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Petroleum - Mouth symptoms - T.F. Allen

Crude Rock-oil, Petrol, Petrol., Petr.

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HPUS indication of Petroleum: Nausea

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Petroleum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



General Mouth.

Ulcers form on the inner surface of the cheek,

Bad odor from the mouth, noticed by others,

Mouth offensive, at times like garlic, at others foul,

Mouth very pasty for twenty days,

Mouth slimy, with no desire for food or drink,

Bitterness in the mouth, after breakfast, with scraping in the throat and eructations,

Violent burning in the mouth, throat, and stomach, immediately,

Gums and teeth


Swelling of the gum, with sticking pain when touched,

A blister on the gum,

A black hollow blister by a lower molar, sensitive to water and cold air; the tooth is painful even on opening the mouth,

The gum between the lower incisors seems inflamed, with sticking and burning pains,

A pustule on the gum, above a hollow tooth, like a dental fistula,

The gum is painfully sore when chewing,

The teeth are constantly unclean,

All the lower, and part of upper, teeth are elongated and painful, as if ulcerating,

Drawing pain in the upper incisors, with a feeling of coldness (after ten days),

Cutting and constrictive pain in the teeth,

Pain in the teeth, as if ulcerating, with throbbing pressure in the right lower jaw, extending to the ear and posterior cervical muscles,

Pressive pain in the right back teeth,

Boring toothache,

Drawing toothache,

Sticking toothache, as with a knife, in both jaws, most violent at night; she was unable to remain in bed,

Toothache, with a thickly swollen cheek; she cannot lie upon it at night on account of the pain; is obliged to rise up in bed,

Toothache after breakfast,

Tearing in a hollow tooth, from evening till midnight, with a sore painful gum,

Sticklike jerk in the teeth every evening till 11.30,

Pain in the teeth if the open air enters them,

A stitch in a hollow incisor,

Feeling of numbness of the teeth, and pain on biting upon them,

Both canine teeth seem too long, in the morning,


Bad odor from the mouth; even the saliva has an offensive odor,

Insipidity and saliva in the mouth, as from a disordered stomach,

Dryness in the mouth, in the morning,

Profuse accumulation of saliva in the mouth always after eating; was obliged to spit a great deal,

Great accumulation of mucus in the mouth and nose,



Tongue coated (after four days),

Tongue foul (in chronic cases),

The tongue is covered with yellowish spots,

Tongue coated in spite of all efforts to clean it,

Tongue coated white in the centre, with a dark streak along the edges (third day),

Tongue white,

Tongue dry, coated (second day),


Saliva and Taste.

Slimy taste in the mouth, with a white tongue,

Acid, slimy taste in the mouth,

Bad taste,

Bad taste in the mouth (second day),

Taste as of a disordered stomach and heaviness in the head,

Sour taste in the mouth,

Bitter sour taste, in the morning,

Rancid taste in the throat,

Foul taste, as of spoiled meat,


The tongue and right side of the palate, towards the cervical muscles, are raw and sensitive, so that he does not dare to eat or move anything hard in the mouth; acid and salt things cause smarting, as if the tongue were sore,

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