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Physostigma - Genitals Etc symptoms - T.F. Allen

Calabar Bean, Physostigma Venenosum, Phys.

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HPUS indication of Physostigma: Stiff neck

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Physostigma in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Lame bruised feeling in the region of the kidneys with the headache (third day),

Bruised sore feeling in region of kidneys (second day),

Bladder and Urethra.

Sensation of fulness of the bladder, as from retention of urine, at 3 P.M. (eighth day),

Sensation of distension of the bladder, at 3 P.M. (third day),

Slight tenesmus of the bladder, with the diarrhoea,

Crampy feeling in fundus of bladder followed the pain in the stomach (second day),

Soreness in the urethra and rectum, and suspect I have taken cold (third day),

Pain in the urethra just after micturating,

Micturition and Urine.

Frequent micturition (after two days),

Frequent desire to urinate; goes to the chamber several times with the inclination, but passes no urine,

Almost constant desire to urinate, with the dull pain in the back, passing large quantities of reddish urine (third day),

Did not urinate for the last eight or ten hours, although frequent and copious micturition is rather the rule with me (third day); hardly any urine passed during the day (fourth day); micturition freer (fifth day); urination natural, though not so frequent as usual (sixth day),

Upon rising, passed more than the usual amount of urine, of a clear, slightly yellow color (second morning),

Increased secretion of urine, with difficult retention of it, in the forenoon (second day),

The urine was greatly increased in quantity,

Urine increased in quantity, and yellow in color (fourth day); increased in amount (ninth day),

Slight increase in flow of urine (second morning),

Urine profuse, frequent, high-colored, and smelling strong, at 7 P.M. (third day),

During the pain, frequent and excessive flow of pale and odorless urine (tenth day),

Profuse flow of very clear urine; the urates were less than normal in quantity; phosphates in excess,

Passed large quantities of colorless urine (second day); urine profuse and very clear; passed nearly a vesselful during the night, by nine emissions (third day),

Urine of a clear yellowish color, at 7.10; passed urine at 8, 8.30, and 11 A.M.; passed a small quantity of muddy urine at 12; passed urine at 6, 9.30, and 11 P.M. (third and fourth days),

Urine high-colored, smelling strong, at 3 P.M. (third day),

Urine light-colored and very abundant (second day),


A great deal of leucorrhoea (ninth day),

Leucorrhoea and much weakness, at 4 P.M. (eighth day),

(At the time of taking Calabar bean, had been troubled with a bland, milk-white, stringy leucorrhoea for about two months, not at all profuse, but rather scanty; have not been troubled with it since taking the bean),

My condition altogether very like that induced by profuse flooding after delivery (forty minutes after 12 grains),


the sensations appeared to begin in the head and run down through the pit of the stomach, where they were strongest of all, and through the womb and all the body. The chief sensation in the head was the one in the middle of the forehead, between the eyes, above and over, and in the left eye a pain, with muscae volitantes,.



Frequent erections, with but slight sexual desire, in the forenoon (second day),

Two emissions, without dreams or excitement,

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