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Oleander - General symptoms - Clarke

Nerium Odorum, Rose-laurel, Oleand, Olnd.

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HPUS indication of Oleander: Lightheadedness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Oleander in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Nerium Oleander. Rose Laurel. (South Europe, North Africa, West Asia. Thrives best in moist ground.) N. O. Apocynaceae. Tincture of the leaves.

white-coated tongue. slow pulse. On leaving for change of air he soon got quite well.

but ill again as soon as he returned. Some oleanders in his bedroom were then suspected by his doctor, and on their removal all the trouble vanished. The doctor then recalled that when a student he had some oleanders before his windows, and in autumn, when the nights were cold, be took them into his bedroom, with this result On waking in the morning heavy head and sensation of weariness, could only leave his bed by great exertion. As soon as he put his foot to the ground was seized with vertigo and reeled. Having traced this to the oleanders, he purposely repeated the experiment, and always with the same result. Hahnemann says of Olean. "It will be found to be, if not a complete remedy, yet an indispensable intermediate remedy in some kinds of mental derangements, e.g., absence of mind, and in certain kinds of painless paralysis, in eruptions on the head, and in some external head affections." Experience has confirmed the truth of these remarks, and more especially of the latter part of them. Olean. is in the front rank of remedies affecting the scalp, more particularly the back part of the scalp or commencing there. "Desquamation of the epidermis of the scalp;" "violent gnawing itching on the scalp, as from lice.

after scratching, a smarting as if scratched raw" are symptoms which have been repeatedly verified by cures, and I have confirmed Cooper's experience in one very bad case, in a schoolboy, that a single dose of the Ø may give the best possible result in such cases. The condition was Head very sore and irritable.

covered with crusts. sore to touch. Glands in neck swollen and sore to touch. Olean. Ø two drops in a powder at bedtime on November 14th. On November 27th an aggravation was reported, and the eruption had spread from the head to the back. From this time rapid improvement set in.

The skin generally of Olean. is very sensitive and easily chafed and chapped, and this occurring concomitantly with other Olean. conditions (for example, gastro-enteritis), forms a strong indication. The paralytic symptoms of Olean. are in constant evidence. Involuntary evacuation of faeces and urine. The digestion is paralysed, and the food passes completely undigested. Infants soil their diapers every time they pass flatus. Momentary loss of sight. Peculiar sensations, suggestive of paralysis, are Buzzing and humming sensations in the body. Numb or painless paralysed feeling as if inner parts were distended. Pulsations in outer parts. Gnawing itching.

biting or pungent pain after scratching. Numbness of skin, or itching numbness. Olean. corresponds to "trembling after nursing" in nursing women.

to weak memory and slow perception.

to functional paralysis. The headaches are mostly pressive and stupefying. Pressure as if a hundredweight were pressing brain forward, and as if everything would come out at forehead. A curious feature in connection with some of the headaches is that they are amel. by looking cross-eyed.

or by looking sideways. This is a clinical observation well verified. There is also cloudiness of vision, agg. by looking sideways. Eyes distorted. Olean. should cure some cases of strabismus. The left side is most affected.

violent contraction of muscles, agg. left side. Numbness of upper and lower extremities has been frequently confirmed. A case of poisoning is recorded (H. W., xxxiii. 9, from Amer. Hom.) in which a boy of four put a broken Oleander leaf into his mouth, but quickly spat it out. In a few minutes the tongue became red and raw where the leaf had touched it. The patch, one inch by one half inch, involving the side and part of dorsum of tongue, appeared denuded, and this appearance remained a year later. Ten months after the occurrence, general roughness of the skin had developed, with a papulo-pustular eruption on ankles and calves. The symptoms are agg. (after first amel.) by scratching.

by rubbing. agg. In open air.

by draught of air. Getting out of bed amel. toothache. There is thirst for cold water. Motion amel. stiffness of thighs. Mastication agg. toothache and headache. Looking down agg. (vertigo, &c.). Looking sideways agg. dim vision.

amel. headache. Squinting amel. headache. Rising up agg. headache.

vertigo. Stooping pain over heart.


Brain, affections of. Eczema. Fainting. Headache. Hyperaesthesia. Lienteria. Memory, weakened. Numbness. Nursing women, affections of. Palpitation. Paralysis. Perichondritis. Rheumatism. Scalp, eruption on. Spasms. Spine, affections of. Strabismus. Tongue, coated; parched. Vertigo.