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Paris Quadrifolia - General symptoms

One-berry, Par.

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HPUS indication of Paris Quadrifolia: Hoarseness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Paris Quadrifolia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Morning), Mucus in the eyes.

after rising, lachrymation, nose stopped.

pain in gum. after rising, root of tongue brown.

on waking, mouth dried up.

slimy froth in corners of mouth.

tasteless water rises from stomach.

sensation as if a stone were lying in stomach.

after urinating, tenesmus of the bladder.

on waking, trachea dried up, with hoarseness.

on rising, constant hacking.

on waking, biting-itching perspiration.

3 A.M., on waking, perspiration..

(Evening), In open air, headache.

all symptoms. while walking in the open air, pain in both ears.

pressure, as from a ball, in throat.

sticking scratching in throat.

after lying down, drawing and cutting pain in left side of chest and abdomen.

palpitation. heaviness in all the limbs, with coldness.

stitches in the joints.

while sitting, jerking in right great toe.

burning beneath toes. before going to sleep, itching-biting burning in left side of lower jaw.

early, sleepy. chill. on lying down, coldness.

cold feet. heat from nape of neck down back..

In the evening everything was worse.

the pain in the forehead involved the whole sinciput.

it seemed as though the scalp were contracted and the bone scraped sore.

the margins of the lids were red and hot.

it seemed as though a thread were tightly drawn through the eye to the middle of the head, which was very painful (second day),.

Very violent drawing-cutting pain in the left side of the chest and abdomen, upon which he was lying, that commenced above in the diaphragm, seeming to extend through it and down into the abdomen, and then continued as a cutting pain through the small intestines, till at last it extended to the entrance of the true pelvis, where it disappeared, but almost at the same instant it appeared again in the chest.

with this, respiration was difficult and only superficial, in the evening, after lying down, gradually relieved after lying upon the back (after twelve hours),.

Head symptoms marked and verified. Sensation of expansion and consequent tension. Coldness of right side of body, left hot. Catarrhal complaints, stuffed feeling at root of nose. Disorder of sense of touch.

Heaviness Numbness [left]

Joints feel broken

Parts feel too big or drawn together

Garrulous loquacity Weight in nape

Eye-balls seem pulled back (Pulsatilla Pul) or feel too large Face seems drawn into root of nose

Imaginary bad smells

Hawks up tough, green mucus As of a ball in throat

Periodical painless hoarseness Painful skin; objects feel rough

Unilateral coldness or heat

Oneberry. Stapf. Smilaceae.

* * * *


Third potency.





One side


The whole skin seemed sore to touch,

Crawling in several places in the skin, without itching, for a few minutes,

Crawling on the inner surface of the left hand, almost as if asleep (after one hour and a half),

Violent itching here and there in the skin,

Excessive itching biting and burning on the left side of the lower jaw and beneath its left margin, in the evening, before going to sleep; in the morning, after rising, there were to be seen bloody pimples, like millet-seeds, that had been scratched open,

Violent itching on the coccyx,

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