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Picricum Acidum - Eyes symptoms - T.F. Allen

Picric Acid, Trinitrophenol, Ammonium Picrate, Ammon. Pic, Acidum picrinicum, Picrinicum adicum, Acidum Picricum, Pic-ac.

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HPUS indication of Picricum Acidum: Weakness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Picricum Acidum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Bright yellow color of the sclerotic, skin, and urine (second morning),

Eyes to-day markedly yellow, being stained by the acid (seventh day),

Yesterday I observed a slight dryness of my eyes, and a slight tingling or smarting, worse by constant use and lamplight. This morning there was some thick acrid matter in the corners of my eyes, worse by constant use and lamplight (ninth day); eyes smart and are dry, same acrid mucus in corners (tenth day),

On waking, and for an hour afterwards, eyes felt as though there were sticks in them; inflammation of eyes has partly subsided (eighteenth day); felt all the evening as though there were sticks in them (twentieth day),

Sensation as if sand was in the eyes, with smarting pain and acrid tears (fourth day),

Eyes feel dry, as if full of sand (seventh day),

Eyes have felt throughout the proving as if dry, and inner surface of lids feel rough (tenth day),

Awoke with sharp stinging pains in both eyes, at 7 A.M. (sixth day),

Eyes feel sore (tenth day),

Eyes feel worse on moving them, or turning them upwards (fifth day),

Gaslight hurts the eyes (after ten hours),


Pressure over both eyes, worse from studying and motion, better from sitting still (after eleven hours, eleventh day),

Pain over right eye in supraorbital region, sharp and vibrating, stopping a moment or so, and beginning again (lasted half an hour), (after five hours),

Dull pain in the supraorbital region, coming from the occiput (after four hours), worse from movement and stooping (second day),

Dull, heavy headache in supraorbital region, as before (after six hours, eighth day),

Slight pain in supraorbital region and in the back of the neck (after three hours and a half),

Severe aching pain in the left supraorbital notch, at 6 P.M. (eighth day),

Head feels disagreeable and sore, especially the supraorbital region, at 5 P.M. (second day),

Dull pain in supraorbital region (sixth day),

Supraorbital and frontal headache, more or less all day (thirteenth day),

Throbbing over the right eye (after four hours, seventh day),


Lids sore and slightly swollen (third day),

Styes, with soreness and swelling of lids (fifth day),

Margins of lids very red on waking (thirty-ninth day),

Agglutination of eyelids, on waking, in the morning; had to "pick my eyes open" (seventeenth day),

Great heaviness of the lids; can't keep them open (fifth day),

Heat in upper eyelids, with increased flow of lachrymal secretion (after second dose, thirteenth day),

In the evening, heaviness of eyelids, with a little burning in the eyes (sixteenth day),

Heaviness of the lids (after ten hours),


Lachrymation (fifth day), ; (after ten hours),

Eyes watery; stinging pain in them (after four hours, fifth day),


Conjunctivitis (fifth day),

Conjunctiva injected (after ten hours),

Conjunctivae greatly inflamed, right eye is the worst; hard work to keep eyes open; makes eyes feel sticky to read; eyes better from washing in cold water and in cold air, worse in warm room (seventeenth day),


Aching pain in the eyeballs, which feel sore; worse by moving them; better by closing them and keeping quiet (second day),

Eyeballs sore to touch, with photophobia (third day),

Severe, sharp, shooting pain in centre of the eye, extending back to occipital region; pain seemed to follow the course of the optic nerve (third day),

Sore, painful sensation in the eyeball; pains in the eyes aggravated by strong light, and by turning the eye; cannot bear to look at a bright light (fifth day),

Heavy, pressing, smarting, and burning pains in the eyeball, relieved by pressure (after ten hours),

A shooting pain from right eyeball to right side of occiput, lasting but a few seconds (after ten minutes),


Dilated pupils (fifth and seventh days), ; (after ten hours), ; (fifth day),


Sight dim and confused (tenth day),

Have to bring objects close to the eyes to see them; seem to be looking through a veil; can see to read clearly only at one point, about five inches from the eyes (after ten hours),

While reading, sight is blurred, seemingly caused by winking mucus over the pupils (sixteenth day),

Everything seems blurred, as if looking through a fog or a thick veil; can read only with book about five inches from the eyes (fifth and seventh days),

Air looks smoky (sixteenth day),

Sparks before the eyes (after half an hour),

Whirling of objects (after half an hour),

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