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Plantago Major - General symptoms

Plantain, Plan Tag, Plantago, Plan.

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HPUS indication of Plantago Major: Restless sleep

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Plantago Major in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



From the fifteenth to the twenty-first day I have ceased to take notes, for the reason that my mind has been in such a confused state, and a disrelish as well as a great difficulty for any abstract reflection or mental exercise of any kind, that I have found it too difficult. I might say, however, that the symptoms, from the fifteenth to the twenty-first day, were, in their general features, the same as on the twelfth, thirteenth, and fourteenth.

if any difference, the nervous and cerebral continued to increase in their severity until the twenty-first day, which, as well as during the whole proving, were worse in the evening, and gradually increased in severity until next morning, with some exceptions.

but whether these exceptions assumed the same regularity as I find on examining my notes of the first six or eight days, namely, worse two successive nights and better the third, I am not able to say. On the thirtieth day, my mind is still confused, making study, for any length of time, impossible,.

Mind confused, and entirely unable to listen to the lectures.

feeling of great prostration, with utter inability to think.

attempting to exercise the mental faculties, would increase the depression, and rapid respiration would ensue, with a feeling of great anxiety.

at 12 M., was obliged to leave the college and lie down (fourteenth day),.

(A stupid sort of feeling in left temple towards the eye, relieved by the free use of the finger; liable to such pains in east winds; generally confined to left side; occasionally in the right; dull, stupefying pain with sleepy feeling and mistiness, causing me to wipe a supposed film from the eye, feeling as if a hair were hanging over the eye; sleep often removes the headache; the other parts of the brain seem to think clear enough, but the affected part unfit for use; when this headache comes on, spit a quantity of brown, dirty-tasting saliva; pain relieved by pressing my hand on anything hard behind the left neck at base of occiput, on any part of the left side of the head between cheek-bone and occiput), (twenty-second day),.

Since taking the medicine there has been very rapid decay of the teeth.

the filling has fallen out of two.

easily bleeding gums. teeth feel elongated in the morning, and then ache from 2.30 to 4 P.M. each day.

the pain is sharp stabbing, and contact along the course of the superior branch of the trifacial nerve is sensitive and readily excites pain, and he cannot lie on that side of the face at night (after a month),.

Toothache on the left side of the face, before and after breakfast.

went off in the forenoon, and returned again after dinner, for an hour or two (second day).

toothache, left side, sound and decayed teeth, upper and lower jaw, all the morning (third day).

toothache again severely, left side, upper bicuspid and molar teeth, extending to the face.

comes on after rising and washing (fourth day).

as before, but slight (fifth day).

toothache and dull faceache during morning, till after 2 P.M. (tenth day),.

Slight toothache on rising, hardly to be noticed, but after going to college, it gradually increased, until noon it was severe.

my cheek became considerably swollen.

I had constant discharge of saliva from my mouth after 12 M.

this pain was in a decayed tooth.

but the teeth on each side were sound, and so elongated that it was with much difficulty and pain that I could eat my dinner.

little or no pain in the tooth at night (seventh day).

there was slight pain in the tooth, but again toward noon it increased very much, and again with the same flow and drooling of saliva from the mouth.

there were some soreness and tenderness of the other teeth on eating (eighth day).

not much of the toothache left (ninth day).

toothache all gone. but the swelled cheek remained (tenth day).

the tooth was the second large molar of the superior maxillary of the left side,.

Teeth of left side feel elongated and sore.

violent pains in upper molars of left side.

sound teeth. excessive boring, digging pain, profuse flow of saliva.

aggravated by walking in cold air and by contact.

also by a high degree of heat.

partial ease obtained only by lying down in a moderately cool room.

could not endure the pain.

took Mer. with relief (third day),.

On getting up, in the morning, I noticed I had constant eructations, which tasted very strong of Sulphur sulphur, a symptom that I never had before.

this eructation lasted me all day, and during the forenoon the Sulphur sulphur taste was always present.

afternoon it changed its character, the Sulphur sulphur taste was gone, but I had a strong taste of carbonic acid gas, as much so as if I had drank a bottle of well-charged soda water.

this gas was in large quantities, and was eructated in intervals of from five to fifteen minutes apart.

after supper, part of this gas passed down to the bowels, causing great boring pain, and passing off with a strong effluvium of sulphuretted hydrogen, the eructations still continuing.

on lying down, there was a constant rumbling and passing of this gas in the intestines, without a desire to pass it off.

they appeared to be inflated and filled with gas (fifth day),.

Has considerable clinical reputation in the treatment of earache, toothache, and enuresis. Sharp pain in eyes, reflex from decayed teeth or inflammation of middle ear. Eyeball very tender to touch. Pain plays between teeth and ears. Pyorrhoea alveolaris. Depression and insomnia of chronic Nicotinism. Causes an aversion to tobacco.

Sharp, shifting pains Soreness Neuralgia

As of a body between ears; in groins, etc

As if brain turned over

As of a hair before [left], eye

Pains center in ears and teeth or alternate between them


Saliva flows with the pains Toothache

Dirty taste Bowels seem cold

Brown, frothy stools

Polyuria Enuresis

Throbbing between scapulae

Cold sweat on sacrum

Numb, tremulous legs

Sensitive skin

Gloomy dreams, exciting tears

Plantago major. Plantain. Ribwort. N. O. Plantaginaceae. Tincture of whole fresh plant. Tincture of the root.

of herpes. Polyuria. Rhus Tox Rhus poisoning. Bothrops Lanceolatus Snake-bites. Spleen, pains in. Tabacum Tobacco habit. Toothache. Urination, delayed. Worms. Wounds.

Hale sums up the ancient and modern history of Plantago maj. the weed which furnishes food for our cage-birds. (Plant. m. must not to be confounded with Musa, sometimes called "Plantain," which belongs to a different class, viz., the Endogens.) Plantago has had a reputation in medicine from remote antiquity, a reputation which homoeopathy has revived.

It was used in intermittent fever in remotest times.

In A. D. 1558 the Herbal of Dodoens commends the juice of leaves or roots for "toothache and bleeding of gums." John Parkinson in his Theatre of Plants (A. D. 1640) says "the root taken fresh out of the ground, washed and gently scraped with a knife, then put into the ear, cures the toothache like a charm." In Switzerland the leaf fibres are frayed out and put into the ear for the same purpose, and if they relieve the pain they "turn black" (says Reutlinger) and have to be removed, if there is no relief they remain green.

In domestic practice, says Hale, it is constantly resorted to as an application in all affections of the skin with irritation, pain, and heat, the bruised leaves being applied to the part.

Hale enumerates the following as having been relieved by it Erysipelas, Rhus Tox Rhus-poisoning, erythema, burns, scalds, inflammation of the glands (notably the breasts), bruises, incised wounds, bites of animals, chilblains, frostbite.

A case is related (H. R., xi. 241) of a man who allowed himself to be bitten by rattlesnakes and cured himself by drinking the juice of the plant and applying bruised leaves to the bites, changing them frequently.

The tincture has been extensively proved by F. Humphreys (who wrote a monograph upon it), Heath, and others, and the homoeopathicity of its cures was clearly brought out.

The neuralgic pains of teeth, ears, and face were especially pronounced.

Some new symptoms were brought to light.

Foul breath, sinking and weight in stomach, flatulence, diarrhoea, dysentery, and haemorrhoids, all appeared in the proving.

Plant. is one of the most useful of local remedies in homoeopathy, and one of its local uses is as an application to inflamed and painful piles.

In all neuralgic conditions where the suffering part can be reached Plant. Ø may be painted on without any fear of injury, and often with the most signal relief of suffering.

In common with others, I have used it with success in numberless cases of toothache and earache; but I have also given relief in the painful neuralgia of shingles and in pleurodynia.

F. P. Stiles (Minn. H. Mag., v. 225) relates three brilliant cases ($51$) Mrs.

S., 39, for ten days had terrible neuralgic pain in right side of face, shooting into temporal, superior, maxillary, and orbital regions.

Plant. Ø applied locally to gums, temple, and cheek, removed the pain in a few minutes.

Some days later a slight return was promptly relieved in the same way. (2) Mr.

R. had neuralgia in left superior maxillary and lower orbital region of long standing.

Promptly relieved in the same way. (3) Mrs.

N., neuralgia of right upper jaw, pain unbearable, radiating to ear, temple, and cheek.

A tooth had been extracted without relief.

Plant. Ø removed all the pain. "Toothache with earache," "toothache with salivation," are leading indications.

Plant. has a relation to tobacco.

It produces disgust for it in chewers; and it cures neuralgia resulting from tobacco.

The pains are tearing, boring, bruised.

There is great surface sensitiveness.

Pains come suddenly and are apt to be erratic.

Unendurable pains. There is darting up and down the urethra.

Breath and flatulence are offensive.

Some characteristics are Loud noises going through one.

Sudden discharge of yellowish (or Crocus Sativus saffron-coloured) water from nose.

The left side was most affected.

The symptoms are agg. at night. amel.

By eating (colic). agg.

By contact; mental exertion; by motion; heat and cold; cold air; sharp wind heat of room.


Tincture, and lower potencies. Local use in toothache in hollow teeth, otorrhoea, pruritus, and Poison-oak. Incised wounds.


Nerves Ears


Kidneys and bladder