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Plantago Major - Mouth symptoms - T.F. Allen

Plantain, Plan Tag, Plantago, Plan.

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HPUS indication of Plantago Major: Restless sleep

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Plantago Major in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



General Mouth.

Breath very offensive, putrid (eighty-fourth day),

Dry mouth in the morning (fourteenth day),

Dirty feeling in the mouth all day (twenty-ninth day),

Have spit a little bright blood two or three times (forty-third day),

Gums and teeth

Sordes on the teeth, as if mixed with blood (seventeenth day); sordes having the appearance of white mucus (eighteenth day),

Grinding of the teeth, with the restless sleep (thirteenth night),

Grinding of the teeth whilst asleep; (this symptom occurred very frequently during the whole proving),

Shooting pain in the teeth (twenty-sixth day),

Dull boring pain in left molar of lower jaw (tenth day),

Pain in the exposed nerve of a front tooth for a short time only (third day),

Aching of some decayed teeth in the lower jaw of the left side, after dinner (seventh day),

Toothache in the left upper molars at night; fine drawing pain, feeling as if it were going to throb (sixteenth day),

Inclination to toothache in left side of lower jaw in decayed double tooth (fifty-third day),

Grumbling in teeth of left side before breakfast; violent pain after eating (fourth day); pain in teeth of left side (fifth day); toothache during the forenoon; intervals of perfect ease, five to ten minutes (sixth day),

Soreness of the teeth (fifth day),

Soreness of some sound teeth, while eating breakfast (fifteenth day),

Sensitive feeling in the teeth appeared before going to sleep, but was not continued or very marked (first night),

Sore and loose sensation in front incisors, as if chilled by cold air; not subject to pain in the teeth (seventh day),


Discoloration of the gums, dark red (twenty-sixth day),

Small, mattery ulcers on the gums (twenty-sixth day),

Gums inflamed and left cheek swollen (eighty-fourth day),

Painful gum-boil in left upper jaw, with considerable swelling of face; discharge of matter from two heads (eighty-fourth day),

Bleeding of the gums, quite profuse on retiring, at 10 P.M. (sixth day),

Bleeding from the gums, in the afternoon and evening (fifth day); haemorrhage from the gums (sixth day); slight bleeding from the gums again from preparing some Plantago (seventh day),

Feeling of stiffness and fulness of gums and face, both sides (twenty-sixth day),


Spit a quantity of brown, dirty-tasting saliva, when the headache comes on (twenty-second day),



Tongue slightly coated with a whitish coating,

Morning, white-coated tongue (seventeenth and eighteenth day),


Putrid smell from the breath (fifth day),

Saliva and Taste.

Food tasteless,

Clammy taste more or less, every morning,

Clammy taste in the mouth, in the morning; dirty taste (fifth day),

Putrid taste (nineteenth day),

Dirty taste in the mouth, on waking (thirty-sixth day),

Dirty taste, with the hoarseness in the morning (thirty-ninth day),

Dirty taste in mouth, with thirst, at night (forty-fourth day),

Dirty, putrid taste in mouth, morning, on waking (fifty-third day),

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