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Plantago Major - Head symptoms - T.F. Allen

Plantain, Plan Tag, Plantago, Plan.

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HPUS indication of Plantago Major: Restless sleep

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Plantago Major in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Giddiness with the irritable mood (twenty-ninth day),

Violent irritation of the brain; bruised, maddening feeling; cannot bear the slightest contradiction (sixteenth day),

Feeling of irritability about the head, in different parts; fine stitches (eleventh day),

Irritable feeling in the head, with soreness of the eyes, at 9 A.M. (second day),

Dull feeling in the head (first day),

Muddle and confused feeling in the head, with inability to think, which lasted all day, and worse in the evening (second day),

Dull, stupid, or muddled feeling in the brain, with the impatient and restless mood (third day),

Dull, muddled feeling in the head, with the inactivity of mind (fourth day),

Head is clouded, heavy, and dull (fourteenth day),

Heaviness and weariness in the head, in the evening, relieved by holding the head backwards, with slight stiffness of the neck (nineteenth day),

Awoke in the morning with headache in the left half of head, principally in the temple; bruised sensation; midday, bruised sensation all over the head, as if beaten, with pain extending to the top of nose (fifth day),

Oppression deep in the head, and sense of something lying in the head, through from one ear to the other (second night),

Feeling of swelling about the head (fifth day),

Fulness of the head, and sore feeling in the temples (twenty-fourth day),

The whole front half of the head, face, jaws, and gums feel sore and bruised (twenty-sixth day),

Fine stitches, before and above the ear, feeling as if the bone were swollen, with stiffness (twenty-sixth day),


After dinner, I had a dull, painful, stupid feeling in my head, with considerable fever (seventh day),

Dull feeling of the head or slight headache, during the day (fourth day),

Pain now in the head, then in dorsum of big toe (sixth day),

Dull stupefying pain in the whole head, relieved by motion and aggravated by study (eighth day),

Pain in the head, relieved by pressure, for a few seconds, or from contact with anything cold (fifth day),

Occasional pains in the head, during the evening (sixth day),

Twinges of pain in different parts of the head; now in the right temple, extending backward; then through the occiput from ear to ear; then in other parts of the head more or less severe (seventh day),

Pains in the head, most in the left temporal region, all the time, or with but little intermission (fourteenth day),

Pain in the head, on turning round, as if the brain were stretched (eighteenth day),

All the pains at times in the head, but very slight (nineteenth day),

Occasional darting pains in the head (fourth day),

Shooting pains in the head, occurring frequently during the day, mostly in the right parietal region, sometimes in the left (seventh day),

Pains in the head, continuing all day, not so bad in the afternoon (ninth day),

Pains in the head and various parts of the body, at different times throughout the day (tenth day); still felt, but at longer intervals, and with diminished intensity (eleventh day),

Pains in the head continue at irregular intervals (after five hours, fourteenth day),

Pains in the head (seventeenth day),

Severe headache over the left eye and side of the head, with great irritation (fourth day),

Headache as usual (thirty-ninth day),

Slight headache, with irritable feeling (fifty-third day),

Stupid headache, etc. (thirtieth day),

Slight headache, a heavy sensation in the head and inclination to drowse (five hours after first dose, third day); same kind of headache in the forehead (eighth day),

Slight headache and some chilliness (sixth day),

Slight headache (sixth day),

Dull oppressive feeling through the forehead, with sometimes a dull pain extending across from the temporal bones, apparently at the base of the brain. I thought probably this might be the effect of a cold,

Dull pains over the frontal region and extending of the eyes (sixth day),

Pain in the forehead over the eyes, with tenderness on pressure (eighth day),

Aching pain in the left frontal protuberance, lasting a few minutes and occurring frequently, and tenderness on pressure (ninth day),

Boring pain in the left frontal eminence (tenth day),

Transient boring pains in the right frontal eminence (eleventh day),

Dull pain over the eyes, relieved by exercise and motion (twelfth day),

Headache in forehead and over the right eye and temple; worse on movement, with pressure over the eye (twenty-ninth day),

Headache over the right eye, in the evening (forty-third day),

Headache over left eye, same as before, passing off after eating (seventy-sixth day),

Pain or fulness over the eyes, with the stuffed-up nose (thirty-fifth day),

Severe pain in left temple; a sort of cloudy sensation (twenty-seventh day),

Sharp pains in the left temple, transient (while sitting by the furnace and after having been out), (seventh day),

Sometimes fleeting pains in both temples, passing in and upwards (thirteenth day),

Pains of a shooting character in the mastoid process (ninth day),

Dull boring pain in the left temple, in a small spot (eighth day),

Transient boring pain in the left temple, in a small spot (eleventh day),

In the evening, in both temples, boring-aching pain, worse in a warm room (twenty-sixth day),

Slight headache in the right temple, with irritable feeling (sixth day),

Headache in the left temple with the flushed face (twelfth day); headache continues (fifteenth and sixteenth days),

Headache; left temple and left side of head (intense) relieved by pressure (forty-second day),

Dull stupefying pain in the sinciput, and finally extending to each side of the occiput (twelfth day),

Dull pain in the right side of the head, rather on the right parietal protuberance and frontal eminence,

Shooting pains in left parietal region, several times during the afternoon (fifth day),

Pains in the head, parietal regions, more in the right than in the left, and generally lasting only a few minutes (ninth day),

Pains in the head of a shooting character, sometimes in the right parietal region, sometimes in the left (ninth day),

Shooting pains in right parietal region (after one hour, fourteenth day),

Pain in the right parietal protuberance (after three hours, fourteenth day),

Occasionally shooting pains in the right parietal region (eighteenth day),

At 6 P.M., while walking and driving in cool air, pain in left side of head, from over the left eye back toward the occiput; somewhat sharp, soon passing off (fifth day),

Pretty severe pain in the left side of the head, from the forehead extending deep into the brain, coming on in paroxysms (sixth day),

Some pain in the left side of the head, at 10 A.M. (ninth day),

Pain, by turns, in the left side of the head (tenth day),

Fleeting pains in the left side of the head (thirteenth day),

Headache, in the morning on waking; left side, more or less during the day (thirty-first day),

At 10 P.M., occasional headache in the left side of the head, somewhat deep in the brain (eighth day),

Some headache in left side of head, at intervals (tenth day),

Occasional headache in the left side of the head (twelfth day),

Dull boring pain in the occiput (twelfth day),

Dull pain in the occiput; these pains pass off quickly (after three hours, fourteenth day),

Headache, in the morning, principally in the back of the head, lasting till after tea, in the afternoon (forty-fourth day),

Cannot rest the head five minutes in one place, with pain all round the back of the head; temporary relief on changing its position, with thirst (sixteenth night),


Pain over the left eyebrow, and deep in the scalp; bruised, dull aching, relieved by shutting the eyes, at 9 A.M. (second day),

Violent, bruised sort of headache (on waking in the morning) over the scalp and back of the head; unable to rest long in one place on the pillow; relief for a time by resting on the part in pain (tenth day),

An intermittent, pulsating, aching pain on the vertex of the head, in a small spot beneath the scalp (ninth day),

Slight eruption on the forehead, which soon disappeared, with the itching of the scalp (third day),

Pain in the left side of scalp, on turning the head suddenly, as if the brain turned over (eighteenth day),

Itching of the scalp, with slight eruption on the forehead, which soon disappeared (third day),

More or less itching of scalp, every day (sixth day),

Itching of the scalp, morning (nineteenth day),

Excessive itching of left scalp, for one hour, at 10 P.M. (second day),


Feeling of irritation in the forehead (second day),

Bruised feeling of forehead, with dimness of the eyes (thirty-eighth day),

Bruised sensation in the forehead and temples (twenty-sixth day),


Bruised feeling, with fulness in both temples (after one hour and twenty minutes, second day),

Bruised sensation in both temples (twenty-fourth day),

Vertex and Parietals.

Dull feeling over the sinciput, and restless disposition (eleventh day),

Bruised, irritable feeling in the left side of head, relieved by lying on it and by pressure (seventeenth day),

Great irritation and irritable feeling in left half of head as before, with coldness of body and shivering (eighty-fourth day),

Occiput and External Head.

Temporal arteries much distended, also the superficial vessels of the frontal region; this symptom has been somewhat present during the whole proving, and even quite prominent now (thirtieth day),

A pin on anything behind the ear causes great irritation; obliged to remove it (twenty-sixth day),

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