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Oleander - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

Nerium Odorum, Rose-laurel, Oleand, Olnd.

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HPUS indication of Oleander: Lightheadedness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Oleander in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Extremities, limbs


Excessive stiffness of the extremities, especially of the fingers of the left hand; rising up in bed was difficult on account of stiffness of the back,

Stretching of the limbs, associated with a general feeling of comfort (after four hours and a half),

Some convulsions of the limbs,

Pain in the joints,

Pinching pressure in several parts of the body, and of the limbs, fingers, and toes, as if the bones were crushed,

Cramplike pain (a cramplike drawing) in several parts of the limbs, as, for example, balls of the thumb, soles of the feet, etc.,

Upper extremities

Stretching of the upper part of the body and of the arms (after nine hours and a half),

Twitching of the muscles of the left arm (after thirty-six hours),

Shoulder and Arm.

If he raises the arm high, or puts it under the head, when in bed, there is pain in the shoulder-joint, as if dislocated,

Dull pressure on the top of the right shoulder,

A persistent stitch in the left axilla, relieved by rubbing (after twenty-seven hours),

A pinching pain, externally, in the upper part of the left upper arm,

Cramplike drawing in the humerus, by the elbow, in rhythmical jerks,

Itching, somewhat persistent, stitch in the left upper arm (after thirty-one hours),

Sensation of jerking in the right upper arm,

Forearm and Hand.

Dull pressure in the forearm, as if caused by a hard blow,

Dull pressure in the forearm, just below the elbow,

Drawing in the right forearm, above the wrist,

Pulsating pain on the inner side of the right forearm, but the wrist,

Dull stitches, or thrusts, in the left forearm, near the wrist,

Intermitting pressure, in a small spot, on the outer side of the left forearm,

Burning stitch in the left forearm (after twenty-eight hours),

Trembling of the wrists,

Veins of the hands swollen, without heat,

Trembling of the hands, while writing (before eating),

Cramp in the left hand (second day),

Intermitting dull pressure in the palm of the hand,


Sudden swelling of the ring finger, with burning pain; he could not bend it,

Tensive burning on the tip of the left thumb (after two hours),

Pain in the last phalanx of the thumb, and as if he had received a hard blow upon it, so that the thumb trembled,

Fine pinching of the finger,

Cramplike jerking tearing in the first phalanx of the left middle finger,

Cramplike pain in the fingers (a cramplike drawing),

Drawing in the first (metacarpal) finger-joints,

A burning stitch in the last phalanx of the right index finger, making the finger tremble,

Burning stitches in the tip of the left index finger (after twelve hours),

Lower extremities

Weakness of the thighs and legs, and a sensation in the forepart of the feet, mostly in the soles, as if they were asleep, while walking (after twelve hours),

Whizzing, extending down through the lower extremities,

Surging sensation in the legs, while sitting, as after a journey on foot,

Thigh, Knee, and Leg.

Bubbling sensation in the right thigh,

(Burning tension in the right thigh),

A constrictive pain in the gluteal muscles of one thigh, when walking, as if sprained,

A pain in the forepart of the thigh, while walking rapidly, as if some one pressed upon a bruised spot,

Dull sticking pressure on the right thigh,

Benumbing pressure on the outer side of the left thigh, as if the part were tightly bound up, and the circulation thereby arrested,

Intermitting pressure on the upper part of the right thigh, aggravated by pressing upon it,

A simple pressure on the thigh just above the knee,

Pain, like needle-stitches, in the muscles on the inner side of the left thigh (after one hour and a quarter),

Drawing stitches in the right thigh; unnoticed on standing or ascending steps (after thirty-seven hours),

A stitch on the right thigh, just above the knee, with burning and fine sticking pain,

A painless jerk on the under surface of the left thigh, as if a muscle were moving,

Itching stitch in the posterior muscles of the thigh, with burning after scratching,

Cramplike drawing in the right knee, that was bent,

Pulsating pain in the hollow of the knee, while the leg was drawn up,

Wavelike drawing in the bones of the leg,

Tearing in the left calf, while walking (after thirty-four hours),

Painless cramp in the right calf, while sitting,

Twitching sensation in the right calf,

Painful pressure just above the right ankle, at long intervals, while standing,

Ankle, Foot, and Toes.

Itching, somewhat persistent, stitch in the right ankle, towards the forepart, continuing even during motion (after twenty-nine hours),

Painless sensation of weakness in the feet, as after a long journey on foot,

After sitting for awhile with the feet drawn up, he notices, while walking, a paralytic weakness in them,

The feet ached while sitting; at one time he was obliged to stretch them out, at another to draw them up, in order to obtain momentary relief,

A simple pressure on the back of the forepart of the foot,

Weariness and pain in the soles of the feet, after a short walk,

Intermitting dull pressure in a small spot in the sole of the right foot, as if he had received a blow upon it,

Itching sticking sensation in the sole of the right foot, during rest (after twelve hours),

An itching stitch on the right inner malleolus, that disappears on scratching (after ten hours),

Burning in the tip of the right great toe, while sitting (after thirty-one hours),

Painful throbbing above the ball of the left great toe,

Tensive stitches in the tip of the left great toe (after thirty-two hours),

A pain in the little toe and its ball, as if it had been pressed hard,

Dull stitches in the left fifth toe, during rest and motion (after three hours),

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