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Phytolacca Decandra - Mouth symptoms - T.F. Allen

Poke-root, Phytolacca Berry, Phytol, Phytolacca, Phytolacca Americana, American Pokeweed, Phyt.

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HPUS indication of Phytolacca Decandra: Breast pain

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Phytolacca Decandra in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



General Mouth.

Small ulcers on the inside of the right cheek, like those caused by Merc Viv Mercury,


Tongue and lips dry,

Gums and teeth

Teeth all ache, are very sore, and feel elongated,

Shooting pains in the molar teeth of the upper and lower jaws of the right side,

Irresistible inclination to bite the teeth together,



Profuse secretion of saliva each day,

Profuse secretion of saliva, in the morning (second day),

Constant flow from mouth, throat, and salivary glands of a thick, ropy, tenacious secretion (after two hours and a quarter),

Secretion of saliva increased,

Mouth fills with water,

Flow of saliva into the mouth,

Cold, sticky, stringy saliva,

No saliva,



Tongue coated white,

A white coating made its appearance on the tongue the third day; it still continues (sixth day),

Tongue coated yellow, and dry (after three hours, third day),

Tongue swollen and yellow,

Tongue feels rough, with blisters on both sides, and a very red tip; great pain in the root of the tongue when swallowing,

A feeling on the back part of the tongue as if burnt accompanied the heaviness of the head,

Slight feeling of smarting and coldness towards the tip of the tongue,

Tenderness and heat in the roof of the mouth and on the tongue,


The saliva is yellowish and has a metallic taste,


Metallic taste in the mouth (fourth and fifth days),

Taste like nuts, in the mouth,

Taste, bitter at first, but leaving a slight feeling of smarting and coldness towards the tip of the tongue,


Great pain in root of tongue, fauces, etc.,


Great congestion and swelling of the soft palate and tonsils; the right tonsil is half as large again as the left; both are of a very dark red,

Swelling of the soft palate,

Dryness of the palate, in the morning,

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