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Physostigma - Fever And Chill symptoms - T.F. Allen

Calabar Bean, Physostigma Venenosum, Phys.

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HPUS indication of Physostigma: Stiff neck

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Physostigma in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




Very cold,

Chills in paroxysms (second day),

Felt chilly, in the evening (first day),

The heat of the bed was agreeable, as I could not throw off the sensation of chilliness which followed me the whole day (third day),

Chilly creeps passing up the back, with the slight nausea, at 2 P.M. (fifth day),

Chilly sensation in my back, soon commenced to yawn and have bad feelings, a sort of bruised feeling in my joints; every draft of air seemed to make me shudder; every time I moved the same bad feeling come upon me (second day),

Chilly on the right side of the back, at noon (second day),

My limbs become chilly, with a vague feeling of discomfort; but warmth to the feet relieved this, and a sinapism over the whole abdomen was peculiarly grateful when it began to act (after 12 grains),

Feverish, with chilly creeps up the back (fourth day),

Hands are cold, then hot and red,

Feel cold all the time (after nine hours and a quarter),

Cold and clammy skin,


Slight chills and fever, with the violent frontal headache, at 8 P.M. (third day); with hot and dry skin, at 10 A.M.; symptoms constantly growing worse, at noon (fourth day),

Temperature about 100 (second day),

Feverish, at 2 P.M. (third day),

Dry heat all over, with the uneasiness and distress about the heart,

Much heat in head and face, with heavy headache and pain in eyes, at 2 P.M. (tenth day),

Heat hot and throbbing in temples, at 2 P.M. (third day),

Forehead hot and feverish, at 2 P.M. (fifth day),

Face hot, flushed, and suffused, together with a feeling as if a change into a lower temperature would produce chill, continuing through the afternoon (after five hours),

Sensation of heat in face and down the back, as when the sun shines directly upon you on a cold day, while lower extremities were rather chilly, in the evening (second day),

Hot cheeks (after seven hours and a half second day),

Dry heat in the hands (first night),

Paroxysms of burning in palms of hands (third day),

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