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Petroleum - Head symptoms - Hahnemann

Crude Rock-oil, Petrol, Petrol., Petr.

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HPUS indication of Petroleum: Nausea

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Petroleum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Heaviness in the head in the morning; and, as it were, fullness and heat in it, especially on stooping forward to sew.

Heaviness of the occiput, like lead (2d, 3d d.).

Pressure in the head, in the teeth and in the antra of the upper jaw.

Pressure in the occiput.

Pressure in the forehead, with single stitches above the eye (aft. 26 d.).

Pressure and shooting pressure in the occiput, in the morning.

Violent pressure in the head on stooping.

Squeezing and pressure in the head (aft. 24 h.).

Pressure on the head, with a sort of qualmishness (aft. 2 d.).

Tension in the head.

Sensation of tension and like jerking, on the dura mater.

Sensation of tension of the dura mater daily, with numb feeling.

Sensation of compression in the brain.

Sensation as if the head was screwed together in a vise.

Cramp-like, very acute drawing and pressure in the left temple (aft. 4 d.).

Cramp-like, transient drawing in the temples.

Pinching in the occiput.

Pinching drawing, extending upward toward the left temple (aft. 11 d.).

Pressive drawing in the right temple, also perceptible in slumber (aft. sever. h.).

Shooting, and at the same time pressure, in the head, with nausea.

Shooting in the left side of the occiput, in the afternoon.

Dull, twitching stitches on the crown, into the head, in the evening, and soon afterward, a constant pressure there.

Excessive shooting jerks in the head, on stooping and walking; after a few steps she always had to stand still again.

Beating stitches in the side of the head, above the eye.

Beating in the head.

Throbbing in the occiput, all the day.

Pulsation in the occiput, when lying on it.

Severe pulsating undulations, especially in the forehead, as if the head would burst, improved on moving about.

Sensation of a rush of blood to the head, at every quick movement, giving him a stitch in the brain.

Boring in the head.

Disagreeable sensation in the head, as if everything in it was alive and turned and whirled in it, with dislike of work.

Quivering, floating and roaring in the head and the ear, as from rush of blood toward the head, but without any sensation of heat.

The external part of the head feels numbs, as if of wood (aft. 3 d.).

Externally the head aches on both sides, when touched, as if festering within.

Pimples, from eruption on the head.

Profuse sweat on the head, in the evening after lying down.

Sensation on the head as if a cold draught blowed around it.


Attack of headache, every morning.

Headache, at once in the morning, till after breakfast.

Headache in the evening, after walking in the open air.

Headache in the morning on rising, for several days.

Headache on the right side; she could not open her eyes; she had to lie down.

Dull headache, with drawing toward the forehead, from the morning till evening; at the same time severe chill till noon.

Constrictive, drawing headache.

Contractive, constrictive headache.

Cramp-like headache in the left temple.

Pinching headache (aft. 2 d.).

Drawing headache; preceded by drawing pain in the right arm.

Drawing headache in the forehead, with stitches above the eyes.

Shooting pain in the forehead, in the morning on awaking; this soon spreads over the back part of the head.

Shooting pain and much heat in the head.

Pain on the left side of the head, as if festering.

Bruised pain of the crown, as if brittle.


Bruised pain of the scalp.

Single soft swellings on the hairy scalp, which pain excessively when touched.

Much itching on the hairy scalp (aft. 10 h.).

Itching on the hairy scalp; after scratching, sore pain.

Falling out of the hair of the head, for three days, especially after twelve days.

Rapid falling out of the hair.

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