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Platinum Muriaticum - Face symptoms

Platinum Muriaticum Natronatum, Platin, Platinum muriaticum, chloratum, Platinum, Plat-m.

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HPUS indication of Platinum Muriaticum: Fever

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Platinum Muriaticum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Face pale, sunken,

Pale suffering expression, for several days,

Cheek and Lips.

Dull stupefying pressure in the right malar bone and whole half of the nose,

Sharp neuralgic pain in left malar bone,

Painful cramplike sensation of numbness in the left malar bone,

Biting on the cheeks, disappearing after scratching, which it provokes, soon recurring,

Sore biting about the mouth, provoking scratching, as after shaving with a dull razor,

A fine burning stitch in the left cheek; he was obliged to scratch,

Desquamation and bleeding of the lips, for many days, with violent pain, smarting in the open air,

A vesicle on the inner margin of the upper lip, with violent sticking pain, only when touched,

Upper lip dry as if burnt,

Great dryness and roughness of the lips,

Intermitting cramplike jerkings in the upper lip, in the morning in bed,

Smarting of the inner surface of the lip, with a painful feeling of looseness of the upper teeth,

Smarting of the inner surface of the lower lip, and in the gums of both jaws,

Smarting of the lower lip just below the red, as if denuded,

Chin and Jaw.

Small bluish veins on the chin, like varicose veins, without pain, for several days,

Slow, intermitting, dull shocks beneath the chin,

Dull painful sensation of coldness on the chin beneath the corner of the mouth,

Dull jerkings in the chin, as if it had been knocked up,

Sore, corrosive biting on the chin, was obliged to rub it,

Tense, numb sensation in the chin, as if screwed in,

Cramplike pain on the lower margin of the lower jaw, not affected by motion,

Cramplike pain in the left side of the lower jaw,

Face pale, wan, and sunken.

Burning heat and glowing redness in face, with ardent thirst and dryness of mouth, esp. in evening.

Distortion of muscles of face.

Sensation of coldness, with tingling and sensation of numbness throughout (r.) side of face.

Cramp and tensive pressure in zygomatic processes.

Benumbing, dull pressure in malar bone.

Pulsative digging in jaws, esp. in evening and during repose, with involuntary weeping.


Gnawing, with pain as from excoriation in lips and chin, which compel scratching.

Smarting and lancinating vesicles on lips.

Lips dry and cracked.

Plexus venarum, of a reddish blue colour, on chin.

Sensation of torpor or coldness round mouth and chin.

Cramp in jaw.

Sensation of coldness of the face, numbness of the face, cramping, pressing pains in the face. Neuralgia of the face. Coldness, crawling, numbness of the face. Numbness of the malar bone. Tearing boring pain in the face.

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