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Oxalicum Acidum - General symptoms

Sorrel Acid, Oxal, Oxal-ac, Acidum oxalicum, Ox-ac.

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HPUS indication of Oxalicum Acidum: Weak Digestion

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Oxalicum Acidum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Teeth not only rough when ground upon each other, but they were painful when the air passed in a rush through the open mouth, as is the case during the deep inspiration of yawning.

every voluntary deep inspiration produced such an amount of this painful tenderness in my teeth that a so-called gooseskin (spasm of the cutis and erection of the papillae) was produced.

this hyperaesthesia of the teeth persisted through the following day, although in a less degree,.

Tongue swollen, and covered with a thick white coat, as if it had been scalded (soon).

natural towards edges, elsewhere coated (after ten hours and a half).

clean and moist at edges, centre as yesterday (second day).

covered with a white crust (third day).

can best be likened to the dry coating of sugar on sweetmeats, interspersed with red patches (seventh day).

covered with thick white dry coat (eighth day).

in patches, with some desquamation (tenth day).

reddish-brown and parched (eleventh day),.

Great flatulency the whole day, with expulsion of wind downwards.

swelling of the abdomen, with dull colic-like pains at intervals in and around the umbilicus, but worse in the right iliac region.

itching at the anus, with a crawling sensation, as if from worms, and which was relieved by rubbing the parts for several minutes.

it returned several times during the night,.

Flatulent colic, as if he had eaten unripe fruit, on waking up at night, below the navel, which is increased by movement after getting up.

the pain diminishes during rest and returns periodically (the night after taking it).

in the morning, after breakfast, on walking about, the same pain returns, gets better about 9 o'clock, and disappears entirely, at 12 o'clock,.

Influences the spinal cord, and produces motor paralysis. Pains very violent, In spots (kali. bich.) worse, motion, and Thinking of them. periodical remissions. Spasmodic symptoms of throat and chest. Rheumatism of left side. neurasthenia. Tuberculosis.

Weak, cold, livid and numb all over; worse lower limbs

Violent pains; in streaks, like lightning, in spots, burning, etc


Nervous and sleepless

Swimming vertigo

Band-like sensation about head

Numb prickling in occiput and back

Sour taste Gnawing emptiness

Colicky urging about navel or involuntary, muddy-brown stools, worse lying Oxaluria

Testes throb or feel crushed

Low voice

Paroxysmal, jerking breathing

Nightly dyspnoea

Pain from lower [left], chest to epigastrium

Palpitation, worse lying

Fixed chest

Angina pectoris

Back feels too weak to hold body Cold creeps up spine

Weak trembling hands and feet

Oxalic Acid. Hydrogen Oxalate. C2H2O42H2O. Trituration. Tincture.

pains in. Tongue, affections of. Urine, abnormal. Voice, altered.

excruciating pain in epigastrium, and cold, clammy perspiration.

numbness and tingling in extremities, legs drawn up towards abdomen.

pulse was just perceptible.

breathing slightly spasmodic.

features anxious, pallid. At 8 p.m. (nine hours after observer's first visit) hot feeling in throat and tingling in extremities continued. Voice altered.

instead of a remarkably deep bass it was reduced to a very low key, like one talking in an undertone. This lasted a month, during which period the legs used to "go to sleep" several times a day. After nine weeks the voice, though stronger, was still "a complete old man's voice." (2) A woman took three drachms in three ounces of water. Most of it was evacuated within fifteen minutes by stomach-pump. Symptoms Convulsions.

spastic contraction of jaws and limbs.

forcible closure of mouth and drawing down of its angles. Dilated alae nasi, corrugated brows, twitching of facial muscles and insensibility. Great cerebral excitement afterwards occurred with dry coldness of surface and imperceptible pulse. Symptoms were less marked during intermission of tetanic spasms, and declined in three hours. In animals poisoned with Oxal. ac. the first symptom is stiffness of hind limbs. Farrington sums up the indications of Oxal. ac. in spinal affections Weak loins, hips, legs, numb back.

numb limbs. Limbs blue and cold.

weak and numb. agg. going up stairs. Limbs stiff.

The involuntary muscles are affected by Oxal. ac. no less than the voluntary. There is frequent ineffectual urging to stool, preceded by a sick, distressing feeling from navel downwards, agg. when thinking of it, agg. from drinking coffee. Sugar agg. pain in stomach. Wine = headache. Faintness and vomiting during stool. After stool amel. of pain in back. The heart may be paralysed in a few minutes if the dose of the poison is very large, and then it is found flaccid or distended with blood. In an interesting study of Oxal. ac., J. W. Ellis (J. B. H. S., vii. 285) cites a fatal case of poisoning recorded by Boericke (Med. cent., August, 1894) through exposure of the hands to a saturated solution used for chemical purposes. The symptoms were Intense pains in head. Hyperaesthesia, especially to light. Spasms of pain down extremities, along throat muscles, and through spermatic cord. Sensitive spots on spine. De Noƫ Walker told me of a case of his in which the patient, an elderly, gouty man, was suddenly seized with congestion of spinal meninges with great coldness, blueness, and numbness.

complete prostration of strength. Oxal. ac. 6 rapidly cured. A patient of mine who used Oxal. ac. in his work suffered from "Rheumatism of left side. Starting on falling asleep. When actually at work, acidity." This left-side rheumatism is noteworthy, for Oxal. ac. is a very left-sided remedy. But it has one special region of the left side, as Burnett has graphically illustrated, in which it is supreme. Sharp pains through the lower lobe of the left lung. It matters not what the name of the disease may be.

Enuresis has also been cured (H. P., vi. 232) with Oxal. ac. 6 in a blonde boy of six.

The guiding symptom was "Sharp shooting pain in left chest, close to sternum and parallel to it.

Ellis suggests that Oxal. ac. corresponds to many cases of neurasthenia.

It is a favourite remedy with S. A. Jones in cardiac trouble, occurring in highly "nervous" patients (H. R., v. 13).

Jones's remarks just quoted are made in reference to a case reported by "C.

Oxalicum Acidum is the case Mrs. S., 55, suffered for several days with Terrible pain in lumbar region, extending down thigh and over region of both kidneys.

Extremely anxious to change position frequently, but slightest movement, assisted or unassisted, caused her to shriek out in agony.

Frequent desire to pass large amounts of urine, but the pain on moving was so great that she would shrink from the attempt.

Legs numb and very weak and cold.

Pulse rapid. Short, distressed breathing in general, though there were intervals of easier breathing.

Appetite normal, though swallowing was difficult and painful.

Oxal. ac. 30, every half-hour, was given.

In two hours she could be placed on the vessel with very little pain.

In twelve hours she sat up.

In twenty-four hours was entirely relieved.

Banergee (H. P., xiii. 157) cured a case of strangulated hernia of left side with Oxal. ac. 6 trit.

He had no definite indication.

John Moore reports the case (H. W., xv. 53) of a sea captain who suffered much from indigestion.

Two years before Moore saw him he had had to undergo operation for strangulated hernia.

Ever since he had been subject to these symptoms Pain in region of navel coming on two hours after eating, accompanied by much flatulence and bitter and sour eructations.

Pain agg. in night, arousing the patient 3 a.m., and keeping him awake.

Burning sensation from throat downwards to the region of the pain.

The patient had always had a weak digestion, and had met with many severe accidents at sea.

Oxal. ac. 3, two drops, an hour after meals.

He was a little better the first night, and after that slept the night through, and said he had not had so much comfort for years.

Oxal. ac., the chief constituent of Sorrel (Rumex Acetosa Rumex Acetosa) and Wood Sorrel (Oxalis acetosella), exists in plants that are ordinarily deemed anti-scorbutic and are remarkable for the grateful acidity of their herbage.

Inspissated solutions of sorrel have been used successfully as local applications for epithelioma, and with a solution of Oxal. ac. and of Tannic acid, applied locally, Cooper removed a large patch of erythematous lupus on the cheek.

With a solution of 5 gr. to two drachms of water Cooper has often removed troublesome small naevi in infants upon the face and elsewhere, using it perseveringly for weeks or even months.

From this it would appear, taking into account that Oxal. ac. produces wart-like growths, that, well diluted, it may be regarded as having a beneficial influence, locally and probably internally as well, upon epithelial proliferations of the cuticle.

Among the Peculiar Sensations are jerking pains, like short stitches, confined to small spots, lasting only a few seconds.

Sensation as if all blood had left the brain.

As if blood in head was coursing upward and outward.

As from a screw behind each ear.

Hypogastrium as if bound.

Back as if broken or bruised.

Wrist as if sprained. Hands as if dead.

During shaving as from chafing.

Symptoms are agg. by touch (small spots on head); slightest touch = excruciating pain. agg.

Shaving. Eating amel. pain in stomach.

Soup amel. gnawing in stomach.

Sugar, coffee, wine agg.

After eating pains at navel, colic, rumbling in abdomen, urging to stool, weakness.

Motion and exercise agg.

Rest agg. colic. Lying down = swimming sensation; palpitation; erections; return of colic and diarrhoea; agg. headache; amel. pain in left lung.

Change of position amel. pain in back.

Slightest exertion = heat. agg.

Evening, night, and early morning.

Walking in open air = tickling in larynx.

Shaving agg. (skin of face).

After stool headache and backache amel.

Sorrel-acid. Neidhard, 1844. Reil, 1851. C2O3

* * *

Oxalicum Acidum has been greatly neglected.

It will cure many heart complaints that are treated with vague, crude, unproved remedies with indifferent results. The violent action upon the heart racks the whole system. Trembling, convulsions, loss of sensation.

numbness of the body and limbs.

blueness of the lower limbs, fingers and lips.

paralysis of the limbs are symptoms showing how violently Oxalicum Acidum takes hold of the body, affecting the heart, spinal cord and brain. Symptoms are worse from exertion and motion. The patient is sensitive to cold air. Symptoms come on in paroxysms. Palpitation alternates with loss of voice.

Pains No remedy produces more violent pains; cutting, shooting, stitching, tearing pains in many parts; sores and bruises all over the body; burning in forehead, stomach, abdomen, throat, urethra, hands and feet; painful spots on the scalp, sore to, touch, also in other places.

The body is mottled in places. Complaints come on from eating sour fruits, such as strawberries, cranberries, apples, Rheum rhubarb, tomatoes, grapes; also from eating sugar and starchy foods. Wine and coffee disagree.

The symptoms, and especially the pains, come on or are worse when thinking about them. At times there is great excitement and exhilaration again there is loss of memory and dejection.

maniacal conduct. aversion to conversation. Fainting during stool. There is marked hyperemia of the brain and surging of blood from body to head.

flashes of heat mount upward.

he becomes dizzy and there is vanishing of sight.

Sore tender spots on the scalp Typeblurs when reading; vanishing of sight; small, especially linear objects seem larger and more distant; pain eyes, especially the left; bleared eyes.

Epistaxis with vanishing of sight.

Ulcers on gums; gums bleed and are painful in spots; sour taste in the mouth; tongue sore, red, dry, burning, swollen, with white coating; there is loss of taste; aphthae in the mouth; much thick mucus compels him to constantly clear the throat; swallowing is painful in the morning; pain in throat; chronic sore throat.

Pain in stomach better after eating.

gnawing in stomach better after taking soup. After eating, eructations, nausea, pains at the navel, colic, rumbling in bowels, urging to stool, weakness. Sugar increases the pain in stomach.

wine makes headache worse.

coffee acts violently on the heart and causes diarrhea.

heartburn worse in the evening.

eructation, sour, tasteless, after eating. Nausea and vomiting.

nausea during pregnancy.

thirst and colic after diarrhea.

nausea and cramp in calves after stool.

Cramping pains in abdomen. Burning in the abdomen. Stitching pains in abdomen and in the liver. Great pain in the region of the umbilicus, worse evening and night.

worse from motion. Sore pains about the navel. The pains in abdomen come on or are worse when thinking of them. Obstructed flatus in the splenic flexure of the colon, causing pain in left hypochondrium. Stitching pains in liver, relieved by deep breathing.

Cramping pains in abdomen, worse at night with vomiting.

worse from motion and from eating sugar. Chronic inflammation of the bowels. Extreme tenderness of the abdomen.

chronic morning diarrhea with cramping about the navel.

tenesmus, renewed urging on lying down. Coffee brings on diarrhea.

stools watery. of mucus and blood.

stools involuntary. The tenesmus during stool causes pain in head.

constipation with difficult stool and the straining causes headache.

Kidneys The renal region is painful and tender. Frequent urination.

copious. urine containing oxalate of lime.

soreness of whole urinary tract.

the urine causes soreness and burning of the urethra.

when urinating there is pain in the glans penis.

incontinence of urine in sleep.

all the urinary symptoms are worse when thinking about them.

Tearing pains in the spermatic cords, worse from motion; marked tenderness in testes which become painful when walking. Strong, sexual desire and erections when in bed; seminal emissions and sexual weakness; shooting pains along the spermatic cords.

Loss of voice with cardiac complaints; palpitation alternating with loss of voice; larynx sore, raw, with tickling and clutching; mucus forms in the larynx when talking; must constantly clear the larynx when talking; white mucus in the larynx; hawks up thick yellow and white mucus.

In complaints of the heart there is most difficult breathing. In feeble, nervous women there is paroxysmal breathing.

violent rapid respiration with intervals of normal breathing.

jerking inspiration and sudden, forced expiration in angina pectoris.

dyspnoea with constriction in the larynx that is very painful.

with wheezing and oppression of chest worse thinking of it.

Cardiac cough on slight exertion; choking feeling in larynx; tickling in larynx while walking in cold air.

Sharp, shooting pains in left lung, heart and left hypochondrium. With inability to breathe during perfect rest; soreness in chest; pain in middle of chest through to the back. Dullness in lower part of left lung.

Stitching tearing pains behind the sternum going to shoulders and arms; worse on left side; with blueness of nails and lips; cold sweat paralysis of lower limbs; spasmodic respiration (compare Latrodeatus mactans).

Violent palpitation in rheumatic subjects, worse when thinking about it. Pulse irregular, intermittent, fast; cold sweat, blue nails, great weakness. It cures many cardiac complaints endocarditis, pericarditis, valvular insufficiency, etc. Fluttering heart

Pain under point of scapula, between shoulders, extending downward to small of back; stitches in chest, extending to scapula; violent aching pain in back, and down the thighs, relieved by change of position.

Oxalicum Acidum symptom is an exception as the pains are generally worse from motion., Benumbing pains in the small of back better after stool.

Numbness, pricking, causing a cold sensation with weakness in spine. Weakness in loins and hips extending to lower limbs; pains shoot up back to head.

Cold chills in lower part of back followed by evening fever, coming every day. Motion brings on many pains in spine with much drawing in muscles of back; paralysis from inflammation of spinal cord; limb stiff; paroxysms of dyspnoea.

Numbness in shoulders to finger tips; sharp lancinating pains in arms; right wrist feels sprained; pain in right metacarpus and fleshy part of right thumb with heat and numbness; hands almost helpless; hands cold as if dead; fingers and nails blue in heart complaints; pains in the points of flexed fingers.

Twitching of muscles of shoulder; arm and fingers. The legs are stiff, numb and weak; lower limbs cold, blue and paralyzed. Violent pains in lower limbs. Burning in feet and hands. Rheumatism of joints.

Frightening dreams; wakens with palpitation, cold sweat and pain in limbs; sleepy during day but distressing sleep at night; feels better after passing flatus. Violent pains in stomach keep him awake.

Complaints worse when thinking of them. (Helonias Dioica Helon., Calc Carb Calc. Phosphorus phos.)


Sixth to thirtieth potency.


Digestive tract


Nerves Cord Heart

Left side; Lung


pleurisy, pneumonia, phthisis

when that pain is present Oxal. ac. will do its work. The provings give Sharp shooting pain in left lung and heart, extending down to epigastrium, and lasting some seconds.

In afternoon, stitches several times in left lung.

Sharp, lancinating pain in left lung, coming on so suddenly that it deprives him of breath for a few seconds. Sore sticking in chest extending back to between scapulae." Oxal. ac. has cured many cases of angina pectoris, with symptoms recalling these. A powerful action is developed on the kidneys in the poisoning cases, albumen, blood, and oxalate crystals being found in the urine. Oxal. ac. in the attenuations has given good results in cases of oxaluria in which some of the leading symptoms of the remedy, as the backache, numbness, &c., were present.