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Petroleum - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

Crude Rock-oil, Petrol, Petrol., Petr.

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HPUS indication of Petroleum: Nausea

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Petroleum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Extremities, limbs


Weakness of the joints (after fifteen days),

The upper and lower extremities seem stiff and without joints, in the morning after rising,

Twitches in the limbs during the day (after seven days),

Uneasiness of the limbs; cannot remain in any place,

Heaviness of all the limbs, and indolence,

Heaviness in the limbs and weariness in the back, at night,

Cramplike drawing and pressure in the limbs (after five days),

Cramps of the extremities, extending into the toes and fingers,

Bruised sensation in the limbs, in the evening; he does not know where to put them (after thirteen days),

The upper and lower extremities easily fall asleep,

Violent cramp in the upper arm, renewed by holding a trifle in the hand, and on the slightest motion; the deltoid muscle became very hard; the next day the spot was painful, as if beaten,

Upper extremities


Pressure upon the shoulders and in the back,

Frequent jerking in the right shoulder (after eight hours),

Tension and drawing in the shoulder,

The shoulder-joint is painful on raising the arm,

Pain as from a sprain in the shoulder-joint, on raising the arm,

Drawing pain in the left shoulder, extending to the elbow,


Erysipelatous inflammation of the arm, with burning pain,

In the morning, in bed, the arm stretched itself; he was involuntarily obliged to stretch it out,

Muscular twitches in the arms,

Great weakness in the arms,

Internal trembling of the arm,

Sharp pressure on the right upper arm, commencing like a jerking (after sixteen days),

A sudden cramplike pressure, here and there in the arm,

Tearing in the right upper arm,

Drawing pain in the right arm, then in the head,

Stitches up and down, the whole right arm, extending above the elbow, especially on bending the arm, also during rest,

The arms and hands fall asleep easily if he lies upon them at night,

The left arm falls asleep, for several days,


Paralysis about the elbow-joint, for two days,

The right elbow-joint began to be painful and to swell; the swelling became so great that it obliterated the fold of the elbow and the olecranon process of the ulna; here rapidly developed an abscess, which afterwards rapidly disappeared,

Rheumatic drawing in the fingers and elbow-joints of both sides; it was interesting to note that pronation of the arm caused pain, while flexion did not cause pain in the joint, but in the axillary fossa; while supination was painless,

Wrist and Hand.

The wrist is painful, as if sprained,

Sticking in the right hand, extending into the fingers, in the morning, in bed (after fifteen days),

Drawing pain in the right hand and index finger (third day),


In the evening, stiffness, first of one finger only, then of the other fingers, at last extending through the whole arm, with an attack of faintness; on walking rapidly, in the open air, it all disappeared except persistent palpitation and heaviness of the arm (after nineteen days),

Pain, as from a sprain, in the first joint of the thumb,

Splitting pain on the first joint of the right thumb,

Transient stitches in the ball of the right thumb (after six days),

Drawing in the fingers, for a moment,

Picking in a wart on the finger, in the evening, in bed; the warts when touched are very sore,

Burning pain in the warts on the fingers, as if they would suppurate, in the evening, in bed,

Sticking pain in the last joint of the index finger, as from a splinter in the bone, with itching externally,

The finger nails are painful when touched, as if bruised,

Tips of the fingers rough, cracked, fissured, with sticking-cutting pain (after eight days),

Drawing in the tips of the fingers,

Lower extremities

Pain and stiffness in the lower extremities (after five days),

The lower extremities are heavy,

Sense of heaviness in the lower extremities (second day),

Great heaviness of the lower extremities; they totter while walking,

Drawing pain in the left lower extremity,

Uneasiness in the lower extremities; was constantly obliged to move them back and forth,

Cramp in the calves, thighs, and feet, all day,

Constant paralytic sticklike asleep sensation from above the knee down to the foot, while walking and sitting,

Hip and Thigh.

Pressure in the hips, while sitting,

Transient drawing pain in the left hip-joint (after seven days),

Pain, as from a sprain, in the hips, near the sacrum, on motion,

Gouty pain in the hip, knee, and ankle-joints, at night,

The thighs are stiff and heavy, on walking,

Tensive pressure in the thigh, posteriorly above the hollow of the knee,

Transient jerking pain in the left thigh (after sixteen days),

Pain in the left thigh, on motion; she could not rise from a seat on account of it (after eight days),

Painful tearing in the thigh, during the menses,

When walking quickly, the muscles of left upper thigh (inner side, rather posteriorly) felt tight for a few minutes, in morning (eighteenth day),

Cramp in the thighs all day,


Stiffness in the knees and ankles,

Stiffness of the knees and legs,

Stiffness in the hollows of the knees and in the legs (after nine days),

Painful weakness in the knees, in the morning, immediately after rising from bed,

Weakness of the right knee while walking, disappearing on continuing to walk,

Cracking in the knee, as if a cartilage slipped, with pain on moving it,

Tension in the knee on the first step after sitting,

Tension and burning in the hollows of the knees,

Tearing in the left knee, in the evening; she could not stretch it out,

Sticking in the right knee-joint, as from a sprain, in the evening, while walking and lying down, not while sitting,

Stitches in the knees,

Cramp in the left knee, while walking,

Cramplike pain in the knee-joint,

Pulling pain, with tickling in the knee-joints,

Bruised pain in the knees and tibiae,

Pain in the patella, as after a blow,

Frequently a cold spot on the knee, from which a cold stream extended through the whole extremity,

Leg and Ankle.

Places on the lower legs painful to touch, during the menses,

Tearing, sticking, and pressure on the leg, in a spot formerly ulcerated,

The lower leg, and especially the ankle, seemed surrounded by an iron band,

Jerking in the right leg, from the knee-joint down, painful only when walking,

Paralytic pressive drawing in the left tibia and forearm, along the extensor surfaces (after twenty-four hours),

Cramplike drawing in the right tibia,

Violent cramp in the legs, immediately,

Cramp in the calves, at night,

Pain in the tibiae, on walking,

Pain, when walking, in muscles on outer side of right lower leg, very near the ankle; to-day, also pain there on flexing and extending right foot or leg (thirteenth and fourteenth days),

Cracking in the ankle on moving the foot,

Cramp in the tendo Achillis, at night,

Foot and Toes.

Swelling of the feet for several days,

Stiffness of the foot and, on moving it, cramp in the sole,

Heaviness of the feet and whole body,

Pressive pain on the foot, and a weakness below the external malleolus,

Violent drawing and jerking in the feet (after nine days),

Drawing in the foot, for a moment, while walking,

Cramp in the feet, with tension of the tendons of the dorsal surface (after three weeks),

Tension in the foot, when walking (after seven days),

Swollen sensation in the feet,

Swelling and heat in the anterior portion of the sole of the foot, two evenings in succession, lasting an hour, with burning,

Cramp in the soles, at night (after eight, and eleven days),

Tearing in the heels, in the morning, on waking,

Throbbing in the soles of the feet, worse when he became quiet,

Tearing drawing in the ball of the right great toe,

Pressure in the right heel,

Stitches, as from a splinter, in the heel,

The toes are drawn inward by a cramp, in the evening,

Pressure in the ball of the great toe as if it had been frozen, or as if an iron band were about it,

Burning pain in the corn,

Stitches in the corns,

Pain, as from a sprain, in the first joints of the toes, on stepping,

Stitches, as from needles, crossing in different directions through the toes,

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