

Sharp pressive pain in the rectum, in the morning, before a stool (after sixteen hours),

Sharp pressive pain in the rectum, after a stool and after a meal, especially on exerting the mind or studying,

Violent pressive pain deep in the rectum, taking away the breath, about midnight (after sixteen hours),

Pressure in the rectum, before the stool,

Pressive pain in the perineum, after dinner (after two hours),

Burning and sticking in the rectum, with haemorrhoids in the anus (after two hours),

Crawling and tickling itching in the rectum and anus, as from threadworms,

Sticking in the rectum during the evacuation of stool,

Tearing sticking and constricting pain, as from aggravated blind piles, in the rectum and anus, after a meal and after exerting the mind and reflecting (after thirty-eight hours),

Itching in the rectum, as from threadworms,

Voluptuous intolerable itching in the rectum, as far as the anus (after three hours),

Contractive sensation of the rectum at times, as if he would be obliged to go to stool,

Painful contraction in the rectum and anus, in the morning after rising (after ten hours),

After a stool it seemed as if some remained behind and could not be evacuated, with a sensation of constriction in the rectum, not in the anus,

Constriction and tightness in the rectum, preventing the evacuation of stool,

Discharge of bright blood with the faeces, with a sensation of constriction and contraction in the rectum, during stool (after forty-eight hours),

Much fetid flatus, per rectum (fifth day),

Haemorrhage from the anus,

Threadworms pass through the anus,

Evacuation of dark colored mucus that causes biting burning in the anus, preceded by colic (after eight hours),

Pressive pain within the anus and in the rectum, in the evening (after eleven hours),

Raw, sore feel within the fundament; he was obliged to use fullers' earth (after five to six days),

Biting and sore pain in the anus, after a stool, in the evening (after ten hours),

A burning-smarting pain and a sensation of cutting in a sore in the anus, as from haemorrhoids, some hours after a stool,

Burning pain in the anus, externally, immediately after a stool (after twenty hours),

Dragging in the anus, when not at stool,

Crawling, as from threadworms, in the anus, at night,

Itching in the anus, associated with a sore pain, as from haemorrhoids, while walking in the evening (after thirty hours),

Itching in the anus and a hot stool,

Itching on the margin of the anus, becoming a smarting and sore pain, as from blind piles (after half an hour),

Stool daily, though always with a colicky sensation in the abdomen, and with the stool it always seems as if it were not enough, and as if the evacuation were incomplete,

Anxious desire for stool (after six hours),

Frequent ineffectual desire for stool after the usual evacuation,

Ineffectual desire for stool,

Stool enveloped with white mucus,

Discharge of blood with the faeces,

Stool coated with blood and some mucus,

Stool whitish, mixed with tenacious mucus and streaks of blood (after one and two hours),

Stool consisting of hard and soft faeces, mingled with flatus, in the morning, and after eating (and drinking),



Exceedingly sudden attack of diarrhoea at night, when least expected; he had to get up out of bed and run for his life; no premonitory symptoms whatever,

Offensive diarrhoea,

Involuntary discharge of thin liquid stool, followed by hard faeces, in the forenoon, with emission of flatus,

Small diarrhoea-like stool, in the morning, corroding the anus,

Diarrhoea, of a dark color, especially in the morning and immediately after dinner,

Thin, green, slimy stool (after twenty-four hours), ; or, when the evacuation is copious and thin, it is the secondary action, the curative effect in a patient who has previously suffered from constipation, with ineffectual desire for stool. -Hahnemann.

Diarrhoea, in the morning after rising (and drinking), followed by weakness, yawning, sleepiness, chilliness, dulness of the head, and afterwards, refreshing sleep (after eighteen hours),


Small frequent stools,

Copious watery discharge from bowels,

Eight liquid yellow stools (third day); passed three motions (fourth day),

Stools at first soft and thin, afterwards hard (after twenty hours),

Was obliged to go to stool three or four times a day, with some griping; it was often ineffectual, and the stool, when passed, was soft,


Constipation, as from inactivity of the bowels,

Constipation, as from constriction and contraction of the intestines,

Constipation, together with rush of blood to the head,


Evacuation of large hard faeces (after twenty-four hours),

Stool very hard, dry, and, some time afterward, a sticking pain in the region, as from haemorrhoids (after fourteen hours),

Stool difficult to evacuate, with burning,

Bowels confined (second day),

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