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Phytolacca Decandra - Genitals Etc symptoms - Clarke

Poke-root, Phytolacca Berry, Phytol, Phytolacca, Phytolacca Americana, American Pokeweed, Phyt.

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HPUS indication of Phytolacca Decandra: Breast pain

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Phytolacca Decandra in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Weakness, dull pain, and soreness in region of kidneys, agg. r., connected with heat; uneasiness down ureters; chalk-like sediment in urine.

Albuminuria; after scarlatina or diphtheria; chills at night without special fever, accompanied by a form of insanity.

Pain in bladder before and during urination.

Slight suppression of urine, with pains in loins.

Violent, painful urging to pass urine.

Copious nocturnal urination.

Thick, chalk-like sediment.

The dark-red urine leaves a mahogany stain in the chamber.

Urine acid and albuminous; excessive or scanty; stains clothes yellow.


Leucorrhoea uterine, thick, tenacious, irritating.


Sharp pains (and hard, grinding pain) running up each spermatic cord; later continued soreness in place of the pains.

Gurgling sensation in prostate gland.

Complete loss of desire, absence of erections and relaxation of parts during the proving.


Gonorrhoea; gleet; orchitis, with suppuration and fistulous ulcer.

Profuse, thick, tenacious, from swollen Nabothian glands.

Threatened miscarriage; bearing-down pains; involuntary straining and haemorrhage per vaginum caused in woman seven months pregnant.


Inflammation, swelling, and suppuration of the mammae.

Neuralgia of breasts.

Mastitis, where the hardness is very apparent from the first, with great burning; very sensitive nipples or breasts, which are more or less painful; even after suppuration these characteristics continue.

Fulness of both breasts; lump in upper part of l.

Nipples cracked and excoriated; intense suffering on putting child to breast; pains radiate from nipple all over body.

Breasts hard as stones after confinement.

Breasts full of hard, painful nodosities.

Suppression of lochia.

Pain in sacrum, down to knees and ankles, then up to sacrum, jerks here and there, after confinement.


Menses too frequent and copious; mammae painful; increase of tears, saliva, bile, urine; rheumatic subjects.

Menses amenorrhoea complicated with ovarian irritation or disease; very painful menstruation in apparently barren women when occurring in connection with rheumatism; shreds of membrane are passed with the menstrual flow.

Sensation as though menses would appear all the time.

Dysmenorrhoea accompanying erosion or ulceration of the cervix; menses too often; too profuse, with corresponding increase of the tears, and other secretions.

Irritable tumour; very sensitive and painful; agg. at menstrual period.

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