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Parthenium - General symptoms

, Parh.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Parthenium in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Parthenium hysterophorus. Bitter-broom. Escoba amarga. N. O. Compositae (tribe Heliantheae). Tincture of the dry plant. Trituration or solution of the alkaloid Parthenia.

E. Fornias brought Parthen. to light (H. R., i. 42, 71). It is a Cuban remedy of great repute in the treatment of fevers. An alkaloid Parthenia was isolated by C. J. Ulrice, of Havana, and Dr. J. L. Duenas published experiments with this on the human organism and on animals. Dr. B. H. B. Sleight proved increasing doses of the Ø tincture, and later on of 6x, which reproduced most of the symptoms of the first proving. The Schema is made up chiefly of Sleight's symptoms.

additions from Duenas being marked (D). Dr. Ramirez Tovar has reported these cures by Parthenia ($51$) A lady living in the lower part of the city, where the rain leaves channels of infection, had daily attacks of intermittent, more intense each day. One grain of the alkaloid was divided into six powders, one every hour after the attack. No further attacks. The patient was nursing at the time, and she noticed a marked increase of milk in the breasts. Half a grain divided into five doses completed the cure. (2) A tailor, 30, moved to lower part of the city, and contracted tertian intermittent, the fourth seizure being attended with much pain in left hypochondrium. One grain in five doses cured, though the conditions were unchanged. (3) Girl, 6, lymphatic, living near the beach of the harbour, ill for seventeen days with malaise, loss of appetite, sleepiness, and fever. Had had Quinine internally and externally and was wasting visibly. The alkaloid, aided by a tonic wine prepared from the extract of the plant, cured. (4) Man, 45, of delicate constitution, poorly nourished, straw-yellow face, yellow sclerotics, enlarged liver and spleen, spleen painful to pressure. Had had fever in Panama, had taken Quinine.

complained of a pain in right side (more severe in some parts than in others), which commenced at 1 p.m. with shiverings, disappeared in two hours, and returned at precisely the same hour next day. Five doses of ten centigrams each removed the pain. About six weeks later there was a relapse, the pain this time being located in the stomach. One grain in five doses, one dose every two hours, removed the pain, but it returned the third day. The same treatment then removed it permanently. (5) Young lady, 18, had periodical facial neuralgia.

cured by same treatment., Fornias adds this case His niece, 5, living in Havana, had been suffering from a continued fever with periodical midday exacerbations, which later on assumed an intermittent form. She had been saturated with Quinine, and complained at the time of malaise, lassitude, headache, gastric intolerance, &c., when she was seen by Dr. Govantes, who prescribed an extract of Parthen. hyst., three doses a day, each the size of a pea. In four or five days she was free from fever, and made a quick recovery. In the proving the pains were sudden, congestive, out-pushing. A large number were experienced in the head and ears, and singing and fulness in the ears was among them, which points to its antidotal action towards Quinine. The symptoms were agg. by sudden motion.

agg. after sleep. amel. after getting up and going about.


Abortion. Amenorrhoea. Cheyne-Stokes breathing. Debility. Dyspepsia. Ear, affections of. Fevers. Headache; extending to nose. Liver, pain in. Milk, increased. Neuralgia, periodic. Salivation. Spleen, affections of. Syncope. Toothache. Vision, disordered.

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