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Petroleum - Generalities symptoms - T.F. Allen

Crude Rock-oil, Petrol, Petrol., Petr.

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HPUS indication of Petroleum: Nausea

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Petroleum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Very weary, in the morning, in bed; the limbs feel bruised (after eleven days),

He easily became weary from a slight exertion,

Weary pain in the shoulders, spine, and loins,



Great sleepiness and weariness in all the limbs,

Sleepiness (second day),

Sleepiness during the day (after seventeen days),

Sleepiness while sitting still, for several evenings,

(Sleepiness at noon; falling asleep while playing the piano), (first day),

Weary and sleepy, in the morning (third day),

He lies in a constant slumber,

Sleeplessness and Dreams.

Restless sleep and anxious dreams (after ten days),

Sleepless nights (in chronic cases),

Restless sleep and frequent waking (second day),

Sleep restless at night, full of dreams, with cold feet and frequent waking (third night),

He imagined that some one was lying near him,

She started up in sleep; had palpitation, trembling, vomiting, and profuse diarrhoea-like stool,

Starting up at night from frightful dreams,

Starting up in the evening in sleep, so that the limbs trembled,

Snoring in sleep, in the morning,

Unable to fall asleep for a long time, in the evening, in bed, and tossed about all night,

He tosses about at night in bed, and sleeps for only a quarter of an hour at a time,

No sleep at night, only fantasies about the same disagreeable subject, with nightsweat,

Dreamy slumber, at night,

Sleep at night interrupted by emissions and desire to urinate,

Sleep at night full of dreams,

Confused dreams at night and frequent waking,

Anxious dream at night,

Vivid horrible dreams, every night,

Vivid unremembered dreams (after two days),

Constant dreams of one and the same subject, though lying in different postures (first day),

Dream of lewdness and murder, with great anxiety, repeated during the midday nap, as if he were murdering the same person,

Dreams of robbers, etc. (first night),

Frightful dreams of robbers, every night,

Frightful dreams every night; each dream continues all night, and in the morning she is weak,


At first, heat in the hands, and then perspiration in the palms,

Profuse nightsweat (after six days),

Very profuse nightsweat (after twenty-four hours),

He easily broke into a perspiration,

Profuse perspiration on the head, in the evening, after lying down,

(Woke on back twice, on one occasion perspiring on body and right hand. It was a hot night, therefore this symptom is somewhat doubtful), (first night),

Perspiration at first on the back at night, that woke him about 4 o'clock; followed by internal dry heat, with discomfort, on account of which he could not fall asleep again,

Perspiration on the back and chest, while at rest, during the day,

Profuse perspiration in the axilla,

Much perspiration on the hands,

Perspiration on the legs, as far up as above the knees and on the forearms, especially on the wrists,

Profuse perspiration on the feet (after fifty-six days),

Perspiration on the soles,


Visible emaciation, with good appetite,

Loss of flesh (in chronic cases),

The parts of the body upon which he was lying became very red,

General convulsive movements (after two hours),

Twitchings in sleep at noon and at night,

Trembling, in the morning, on rising,

Restless (after half an hour),

Very restless (after two hours),

Patient very restless, tossing to and fro, with constant cries (second day),

Restless; he does not know what to do with himself,

Constant desire to change the position (after two hours),

Night restless (first night),

Overpowering weariness,

Weariness and bruised sensation in the limbs, especially in the evening, on lying down,

Great weakness, without any cause (after fifteen days),

Great weakness, after a walk (after eleven days),

Great weakness and dizziness after a stool; the vision vanishes, and he is obliged to close his eyes in order to recover himself,

Very weak, in the morning, on rising; she was obliged to sit still for half an hour to coldness herself,

So weak that the limbs were painful on account of weariness,

So weak that she was obliged to sleep while sitting,

A kind of nervous weakness of the whole body, after a short walk,

Weakness of the body, and heaviness of the lower extremities,

The weakness that he had frequently experienced disappeared after eating,

Physical weakness and prostration, during the menses,

Exhaustion of the whole body, in the morning; he could only with effort walk about the room, and was obliged to lie down again,

Powerlessness (after seven days),

Sudden, almost momentary, loss of power, even a faintness, with paleness of the face and sudden nausea, quickly coming and going, lasting a quarter of an hour (after four, and five days),

Feeling of faintness, in the morning, on entering the house after going out; he felt sick, heat mounted into the face, and a veil seemed to come before the eyes, with a feeling of compression in the temples; he was near fainting, but he gathered himself up, and everything passed off in three minutes,

Feeling of faintness before an approaching storm,

Everything seems too hard to her, while sitting and lying,

Takes cold easily; she becomes faint on account of it,

The open air affected him, while walking; he was averse to it,

Dread of the open air,

Dared not repeat the dose; patient could not leave the bed until 11 A.M.; at 12, noon, symptoms all gone (third day),

(The chilblains and the cold feet, for which the Petroleum had been given, disappeared), (after three days),

Sick, fearful, weeping at trifles,

An indescribable feeling of sickness, with great anxiety (after half an hour),

Tremulous tension through the whole body, with apprehension and ill-humor and cracking in the joints,

A general intolerable sensation, as if severe illness were impending, with a tremulous condition and great weakness (after three days),

Taking cold causes headache, lachrymation, inflammation of the throat, cough, and coryza (after two days),

Pain, as from a sprain, in the arms, chest, and back, in the forenoon (after eighteen days),

Felt the least pain when lying down,

Sharp jerking pressure in one or another part (after sixteen days),

Drawing pressure here and there in the bones, not relieved by walking in the open air (after three days),

Frequent drawing in the trunk,

The whole body jerked together, in the evening, in bed, while still awake,

Stitches here and there in the body (second and third days),

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