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Phosphorus - General symptoms - Boger

Phosphurus, Phosphorous, Phosphor, Phosphur, Phosph, Phos.

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HPUS indication of Phosphorus: Hoarseness
Common symptoms: Hoarseness, Apprehension, Bruises, Burns, Fear.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Phosphorus in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Active metabolism Rapid growth

Insidious onset, gradually increasing debility, ending in severe or rapid disease (Tarn)

Recurring effects, colds, croup, bleedings, etc

HAEMORRHAGE; vicarious; blood-streaked discharges of ulcers, etc



Symptoms due to heart and lung affections

Tall, gracile, nervous and delicate Phthisical habit


Weak spells; in joints; worse exertion

Emptiness; in chest, stomach, etc

Acute senses

Erethistic exhaustion

TIGHTNESS; chest [left], cough, etc

Spots; pains or soreness in

Internal paralysis; throat, rectum, etc

Internal itching, tickling

Throbbings, here and there


Jerkings, localised; subsultus

Joints stiff, with little pain

Human barometer

Amative, but excitable and easily irritated

Anxious; fears being alone, twilight, ghosts, thunder-storms, etc

Quickly prostrated by unpleasant impressions

Timid and irresolute

VERTIGO; accompanies many symptoms; floating; on waking; whirling; better stool

Head, heavy, aches over one eye; with hunger; worse children; worse lying on r

side; better cold

Burning in temple

Cold occiput

Vertex throbs


Bald spots

Lachrymation, in wind

Vision; flashes; halos; red; green; black; better shade; narrow fields of; colored, then migraine


Retinitis albuminurica


Ears; echoes or reverberations in; deaf to human voice

Otitis; media


Nose; nervous motion of alae; coryza, flows and stops; on alternate sides; swelled; caries; ulcer, etc

Epistaxis; of youths; then pneumonia; with cough, etc

Sneezing; worse odors, smoke, etc

with dyspnoea

Descending nose colds Sensitive smell

Pale about nose and mouth Changing, sickly face; hollow eyes, with blue rings

Numb teeth

Gum sore behind central incisors Palate itches

Abscess of hard palate

Sour taste and eructations

As of cotton or something hanging in throat

CRAVES COLD DRINKS WHICH better, but are VOMITED IN A LITTLE WHILE; after Chloroformium chloroform

Regurgitates ingesta Waterbrash

Ravenous hunger; nightly; precedes attacks

Craves salt; what is refused when offered

Burning in gullet and stomach, worse eating

Pressure above epigastrium

Stomach; EMPTY, HOLLOW FEELING IN; as if hanging down; worse emotions; tremor, flutter or rolling over in

Sore spot in epigastrium

Rubs abdomen for better

Stool, like cooked sago; granular; slender; tough; diarrhoeic, gray, bluish, watery, pouring out, painless, nervous, involuntary, exhausting Anus open; prolapsed


Urinates, then weak

Pellicle on urine

Periodical albuminuria

Sexually erethistic, but impotent

Prolonged menses; replaced by smarting leucorrhoea

Oppressed for breath; worse least motion

Tight, suffocating breathing, worse cough

Larynx, raw, sore, furry; pains on speaking

Voice, low, hoarse, worse evening; croupy, then bronchitis

Cough; hard, wheezing; dry; violent; painful; tickling; hacking; exhausting; with retching, burning in air-passages or trembling; worse change of temperature, before strangers, laughing, exertion or singing

Expectoration; easy, bluish, rusty, salty, foamy or cold

Pneumonia; l

lower lung; secondary, with sopor

Chest full, heavy; stitches (l upper); pains into throat or r

arm or alternating sides; rattling, worse cold drinks

Dry, burnt feeling in chest with cough, at first dry then loose

Heart, pains into r

arm; violent palpitation from least thing; during goitre, etc

; weak; fatty; orgasms to

Left infra-mammary pain

Mammary abscess

Between scapulae; cramp; burning Spinal irritation, worse heat

Pain forward from l

scapula Tearing in l

shoulder at night

Burning spot in lumbar region

Numb fingers and toes

Palms burn

Paralyzing stitches in hips; then up back

Pain in tibiae; periostitis

Ankles, as if to break

Suppressed foot-sweat

Tottery; stumbles easily

Icy cold feet

Toes cramp

Blood red spots

Thin, foul, bloody pus


Yellow spots on abdomen

Jaundice; as a concomitant

Skin burns on shaving

Fatty cysts

Sleepless; eyes won't stay shut; from internal heat

Sleepy by day, sleepless before midnight

Sleeps in cat naps

Dreams, of fire; lewd


Congestion to head, lungs, etc

Soft pulse

Coldness in cerebellum; of knees, in bed

Chilly in a warm room; down back

Craves ices, during the chill

Burning heat; local; up back Hectic

Sweaty; early morning; sticky; without relief

Painless fevers








Lungs (lower)

NERVES Brain Cord

Bones Jaw; upper