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Paullinia Pinnata - Modalities Etc

Paulin, Paull.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Paullinia Pinnata in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Morning), Headache; 8 A.M., pain in left groin; 8 A.M., pain from arm to chest; when rising, rigor.

(Noon), Lancinations in splenic region.

(Afternoon), Dull pain in left ear; 2 P.M., pain in cardiac region; 1 and 3.30 P.M., lancinations under right breast; 4 P.M., lancinations in right side of chest; 1 P.M., pain in right shoulder; 3 P.M., coldness.

(Evening), Pain in head; 8.30 P.M., weight in forehead; 7.30 P.M., pain in right side of chest; 6 P.M., pain in right side of chest under clavicle and right axilla; 6 P.M., pain in heart extends to ribs; 7 P.M., pain in right side of nape of neck; 9 P.M., pain near right elbow; coldness.

(Night), Headache.

(Contact), Pain in abdomen.

(After going upstairs), Numbness of feet.

(During movement), Pressure around waist.

(Pressure), Pain under sole of right foot.

(During stool), Pain in hypogastrium.

(After stooping), Unable to raise herself.

(Stretching), Pain in left arm.

(When talking), Sensation as if a stone were buried in stomach.

(When walking), Pain in hepatic region; legs become stiff; pain under sole of right foot; feeling as if going backward.

(On awaking), Nausea.


(Open air), Pain in neck.

(Friction), Pain in right shoulder.

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