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Petroleum - Throat symptoms - T.F. Allen

Crude Rock-oil, Petrol, Petrol., Petr.

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HPUS indication of Petroleum: Nausea

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Petroleum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Constant hawking of mucus, in the morning, with headache,

He was constantly obliged to hawk up thick mucus, especially in the morning,

Throat covered with mucus,

Swelling of the throat and dryness in the mouth,

Inflammation of the throat, immediately,

Great dryness in the throat, causing much cough,

Dryness of the throat (after a few hours),

Dryness in the throat, with eructations and loss of power,

Dryness in the mouth and throat, in the morning, so violent that it took away her breath,

Stopped sensation in the posterior nares,

Violent tickling in the throat, extending to the ear, on swallowing,

Violent burning in the throat, immediately,

Sore pain in the throat, and a feeling as if ulcerating,

Sticking pain in the throat on swallowing, as if it were prevented by a fish-bone,

Sticking sore throat only on swallowing,

The throat seems swollen internally,

Fauces and Pharynx.

Burning in the fauces, oesophagus, and upper part of the thorax (after twelve hours),

Constriction of the pharynx (after half an hour),

Sensation of rawness in the pharynx, extending to the stomach (after six days),

Rawness in the pharynx on swallowing,

Scraping and scratching in the pharynx,

Crawling in the pharynx and nose, as from snuff,


When swallowing, a portion is forced up into the choanae,

External Throat.

Swelling of the submaxillary glands,

Violent painful swelling of the submaxillary glands,

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