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Persica - General symptoms

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Persica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Amygdalus Persica Amygdalus (Prunus) Persica.

Natural order, Rosaceae.

Common name, Peach.

Preparation, Tincture of the flowers.

Authority. Dr. Demeures, Journ. de la Soc. Gal., Ser. 1re, vol. 4, p. 118. 1, Effects of pounding the flowers while preparing the tincture; 2 and 3, provings with the tincture.

Obstinate itching on different parts of the body, in the head, in the forehead, in the temples, in the middle of the back, in the arms, on the abdomen, over the thighs, on both hams, on portions of which (regions) there appears an eruption of very small, pointed pimples, the top of which was torn off by scratching, leaving a red, bleeding point. The tops of these pimples before they were detached, were filled with a clear liquid. The itching was at times intolerable, obstinate, deepseated.

not, however, voluptuous.

only pressure was felt when scratching. When the inclination to scratch was resisted, the itching, after being for some time aggravated, ended in a stinging, as if a needle were slowly and deeply thrust into the part, a feeling which ceased on applying the hand. This itching and the eruption lasted for a month,.

Amygdalus Persica Amygdalus persica. Peach. N. O. Rosaceae. Tincture of the flowers. Infusion of the bark. Infusion of the leaves.

The symptoms were obtained by Demeures whilst pounding the flowers for the purpose of making a tincture, and from later provings with the tincture on himself. The sense of vision was disordered and the eyes irritated. The senses of smell and taste were abolished. Pains in vertical lines in abdomen, heart, limbs.

weak wrists. pains under great toenails and persistent itching were the chief effects observed. O. S. Haynes (H. R., v. 214) relates a case apropos of remarks by C. C. Edson on the value of an infusion of Peach bark in the gastric irritability of children. An infant in its second summer had acute dyspeptic diarrhoea, with persistent vomiting of all food. No remedy helped, and the child was sent to the mountains.

the infant to have a drink of the infusion at frequent intervals. The effect was rapid.

food was soon retained and the child got well.


Eyes, irritation of. Gastric irritation. Genital weakness. Smell, loss of. Sprains. Taste, loss of. Toe-nails, affections of. Vision, disordered. Wrists, affections of.

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