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Paris Quadrifolia - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

One-berry, Par.

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HPUS indication of Paris Quadrifolia: Hoarseness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Paris Quadrifolia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Extremities, limbs


Distressing heaviness in all the limbs, with internal coldness, in the evening,

Sensation on every motion, as if the joints were broken, and on stretching them out as if they had been pressed in; on turning about, a sensation as if they were swollen and sprained,

Cramplike twinging pains in the joints, almost continually,

Constant stitches in all the joints, especially in the evening,

Several tendons are sore to touch,

Upper extremities

Shoulder and arm.

Tearing in the left shoulder,

Stitches in the shoulders, as if in the bones,

Tearing in the shoulders, extending into the fingers,

A burning sensation in the left shoulder, as if in the bone,

Drawing in the upper arm,

Heaviness of the right arm,

Sensation of heaviness in the arms, even during rest (after a quarter of an hour),

Elbow and Forearm.

Tearing in the right elbow and malleolus of the foot,

Pain in the forearm, as if he had been writing a long time, worse when the arm hangs down,

Violent tearing in the right forearm in every position (after four hours and a half),

Wrist and Hand.

Cramplike pain above the left wrist (after one hour),

Trembling of the hands (second day),

Drawing in the metacarpal bones,

Stitches in the palm of the left hand,

Tearing in the right palm,


The fingers often feel asleep,

A paralytic sensation in the finger-joints, afterwards in the arm, and also in other joints,

Drawing pain in the thumb and index finger,

Tearing in the thumb,

Violent tearing in the whole left index finger, without impairment of its motion (after two days),

Violent tearing in the first joint of the right middle finger,

Pain like a suppuration or like congestion of blood in the tip of the middle finger,

Drawing deep in the middle finger,

Dull stitches on the back of the index finger,

Bubbling-like stitches in the bone of the index finger,

Lower extremities

Paralytic drawing in the whole lower extremities, during rest and motion,

Drawing in the lower extremities,

Hip and Thigh.

Tearing in the hip-joints,

A sudden violent tearing in the right hip, while sitting,

A painful sensation in the right hip-joint, only while walking; if, when walking, he puts the left foot to the ground while the right is extended backward to its farthest point, just before bringing it forward there is a drawing in the right hip-joint, as if the foot were forcibly pulled backward,

Fine needlelike stitches in the right hip, returning paroxysmally (after one hour),

Drawing, on the inner side of the left thigh,

Tearing on the outer side of the right thigh, extending to the heel, while sitting,

Gnawing in the posterior surface of the thigh,

A stitch in the left nates,

Knee and Leg.

Painful tension in the right knee only while resting part of his weight upon it when bent, not when standing erect, sitting, or lying,

Tearing in the left knee,

Cramplike pain about the right patella, not relieved by any motion (after three hours and a half),

A pain extending up along the tendons of the right popliteus, while standing (after two hours),

Drawing in the lower end of the tibia, in bed,

Tearing in the calves,


Paralytic pain in the left ankle, as if the ligaments were relaxed,

A numb pain in the inner malleolus,

Sharp violent stitches in the left inner malleolus, while sitting (after one hour and a half),

Slight drawing in the external malleolus,

Tearing in the right external malleolus,

Foot and Toes.

The feet seem weary and tremulous, while walking,

A paralytic pain in the sole of the left foot, when stepping upon it, continuing for several days,

Dull stitches on the back of the right foot (after one hour and a quarter),

Violent painful stitches in the sole of the foot, transversely across above the balls of the toes (after two hours),

Pinching on the back of the foot (after ten hours),

Tearing in the sole of the foot,

Tearing in the right heel, and thence along the outer margin of the foot to the little toe,

Dull drawing in the os calcis,

Long-continued formication in the heel,

Such violent tearing in the right great toe that she could cry out, while sitting,

Jerking in the right great toe, in the evening, while sitting,

Acute stitches in the forepart of the right great toe,

Drawing burning beneath the toes, especially in the evening,

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