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Phosphoricum Acidum - Mental (inc. personality) symptoms - Hahnemann

Phosphoric Acid, Phos acid, Acid Phos, Phos ac, Phos-ac, Phosph-ac, Phos. ac, Acidum phosphoricum, Ph-ac.

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HPUS indication of Phosphoricum Acidum: Headache

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Acid Phos in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Dejection (aft. 4 d.).


Sad and full of solicitude, afraid she might fall in.

Restless and full of anxiety, that she might get ill.

Continually brooding over his disease.

Sad and solicitous about the future.

Tendency to weep, as from homesickness.

Sad, serious, disheartened, only while walking in the open air, increasing the longer he walks; at home it gradually passed off and he became more serene.

Anxiety and restlessness through the whole body.

Great anxiety, he has to lie down in the afternoon. (3d d.).

Oppression, as if the chest was too tight, with internal heat (aft. 8 h.).

Internal anxiety hinders him from work.

Hurried in talking; he cannot get anything fast enough.

Very much irritated, oppressed in spirit, weary in body.

Constantly vexed and indisposed to talk.

Taciturn peevishness.

He does not like to talk, it is an effort him.

He talks little, and does not like to answer questions.

Indisposed to talk.

Discontented with himself, reproaches himself.

Very ill-humored, peevish, irritated.

He looks very ill-humored and peevish, so that everyone asks him what is the matter with him; but he was not sick.

Obstinate about everything.

He easily gets vexed and passionate.

At a slight offense, he is, as it were, beside himself and passionate.

Taciturn and indifferent, he bores much in his nose.

Indifferent, restless.

Indisposed to work.

Very merry and good humored.

Cheerful, lively mood (aft. 24 h.).

Very merry and often quite frolicksome.

She danced about unconsciously, violently and extravagantly, for several days, without lying down except at night.

His reason is affected.

He cannot get his ideas into their proper connection.

He cannot get rid of one thought, and the other thoughts to be connected therewith do not come in.

He cannot find the right words in talking (aft. 2 h.).

He dare not be alone, else he falls into vacancy of thought and unconsciousness, in the morning.

Lack of ideas and weakness of mind; on reflecting, he becomes dizzy.

Indolent, dull mind, without elasticity, no imagination; indisposed even for pleasant mental work.

While reading, a thousand other thoughts crowd into his mind; he could not comprehend anything, what he read was dark to him, and he forgot everything at once, with difficulty in recollecting what he had known a long time already.

Illusion of the senses, as if he heard the clock strike or as if lofty things lying out of his horizon were moving near him.

In the evening, while sitting down, nothing but numbers appeared before his eyes, he felt stupid and ill in the head, and at last very hot.

Dullness in the head (aft. 4 d.).

Chaotic sensation in the head, for three hours.

Muddled feeling all over the head.

Muddled feeling of the anterior part of the head, especially of the orbits.

Muddled feeling of the head, as from excessive coitus, for three days (at once).

Muddled feeling of the head, incapacity to think.

Chaotic sensation in the head and in limbs, as after a spree, or as if he had not slept enough.

The head is befogged, in the forenoon, as if from excess at night, or as after reveling at night.

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