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Platinum Muriaticum - General symptoms - Clarke

Platinum Muriaticum Natronatum, Platin, Platinum muriaticum, chloratum, Platinum, Plat-m.

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HPUS indication of Platinum Muriaticum: Fever

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Platinum Muriaticum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Platinum. An Element. (Also called Platinum Metallicum Platina.) Pt. (A. W. 194.3.) Trituration.

Amenorrhoea. Chlorosis. Constipation. Convulsions. Delusions. Dentition. Depression of spirits. Dysmenia. Erotomania. Fear. Gout. Haemorrhage. Haemorrhoids. Hysteria. Lead poisoning. Masturbation. Melancholia, Menorrhagia. Menses, suppressed. Mind, affections of. Neuralgia. Neurasthenia. Numbness. Nymphomania. Ovaries, affections of. Pruritus vulvae. Rheumatism. Sexual perversion. Spasms. Tapeworm. Uterus, induration of. Vaginismus. Yawning, spasmodic.

Lost sense of proportion in both ocular and mental vision.

Objects look small or the patient thinks them small.

Platinum Muriaticum becomes pride and hauteur in the mental sphere; the patient (generally a woman) looks down on everything and everybody.

Platinum Muriaticum is a keynote of Platinum Metallicum Plat.

Another is the occurrence of cramps, cramping pains and spasms, developing into convulsions.

The cramping pains = numbness and tingling in the parts affected.

Pains as if nipped, squeezed in a vice, and these pains increase gradually to an acme and then as gradually decline.

In the rectum this becomes tenesmus; in vagina, vaginismus.

Another general keynote is the alternation of mental and physical symptoms as physical symptoms disappear mental symptoms appear, and vice versâ.

Nash cured a case of insanity of some duration with Platinum Metallicum Plat., being led to the remedy by an alternation of the mental symptoms with a pain the whole length of the spine.

Platinum Muriaticum alternating feature is also seen between one mental state and another Changing moods; sad and gay alternately; laughs and cries by turns.

There is also a perverse state Laughs immoderately, but in the wrong place; laughs at serious things.

The mental disorder at times takes a homicidal form.

Jahr cured with Platinum Metallicum Plat. a woman who had an inspiration to kill her child, and Jules Gaudy recorded (Jour. Belge d'H., quoted Amer. H., xxii. 314) the case of a woman who was tormented with an almost irresistible impulse to kill her husband, whom she loved passionately, and with whom she was perfectly happy.

The sight of a knife had an irresistible fascination for her, and she was often obliged to leave the table to free herself from the impulse.

A few months before, she had lost a child a short time after confinement, which had been followed by profuse and desperately persistent haemorrhage.

Recovering from this she became restless, irritable, and her whole existence was ruled by this terrible impulse. Platinum Metallicum Plat. 6x and 30x relieved and finally cured her.

Kent (Med. Adv., xxv. 184) records the case of a middle-aged lady, mother of several grown-up daughters, who complained of a peculiar mental symptom A fear, in the absence of her husband, that he would never return, that he would die, or be run over.

She wept all the time he was away.

Kent discovered that she had been treated for uterine displacement, and was then wearing a pessary.

Platinum Muriaticum was removed. Menstrual flow was copious, black, clotted.

The external genitals were so sensitive that the usual napkin was intolerable. Platinum Metallicum Plat. cured the whole case, including the displacement.

Almost every symptom in this case was a characteristic.

The sensitiveness of the external genitals is often so great as to make coition impossible. Digitalis Purpurea Digital examining of such a patient causes great pain.

The action of Platinum Metallicum Plat. to a large extent centres in and radiates from the sexual organs, male and female.

It corresponds to masturbation before puberty, and also to the effects of masturbation.

It was one of Gallavardin's remedies for the impulse to pederasty and sodomy.

Tendency to uncover completely in sleep is a leading note of it.

Excessive desire, especially in virgins.

Premature and excessive development of sexual instinct and organs.

Nymphomania agg. in puerperal state.

During menses uterine spasms, convulsions.

Convulsions of puerperal state.

Catalepsy during menstruation.

Spasms alternate between convulsive actions and opisthotonos; full consciousness.

Spasms alternate with dyspnoea.

Excessive itching in uterus; pruritus vulvae. Platinum Metallicum Plat. has some characteristic symptoms in relation to the bowels.

Its cramping tendency makes it an antidote to lead poisoning; and it has constipation scarcely less marked than that of Pb., though differing from it.

The stools of Platinum Metallicum Plat. are tenacious and sticky, adhere to the rectum and anus like putty; or they may be hard as if burnt; the constipation comes on whilst travelling; in emigrants; during pregnancy.

Peculiar Sensations and Symptoms are As if her senses would vanish.

As if parts of malar bones were between screws.

As if everything about her were very small.

As if she were constantly growing longer and longer.

As if she did not belong to her own family.

Vertigo as if torn and pulled with threads.

Forehead as if constricted; screwed on; as if a board pressed against it.

As if temples too tightly bound.

Scalp as if contracted; as if a heavy weight on it.

As if head were enlarged.

As if throat constricted; palate elongated; tongue scalded.

As if abdomen, chest, nape, limbs, thigh, great toe, tightly wrapped or constricted.

Back and small of back as if broken.

Crawling, tingling, numb sensations.

Spasmodic yawning. Pains go from right to left.

The right side is somewhat more pronouncedly affected than the left.

Severe stitches in right ovary.

The symptoms are periodic and paroxysmal, as well as alternating. Platinum Metallicum Plat. is suited to women with dark hair; thin, sanguine, bilious; with too frequent and too profuse menses; sexual organs exceedingly sensitive.

Hysterical and haemorrhoidal patients.

The symptoms are agg. By touch and pressure. agg.

Fasting. agg. During menses. agg.

Rest; sitting; standing; bending backward. amel.

By motion. Walking and going upstairs agg. pressure in genitals; amel. hysteric rheumatism.

Walking against wind = sudden arrest of breathing. agg.

Evening and night. Headache commences on waking. agg.

In warm room; amel. in open air (but open air = fluent coryza and shaking chill on going from room; heat amel. cramp pain in legs and irritability and chilliness. Obliged to stretch, which amel.).

Violent itching on glans and prepuce, with sensation of warmth and very troublesome sticking.

symptoms of acute inflammation of urethra, pain on urinating, slight dysuria.

after some hours an eruption about glans penis, somewhat livid, slightly raised, size of pin head, looks like commencing syphilitic sore, but disappears in twelve hours. skin.


The original name of Platinum was "Platinum Metallicum Platina," being a Spanish word meaning "like Argentum Metallicum silver" (Platanus Plata being Spanish for Argentum Metallicum silver). Titanium Metallicum The metal was introduced into Europe from South America in the middle of the eighteenth century. It is always found in association with other metals, chiefly Rhodium Metallicum Rhodium, Osmium Osmium, Iridium, Palladium Palladium. Hahnemann was the first to think of it as a medicine, and his proving in the Chronic Diseases is the basis of our knowledge of its action. One characteristic symptom, either when found alone or in association with other conditions, has led to many cures with Platinum Metallicum Plat.

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