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Plantago Major - Mental (inc. personality) symptoms - T.F. Allen

Plantain, Plan Tag, Plantago, Plan.

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HPUS indication of Plantago Major: Restless sleep

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Plantago Major in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Great nervous excitability and trembling of the whole body, with pulse at 120 (fourteenth day),

Highest degree of excitability (twenty-first day),

General depression and despondency, though the weather is bright and beautiful (fourteenth day),

Feel very much out of sorts; low-spirited, with inclination to do a lot of work, but get tired and irritated as soon as I begin (eighty-fourth day),

Feeling of suppressed irritability (after one hour and twenty minutes, second day),

Very irritable and easily vexed, with an excitement of the nervous system (tenth day),

Irritable and vexed mood, with utter inability for any mental exercise (twelfth day),

Great feeling of irritation; cannot bear to be spoken to (fifth day),

Irritable feeling, with slight headache in the right temple (sixth day),

Low spirits; irritable; disinclination to work (seventeenth day),

Great irritation with the severe headache; cannot bear to be spoken to (fourth day),

Rather irritable (twentieth day),

Irritable, with nausea and giddiness, with trembling sensation in the right arm (twenty-ninth day),

Irritable feeling, with slight headache (fifty-third day),

Impatient to get anything finished (second day),

Impatient and restless mood, with a dull, stupid, or muddled feeling in the brain; very irritable and morose temper, worse in the evening (third day); very irritable and restless mood; easily vexed (fourth day),

Restless disposition, and dull feeling over the sinciput (eleventh day),

Desire to do several things at once, but no inclination to move and do one, with the loss of appetite (sixteenth day),

Feeling great desire to be at home when abroad (twenty-ninth day),

Meditative mood or internal revery, and unable to associate my mind with any external object, with the feeling of great prostration (eleventh day),

Inability to think, with restlessness at night (seventh night),

Mind somewhat confused (first day),

Mind inactive, with a dull, muddled feeling in the head (fifth day); very inactive all day, worse in afternoon and evening, with shifting pains in various parts (fifth day),

Aversion to study or thinking (third day),

Bad memory (seventeenth day),

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