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Phosphoricum Acidum - Genitals Etc symptoms - T.F. Allen

Phosphoric Acid, Phos acid, Acid Phos, Phos ac, Phos-ac, Phosph-ac, Phos. ac, Acidum phosphoricum, Ph-ac.

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HPUS indication of Phosphoricum Acidum: Headache

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Acid Phos in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Bladder and Urethra.

Painful spasmodic constriction in the bladder without desire to urinate,

Swelling about the orifice of the urethra,

Violent burning in the urethra, that stops the flow of urine, immediately followed by desire to urinate,

Burning while urinating, and before the water flows a cutting with ineffectual straining,

While urinating, burning, followed by increased gonorrhoeal discharge,

Crawling in the urethra, when not urinating,

Drawing from the urethra to the anus,

Dragging in the urethra and rectum, as with cutting water,

Stitches in the urethra when not urinating (immediately),

Painful stitches in the end of the urethra,

Frequent sensation of rawness in the urethra, and at times sticking in it,

Micturition and Urine.

Retention of urine, the first seven hours; then more frequent, but more scanty micturition than usual, with burning in the neck of the bladder,

Urging to urinate, with scanty discharge (after half an hour to three hours),

Desire to urinate as many as eight times a day and two or three times at night,

Pressure to urinate, together with burning,

Micturition, with cutting burning in the urethra, and cramplike pain in the small of the back,

Frequent micturition (after twenty-four hours),

Frequent emission of watery urine, that often could scarcely be retained (after ten, and fourteen hours),

Frequent profuse discharge of urine, during the last days,

Copious and frequent micturition, for several days,

Urine as clear as water, depositing a sediment after standing,

Urine clear, watery,

Urine copious and clear during the proving, afterwards remarkably dark and turbid,

Urine pale as gin, copious, flows out freely, as if the urethra were very large,

Urine very pale, in which a thick whitish cloud speedily formed,

Urine profuse, dark-colored, forming a cloud (second day),


Swelling of the penis, without cause, for several minutes,

Burning cutting in the glans penis, with pressing-out pains in the groins,

Fine stitches in the tip of the glans penis,

Sensation of heaviness in the glans penis, especially when urinating,

Itching fine stitches in the glans penis,

Crawling itching on the posterior portion of the penis externally,

Inflamed swelling of the scrotum,

Sore pain in the scrotum,

Swelling of the left testicle,

Pressure in both testicles, aggravated by walking and touch,

Burning tearing in the left testicle, and burning in the prostate gland, with frequent erections,

Drawing smarting, as from soreness, in the testicles,

With normal, physical, and mental sexual desire and ability for continued coition, the penis finally becomes relaxed, with complete satisfaction, without emission,


Leucorrhoea, for several days after the menses,

Profuse yellowish leucorrhoea, with itching for four or five days, some days after menstruation,

The menses that had been suppressed for several months, returned at the full moon,



Falling of hair from the genitals,

Swelling of the spermatic cord, with dulness of the head,

Hardness and tension of the spermatic cord,

Excessive erections, without sexual desire,

Erection, in the morning, in bed,

Erections, in the morning, while standing,

Erections, at night, which formerly had entirely ceased (third day),

Sore pain in the condylomata, while walking and sitting,

Heat and burning in the condylomata,

Very profuse emissions,

Profuse emission,

Loss of sexual desire,

Emission, without erections, at night (first night),

Emission, while pressing at stool,

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