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Picricum Acidum - Head symptoms - T.F. Allen

Picric Acid, Trinitrophenol, Ammonium Picrate, Ammon. Pic, Acidum picrinicum, Picrinicum adicum, Acidum Picricum, Pic-ac.

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HPUS indication of Picricum Acidum: Weakness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Picricum Acidum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Beating of temporal arteries (first, second, third, twelfth, and thirteenth days),


Full heavy headache in the vertex, worse when stooping and moving eyes (after four hours and a half, third day),

Slight headache in top of head, soon after taking medicine (tenth day); same pain in vertex (eleventh day),

The usual headache to-day more severe, in the afternoon (fifteenth day),

More headache in the vertex, aggravated by studying and bending the head forward (after second dose, sixteenth day),

No headache this morning, but during the night, when I awoke, I had considerable through the upper and back part of head; I have felt this several times during the day (sixteenth day),

Headache, throbbing on top of head, aggravated by turning to lie on back, with the nausea (tenth day),

Slight twinges of pain on top of head, at 9 P.M. (thirty-ninth day),

About 11 A.M. pain in vertex, with slight fever (second day),

Felt a slight dart of pain on right side of head, about the middle of the afternoon (fourteenth day),

Headache, mostly in right side, with occasionally a shooting pain through the temples from right to left side (seventh day),

Pain in the right side of the head, running behind the ear (after two hours and a quarter),

Dull pain in right lower occipital region, beginning at 11.15 A.M. and lasting till 12.30 P.M.; the pain came on gradually and as gradually subsided (third day),

Pain in right lower occipital region, at 8 P.M., lasting about an hour, and at the same time a sensation as of a band passing along the right parietal eminence (fourth day),

At 9.15 A.M. dull pain in right lower occipital region, which comes and goes at short intervals (fifth day),

At 1 P.M. pain in lower right occipital region, coming on at intervals since 11 A.M. (eighth day),

A dull pain began in right lower occipital region at 8 A.M. and continued two hours (ninth day); beginning about 4 P.M. and lasting until 10 P.M. (eighteenth day),

Dull heavy throbbing and burning pains, commencing in occiput and extending forward to supraorbital foramen, and thence down into the eyes, which throb and feel sore to the touch (after ten hours),

Pain in lower right occipital region again comes on, lasting about an hour (fourth day),

At 6 P.M. pain in lower right occipital region, as though right side of cerebellum was loose; keeps throbbing; worse on walking; better while sitting quiet; passes off in about an hour (fourth day),

In the evening, pain in the right and lower part of occiput (eighth day),

Pain in right side and lower part of occiput, coming on about 4 P.M., finally extends upwards over towards the right supraorbital region, continuing about three hours (ninth day),

In the afternoon, pain for a few minutes in right and lower side of occiput (tenth day),

In the afternoon, pain in right and lower side of occiput (fourteenth day),

Pain in lower and right side of occiput, in the evening; did not last more than half an hour (nineteenth day),

Heavy pain in occipital region, extending down the neck and spine (after nine hours),

Pain in back of head and neck (third day),

Dull headache in the front and right side of head, with heat in head and upper part of body (after two hours); in the evening pain in the head, with some thirst and heat, chiefly in the temples, and burning sensation in external ears (first day),

Dull heavy pain in frontal region, extending to the vertex, worse from motion, at 10 A.M.; at 1 P.M. headache worse, aggravated by the least motion, stooping, bowing the head, or rolling the eyes; at 5 P.M. intense pressing headache, as before (second day),

Dull sleepy pain in the forehead, with sour eructations (lasting an hour), at 3 P.M. (second day),

Dull heavy frontal headache, with great heaviness and weakness in small of back and limbs (fourth day),

Slight frontal headache, with sickness at the stomach, as from a weight (third day),

Headache confined to front part of head; shoots from outside to centre, quite severe, lasting all the evening (twelfth day),

In thirty minutes a dull pain in forehead and temples, worse on the right side (first, second, and third days); headache not so severe (sixth day),

Slight frontal headache, extending to vertex, of a dull heavy tingling character, all of the evening (second day),

Same kind of headache as usual in superior part of anterior lobes of brain (after third dose, third day),

Headache in anterior and superior part of head, lasting all the evening (eighth day),

Headache confined to back part of anterior and top of middle lobes of brain; pain dull, with an occasional throb (eleventh day),

A disagreeable dull headache, severest over right temple, passing around occiput (after four hours, second day),

Dull sleepy pain over left temple (after nine hours, fifth day),

Severe sharp intermitting pain in the left temple (after ten hours, sixth day),

Sharp cutting pain in left temple, over a small transverse branch of the temporal artery (second day),

The pains of the head have been changeable, alternating between right and left temple, sometimes occurring in centre of forehead (third to seventh day),

The pains in the temples increased, and also the pain in the forehead; all these pains extended to the back of the neck (after twenty minutes, seventh day),

All pains very severe, especially a pain in right temple, which extends over the eyebrow to the inner angle of right eye (after four hours, seventh day),

Slight dull and throbbing pain in right temple (after thirty minutes, first day, and after one hour, second day),

Pressing headache between the temples (after second dose, eleventh day); headache increased (after third dose, eleventh day),


Full heavy feeling in the vertex, at 8 A.M. (second day),

Full feeling on top of head (tenth day),

Parietals and Occiput.

Contracted or squeezed sensation of left hemisphere of brain on going into open air, at 6.30 P.M. (second day),


Formication over right temporal region, running up over parietal bone (after two hours and a half, first day, and after one hour, second day),

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