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Petroleum - Genitals Etc symptoms - T.F. Allen

Crude Rock-oil, Petrol, Petrol., Petr.

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HPUS indication of Petroleum: Nausea

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Petroleum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Kidneys and Bladder.

Catarrh of the pelvis, of the kidney, and of the bladder (second day),

Bladder moderately distended; micturition excessively painful and very scanty (second day),

Violent constriction in the region of the neck of the bladder, at both sides of the mons veneris, especially during micturition, during which the urine often stopped,

Cutting in the neck of the bladder, at the commencement and close of micturition,

Burning in the neck of the bladder, during micturition,

Pressure upon the bladder; is obliged to urinate as many as ten times in the afternoon; he always waits a long time before the urine passes (after nine days),

Jerking in the urethra, as in ejaculation of semen,

Burning pain in the urethra, towards evening,

Itching in the female urethra on urinating, preceded by urging to urinate,

Burning pains during micturition (first night),

Micturition and Urine.

Very frequent micturition, always very scanty (after four, and seven days),

Micturition twice as frequent as usual and far more than the liquid taken (after twenty-four, twenty-five, and twenty-six days),

He woke two or three times at night to urinate, and passed much urine,

Profuse micturition (after ten days),

Involuntary micturition,

Much micturition, at night,

Frequent desire to urinate; the urine passes in a divided stream, with burning pain, and with a tearing in the glans penis,

Frequent desire to urinate, but only a little urine is passed,

Desire to urinate, with burning micturition (first day),

Dribbling of urine, after micturition,

Offensive odor to the urine; it deposits a red slimy sand that adheres tightly to the vessel,

The urine has a very ammoniacal odor,

Burning urine,

Urine bloody red and turbid,

Urine suppressed (after twelve hours); scant, with brick-colored sediment and of carbon-oil smell (second day),

Urine brown, of a very offensive and sourish odor,

Urine, with a white sediment (after nine days),

Very dark-yellow urine, with much red sediment (after three, and four days),

Dark-brown clouds in the urine, after standing awhile,

The urine speedily deposits a red sediment, and the surface is covered with a glistening film,

Albumen and sugar were found in the urine, (second day),

Discharge of mucus with the urine,


A smooth red spot on the glans penis, without sensation (after twelve days),

Reddish eruption on the glans penis, with itching,

Tearing in the glans penis (immediately),

A stitch in the penis while urinating,

Itching in the glans penis, becoming a sticking,

Red and moist soreness on the side of the scrotum,

An itching pulling in the right side of the scrotum, persistent,

Itching and moisture on the scrotum,

Cramplike pain in the left testicle (spermatic cord?), with retraction of the scrotum,


Soreness near the pudenda,

Profuse leucorrhoea daily, for several days (after a few hours),

Leucorrhoea like the white of an egg,

The menstrual blood causes itching on the genitals,

Menses too early (after four days),

Menses some days too early and two scanty (the fourth day),

Menses several days too early (after eight days),

Menses about five days too early (after two days),

Menses about six days too early,

Menses delayed about ten days, till the time of the full moon (after twenty-four days),

Reappearance of the long-absent menses (after six days),

Aversion to coition (in a female), (first four weeks),



Tearing and twinging stitches in the seminal ducts, especially of the right side (after two days),

Burning in the genitals, with some discharge of blood (after a few hours),

Erections every morning on waking (first eighteen days),

It restored erections and sexual power, for two months,

Frequent erections, without amorous thoughts (after twenty-one days),

Erections at night, without amorous thoughts,

Two emissions (first night),

Emission during caresses (after eleven days),

Emission, followed by anxious heat, in the morning (after forty-eight hours),

Violent desire for an emission, in the morning, after waking, within the genital organs, without flatulent symptoms (after four days),

Emission delayed on coition (after twenty-one days),

Less inclination to coition and less excited fantasies than usual (the first days),

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