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Oleander - Abdomen symptoms - T.F. Allen

Nerium Odorum, Rose-laurel, Oleand, Olnd.

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HPUS indication of Oleander: Lightheadedness

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Oleander in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Umbilicus and Sides.

Painful sensitiveness about the umbilicus, with a feeling of discomfort in the whole lower abdomen and an uneasiness about the umbilicus, that a times became a pressure, at times a gnawing,

Pain, like needle stitches, below the umbilicus (after fifty-eight hours),

A gnawing internally below the navel,

Gnawing pain in the left side, just above the navel,

A long-drawn sticklike pain, as if winding out of the abdomen, near the right side of the navel,

Dull stitches or blows in the left side, below the navel,

Itching fine stitches in left side of the abdomen, just beneath the short ribs,

A kind of jerking pressive pain in the side of the abdomen, above the left hip-bone,

General Abdomen.

Rumbling in the upper and lower abdomen,

Rumbling in the abdomen,

Colic, followed by thin stools (after two hours),

Great emptiness in the upper abdomen,

Intermitting griping in the abdomen at times, with indications of diarrhoea,

Griping in the bowels (after twenty-four, and seventy-five hours),

He feels as if the bowels were weakened by laxity, and as though he would have diarrhoea,

Pinching sticking in the abdomen, while walking (after sixty hours),

Transient jerking thrusts, that made him start, above the root of the penis, very low down in the lower abdomen,

Dull stitches in the ileum posteriorly, that hurts on pressure,

Stool only after twenty-four hours, the first part of which was hard and crumbly, the rest thin,


The food eaten the preceding evening passed rather undigested, and almost without effort; he thought he had emitted only flatus (after forty-eight hours),

The longing for the food before him causes his hands to tremble,

He relishes his dinner, but is obliged to stop eating soon, because he becomes nauseated and qualmish,

Loss of appetite; he relished his food, but was speedily satiated (after five hours and a half),

No appetite for food or smoking,


Rumbling and gurgling in the umbilical region, with a sensation of emptiness in the abdomen, soon followed by emission of some flatus (after half an hour),

Emission of much very offensive flatus, having the odor of bad eggs (after twenty-six, and thirty hours),

Profuse emission of flatus,


Nausea, worse on rising up,



No appetite; everything nauseates him, as if afterwards he would vomit or have diarrhoea,

Nausea and Vomiting.

Nausea in the mouth, as if he must vomit (after four hours),

Nausea and vomiting,

Qualmishness in the pit of the stomach, while lying in bed, after sleeping, as though he would vomit, with difficult breathing, that was relieved on rising up (after five hours and a half),

Violent vomiting of a green liquid of a bloody appearance,

Frightful vomiting, followed by thirst,

Repeated vomiting of mucus and bile (after four hours),

Vomiting of a yellow-green water of a bitter taste (after twelve hours),

Copious painful vomiting,

Retching and vomiting, soon,

Vomiting (after a few minutes),

Heaving of the stomach immediately after eating a bite of bread, and he was obliged to vomit, but he vomited only small bits of bread, which he had just eaten, with a quantity of water (after six hours and a half),


Appetite and Thirst.

Ravenous hunger, with trembling of the hands while eating and great weakness over the whole body, after walking rapidly for half an hour,

Great hunger, with much appetite (after six hours),

Great hunger, after the qualmishness,

He is without appetite, though not without hunger; he eats very little, and more with discomfort than with satisfaction,

No appetite, and yet a ravenous hunger; he greedily swallowed large amounts,

Loss of appetite,

She relished nothing, took nothing,

Aversion to cheese, which he usually relished,

Thirst; he drinks more than usual,

Thirst for cold drinks, especially for cold water (after thirty hours),


Violent frequent empty eructations, while eating, at noon,

Frequent violent empty eructations,

During eructations, something rises from the stomach into the mouth,

Frequent eructations of a bad odor (after four days),

Qualmishness increases on stooping, and is for the moment relieved by eructations,

He becomes qualmish, and water collects in the mouth,

He becomes very qualmish, and water collects in the mouth; if he swallows it, the qualmishness disappears for the moment, with a flat taste in the mouth,

General sick feeling, with qualmishness,

General Stomach.

Pain in the stomach,

Pain in the epigastric region,

Heat, with constrictive pain, in the stomach,

Painful pressure beneath the left short ribs, in the epigastric region, in only a small spot, on every expiration, disappearing on every inspiration, aggravated by external pressure, and lasting half an hour (after three hours),

Sensation in the pit of the stomach as if he felt every beat of the heart through the whole chest, as after being greatly heated, though he noticed nothing of it when touched with the finger, and the heart beat no more violently or perceptibly than at other times,

Feeling of emptiness in the pit of the stomach, with a feeling of fulness of the abdomen,

Intermitting throbbing in the left side of the pit of the stomach,

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