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Osmium - General symptoms

Osmium Metallicum, Osm.

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HPUS indication of Osmium: Dry cough

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Osmium in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Immediately struck with a sharp pain, he shut the eye and drew back. In ten minutes he came to my office. The lids were spasmodically closed, light very distressing, and pain in the globe severe. The conjunctiva and sclera were intensely injected, and lachrymation profuse. Pupil of natural size and activity. Sight dim, viz., 1/3, and reads only No. 3 of Jaeger at ten inches. All objects look dim. this dimness is not the effect of lachrymation, because wiping away the tears does not better the vision. Accommodation perfect. There are no muscae nor phosphenes.

the visual field normal. By the ophthalmoscope, both the inverted and upright image, no material change discovered. The media clear, the optic nerve pink, but not unlike the other eye. The external inflammatory symptoms continued for one day, and then the eye resumed its normal condition, both in appearance and function,.

Small pointed vesicles, surrounded by red areola, with intolerable itching, on the back of the left hand, between the thumb and index finger (in a spot where, six years before, scabies had broken out).

some vesicles appear on the ulnar margin of the same hand, extending from the metacarpal joint to the phalanges of the little finger, on the outer surface of the wrist.

also on the right hand violent itching, but not vesicles.

these vesicles disappear after twenty-four hours (third day),.

Slight rawness in the larynx (eleventh day).

increasing until the thirteenth day, when it was a very severe laryngeal catarrh, the voice hoarse, weak, and low, and almost extinct.

lay in bed all the morning, and took three doses of Merc Viv Merc. sol., and two of Belladonna Bell., which carried off the attack, in the afternoon,.

After a cold, while nursing a sick child, and losing sleep at night, slight cough with pain in the larynx, she had also some coryza, but continued to take Osmium 6th cent.

the tongue became very sore, the pains in the larynx very severe.

she was taken with hoarseness.

she was afraid she would get the croup, and took Spongia Tosta Spongia and Hep Sulph Calc Hepar, which relieved somewhat,.

The bowels were not moved till 4 P.M.

the evacuation was passed hastily, with burning at the anus.

it was bilious and partly fluid (second day).

no evacuation to-day, only a small lump, like a marble, passed, after trying very hard to relieve myself (fourth day).

no evacuation to-day until 10 P.M., it was dry and full of air (sixth day).

bowels relieved at 10 A.M.

evacuation small in volume and quantity (seventh day).

the bowels remain costive (eleventh day),.

Vomiting of much watery mucus, of the odor and taste of the acid, with numerous blackish-green flakes of mucus, looking like the deposit that the acid causes when brought in contact with organic substances.

vomiting paroxysmal, at first of water, afterwards of yellowish and tenacious substances.

after vomiting eructations of gas of the odor and taste of the acid, with continued salivation (after half an hour),.

During the proving my digestion suffered a good deal, and during about nine or ten days, I felt no attraction to the pleasures of Venus, although at all other times very easily excited thereto. My suppressed report ran thus "Venereal appetite suppressed for eight or ten days.

the conjugal act when performed was done by a sheer act of volition, and the usual thrill in ejaculation was absent (in a letter to the Editor, Aug. 3d, 1877"),.

Irritation and catarrh of respiratory organs. Eczema. Albuminuria. Pain in trachea. Increases and gives odor to local perspiration. Causes Adhesion of the nail fold.

Foul secretions

Pains go up and down


Greenish, rainbow colors about light


Fluent coryza, with a sense of stoppage

Stomach feels full of broken stones or lumps

Spasmodic cough; with torn loose feeling and tenacious sputum

Sensitive air passages

Foul axillary sweat

OSMIUM. The Element. Os. (A. W. 190.3). Trituration of the precipitated metal. OSMICUM ACIDUM. Osmium tetroxide. OsO4. Dilutions with absolutely pure water.

Osmium is a metal of the Platinum group, in association with which it is always found. It is the heaviest of them all and the most refractory, having never been fused. It derives its name (όσμή odour) from the pungent odour of the fumes of Osmic acid, which are evolved in the process of separating Platinum from its ore, and the effects of which have supplied a number of valuable symptoms in cases recorded by J. G. Blackley (C. D. P.). In the Artemisia Vulgaris arts it is used in the alloy with iridium (Iridosmium or Osmiridium) for making the tips of Aurum Metallicum gold pens. Triturations of the pure metal have been proved. The symptoms of Titanium Metallicum the metal and of the acid are taken together. The odour of Osm. closely resembles that of Chlorine, as also do its irritating effect on the respiratory mucous membrane. The odour imparted to the secretions is various it makes the urine smell like violets.

the eructations like radishes the axillary sweat like garlic. The respiratory tract is irritated from beginning to end, and not only irritated but pained. The nostrils and larynx are sensitive to cold air. There is pain in larynx, trachea, and in and under sternum on coughing. Even talking causes pain in larynx. Cough convulsive in paroxysms.

hollow sounding as if one coughed into an empty tube.

caused by irritation in larynx or low down in chest. As with so many remedies causing cough and asthmatic symptoms, Osm. is no less irritating to the skin, producing all degrees of irritating eruptions, eczematous and herpetic. In one of Blackley's cases a child born during the time that his father was under the influence of Osm. ac. developed eczema, though none of the previously born children were eczematous. In one of the provers the eruption proceeded from above downwards, the eruption disappearing from the upper part of the body and becoming worse on the lower. The downward direction of the symptoms also appeared in the male generative sphere, which was profoundly influenced "Weakness in both groins towards cords." C. M. Boger (Med. Couns., xvi. 264) cured a case in which there was pain in both directions "Stitching pain upward in left spermatic cord. Creeping sensation downwards in left spermatic cord. Weakness in calves.

they give out while walking." In another case (man, 44, syphilitic) he cured "Dull, steady pain in hypogastrium, sore to pressure. Steady aching in glans penis." In the provings the erections were severe almost to priapism, and the ejaculations were longer-lasting and more copious than normal. The kidneys were affected in one of Blackley's cases, incipient nephritis being set up. The headaches of the provings were of a violent description, many of them affecting the base of the brain. A woman, 62, to whom I once gave Osm. 2x for a spasmodic cough with pain in the head had a severe aggravation, the headache taking this form "Sharp pain in centre of forehead going through to back.

amel. by hard pressure on forehead." She discontinued Osm. and in two or three days that pain went away, leaving only an ordinary headache. The cough was not relieved. G. S. Norton (H. W., xviii. 263) suggests that Osm. may be a remedy in many cases of glaucoma. Among the peculiar sensations are As of a band round head. As if he had swallowed broken stones. Cough as if caused by resonance of contiguous parts. As if insects crawling on back and shoulders. Legs and feet as if too full. The symptoms are agg. by touch (tongue, sternum). agg. Riding (hoarseness). agg. Coughing.

talking (pain in larynx). Most symptoms are agg. evening (cough, skin, restlessness). Cough agg. till midnight. Open air agg. (coryza, cough). (One prover was less liable to taking cold in November than usual.) Open air amel. (smarting in eyes).

Redness of hands and arms, with swelling and itching pimples, gradually becoming vesicular.

on face, neck, and forearms patches of vesicles on an elevated base, the latter hard, brawny, and pitting on pressure, towards the edges the patches consist of one or two vesicles on the summit of a large pimple, contents of vesicles watery, occasional cracking of affected skin and constant oozing, the itching makes him irritable.

Cough only in morning.

from scraping in larynx.

with pain in larynx. with constriction of trachea.

convulsive. in short bursts on rising, without expectoration, in short bursts (after coryza), returned during day, disturbing sleep till midnight, from tickling in larynx, after sneezing a lump is loosened, which he must swallow.

dry, spasmodic. dry, rattling, difficult to loosen.

short, dry, paroxysmal, as if mucous membrane would be torn off, with and followed by raw, sore pain in larynx and trachea, extending to middle of sternum.


Sixth potency.


Respiratory tract