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Paullinia Pinnata - Generalities symptoms

Paulin, Paull.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Paullinia Pinnata in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



General lassitude (fourth day),


Sleeplessness (fifth day),

Very restless sleep (sixth day),

Disgusting dreams about a leprous woman (first day),

Dream about a leper with bleeding sores (third day),

Dream about wanting to open the chest and look into it (sixth day),

Dream about seeing a mangy dog approaching her, covered with sores; she takes hold of it, and it bites her; uttering loud cries, she awakes, and feels a great pain in the chest (eighth day),

Dreams about dead people (fifth day),

Vision of dead persons (fifth day),

Sad dreams (seventh day),

Dreams about dead people; wakes up in tears (tenth day),


Sleep restless.

Dreams disgusting; of lepers; of dead people.

Sleep and dreams

Dreams; animals, insects, beasts; dogs


Staggering gait (fifth day),

Rigor, when rising, in the morning (fourth day),

Profound ennui (second day),

Constant ennui (fourth day),

When walking, feels as if going backwards (first day),

Desire to walk (sixth day),

Inclination to lie down (first day),

Violent pressive pain, as if a stone were forced into the side (fifth day),

Pain as if a knife were sunk into the right side (seventh day),

Lancination as after chewing cloves; a persistent symptom (first day),

She feels bruised all over (eighth day),

Staggering gait.

Pressive and lancinating pains; as if stone or knife driven into side.

Feels bruised all over.

Pains in joints.

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