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Petroleum - Head symptoms - T.F. Allen

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HPUS indication of Petroleum: Nausea

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Petroleum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Confusion of the head, in the morning (fourth day),

Confusion of the head and general discomfort (after twenty hours),

The customary smoking befogs him (after three hours),

General Head.

Rush of blood to the head, after eating,

A feeling of a rush of blood to the head, on every rapid motion, that causes a stitch through the brain,

Heaviness of the head, in the morning, with a sensation of fulness and heat in it, especially on stooping and sewing,

Head heavy (third day),

Dulness of the head, in the morning, thick, heavy, full of heat,

Dulness of the head, as if enveloped in a fog,

Violent pressure in the head, on stooping,

Pressure in the head, teeth, and antrums of the upper jaw,

Pressing in the head, with a kind of qualmishness (after two days),

Pressure and pressing in the head (after twenty-four hours),

Feeling of compression in the brain,

Tension in the head,

Feeling of tension in the dura mater daily, with dulness,

A feeling of tension and pulling in the dura mater,

Trembling, waving, and roaring in the head and in the ears, as of rush of blood to the head, though without sensation of heat,

Sticking and much heat in the head,

Excessive sticking jerking in the head, on stooping and walking; after every few steps she was obliged to stand still,

Sticking, together with pressure, in the head, and nausea,

Boring in the head,

Sensation of screwing together in the head,

Beating in the head,

Distressing sensation in the head, as if everything in it were alive and turning and twisting about, with dread of work,

A sensation on the head as if a draft of cold wind were blowing across it,


Dulness of the head, with pain,


Dull headache, from morning till evening, with drawing towards the forehead, together with violent chill, lasting till noon,

Attack of headache every morning,

Headache, in the morning, on rising, for several days,

Headache immediately in the morning, lasting until after breakfast,

Headache in the evening, after walking in the open air,

Violent headache, especially above the eyes (first night),

Pressive headache (after two weeks),

Tearing headache, in the evening,

Pinching headache (after two days),

Constrictive, contractive headache,

Constrictive drawing headache,

Drawing headache, preceded by drawing pain in the right arm,

Extremely painful drawing, as from a sprain, in the muscles, extending from the mastoid process to the clavicle on both sides; a tearing every five minutes (after eleven days),

Afterpart of day and night, dull frontal headache,

Headache, frontal, dull, and disagreeable; worse while the nausea remained; the dull headache continued till about 11 o'clock the third day, when there was a slight haemorrhage from the nose, after which the headache was relieved,

Drawing headache in the forehead, with stitches above the eyes,

Sticking pain in the forehead, in the morning, on waking, soon extending over the posterior portion of the head,

Cramplike headache in the left temple,

Pain in right side of vertex, in evening (eighth day),

Bruised pain on the vertex, as if it were soft,

Headache on the right side; she could not open the eyes, could not hold the head upright; she was obliged to lie down,

Both sides of the head are painful to touch, as if suppurating,

Pain in the left side of the head, as if suppurating,


Profuse falling of the hair,

Falling of the hair for three days, especially after twelve days,

Some soft swellings on the scalp, with excessive pain when touched,

Bruised pain in the scalp,

Much itching on the scalp (after ten hours),

Itching on the scalp; after scratching, a pain as if sore,


Pressure in the forehead, with some stitches over the eyes (after twenty-six days),

Violent pulsating waving, especially in the forehead, as though the head would burst; better on motion,


Cramplike transient drawing in the temples,

Cramplike very acute drawing and pressure in the left temple (after four days),

A pinching drawing extending up to the left temple (after eleven days),

Pressive drawing in the right temple, even noticed during a nap (after a few hours),

Vertex and Parietals.

Dull jerking stitches on the vertex, extending into the head, in the evening, soon followed by persistent pressure in it,

Transient rising of heat into the left side of the head, with persistent redness of the cheeks, after eating,

Throbbing stitches in one side of the head, above the eye,

Occiput and External Head.

Heaviness, like lead, in the occiput (second and third days),

Pressure and sticking pressure in the occiput, in the morning,

Pressure in the occiput,

Pinching in the occiput,

Sticking in the left side of the occiput, in the afternoon,

Pulsation in the occiput when lying upon it,

Throbbing in the occiput all day,

Papular eruption on the head,

The head seems numb externally, like wood (after three days),

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