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Phosphoricum Acidum - Ears symptoms - T.F. Allen

Phosphoric Acid, Phos acid, Acid Phos, Phos ac, Phos-ac, Phosph-ac, Phos. ac, Acidum phosphoricum, Ph-ac.

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HPUS indication of Phosphoricum Acidum: Headache

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Acid Phos in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Swelling and heat, with burning and itching in both ears,

Jerking, at times only a simple tearing, in the cartilage of the left ear,

Fine jerking in the lobule of the right ear,

Sticking itching in the lobule of the right ear (after two hours),

Tearing in the external and middle ear,

Drawing in the right external and middle ear,

Spasmodic drawing pain in the ear,

Spasmodic drawing pain in the right ear,

Stitches in the ear, with drawing pain in the jaws and teeth,

An almost painful stitch in the left ear, that disappears on putting the finger into the ear (after six hours and a half),

Stitches in the ears, only on every musical sound or stroke of the Belladonna bell, also during her own singing,

Stitches in the ears, with drawing pain in the left cheek,

Long-continued fine stitch, deep in the right ear,

Burning stitches in the ears,

Itching stitches within the right ear, persistent while moving the lower jaw (after twenty-seven hours),


The watch which he usually hears at twenty paces can only be heard at ten,

He cannot hear a watch at a moderate distance; three paces from the ear it is distinct, but close to the ear he does not hear the ticking, only a hissing,

Roaring in the ears, every day,

Roaring in the ears, from evening on, though not while lying in bed, but returning in the morning,

Roaring in the ears, especially in the right (after fifteen hours),

Roaring in the ears, with difficult hearing,

Ringing, as of bells, in the ears,

Ringing in the left ear, at night,

Loud re-echoing of every sound in the ear,

Constant singing in the ears, worse while lying down,

Screaming in the ear, on blowing the nose,

He is intolerant of musical sounds for a long time,

Sound in the bedroom, at night, as though a bird or bat were flapping about, endeavoring to escape,

Illusion of sense, as if he heard the stroke of a Belladonna bell, or heard things move that were lying high up near him out of sight,

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