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Platinum Metallicum - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - Hahnemann

The Metal Platinum, Platina, Platinum Metalicum, Platinum metallicum, platina, Plantinum metallicum, Plat.

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HPUS indication of Platinum Metallicum: Numbness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Platinum Metallicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Extremities, limbs

Relaxation of both arms as if she had held something heavy, relieved by moving them to and fro, but at once recurring while at rest, with drawing as if by a thread, extending from the top of the shoulder into the hand.

Pain of the arms as if bruised and shattered.

Sudden paralysis, as after a blow, on a small spot, now on the right, now on the left arm.

Heaviness in the arms.

As if paralyzed in the left arm, so that she inclined to let it sink down, much worse on resting her arm on the chair in sitting; also in merely resting the shoulder against it.

Weariness and weakness of the left arm, with drawing in it.

Burning in the right arm from the top of the shoulder into the wrist.

In the upper arm, a dull pain as from a blow, most sensible on moving and stretching it.

A small, painless blue spot on the left upper arm, which soon becomes smaller and dark-red.

On the elbow erosive burning, as if scraped or rubbed with a woollen cloth.

Pain in the right elbow, seemingly in the periosteum.

Pain just above the elbow-joint, as from a contusion or a blow, with an undulating increase and decrease (aft. 10 m.).

Cramp-like pain in the fore-arm, on resting the elbow on something.

Twitching pain in the shaft of the left radius in the tendon, close to the wrist-joint, in every position, in paroxysms.

Paralytic sensation in the right fore-arm, drawing from above downward.

Pain in the right fore-arm, while the fingers are drawn inward on straightening the arm.

Undulating, beating pain, on single spots of the bones of the fore-arm and the legs.

Cramp-like sensation of rigidity in the left fore-arm and the hand.

Cramp-like, intermitting pressure on the flexing side of the left fore-arm.

In the hand, sensation as from ants, or as from a breath of cool air.

Cramp in the hand, on exerting it.

Twitching cramp in the metacarpal bone of the thumb and in its joint, more violent when strongly moving it.

Trembling of the hand and the finger, on holding it out.

Cramp-like pain in the hand, behind the first two fingers.

Cramp-like pain in the ball of the left hand.

Cramp-like pain in the hands and fingers, especially in the joints, chiefly on firmly grasping anything.

Cramp-like, rhythmical twitches, just below the exterior knuckle of the hand.

Burning fine stitches in the metacarpal joint of the index; recurring soon after the scratching to which it compels.

Itching and corroding on the right wrist, so that he cannot scratch enough.

Itching pricking on the dorsa of the hands, going off after scratching.

Burning pricking as of nettles, inciting to violent scratching.

Cramp-like, drawing in the right hand and index, by jerks.

The fingers are drawn crooked, with painful drawing up the arm, when bending the arm downward.

Acute sensation of numbness and trembling of the right thumb, in the morning, as from contusion.

Numbness of the little finger, for a considerable time.

Pain in the last phalanx of the index, as if a felon would break open.

Itching (griping) in the left index, forcing him to scratch.

Formication on the inner side of the right thumb.

In the hip, right above the joint, a squeezing, tensive pain, as after a blow, increasing and decreasing in paroxysms.

In the lower limbs, muscular twitching, after a short walk, chiefly in the legs.

Tendency to bare his lower limbs by night, although he does not feel too warm.

Formication as from going to sleep in the lower limbs, when they are crossed, while sitting.

The thighs are painful as if broken, while the lower limbs are stretched out; with an undulating cramp-like darting through them, when drawing up the legs.

Sensation of weakness, with tremulous restlessness in the thighs, especially toward the knees, as after fatigue from walking; only while sitting.

Sensation of weakness in the thighs (and the whole of the lower limbs), as if bruised, with tremulous restlessness in them, while sitting and standing (aft. 2 h.).

Straining of the thighs while sitting, as if bandaged too tightly, with sensation of weakness in them.

Cramp-like pain in pulsating paroxysms in the middle of the thigh, while sitting down.

Cramp-like sensation of numbness, as after a blow, on the anterior surface of the right thigh.

Cramp-like pain on the posterior side of the thigh, while sitting.

Cramp-like pain on the inner side of the right thigh.

Bruised pain of the thighs.

Bruised pain in the middle of the thighs, more when sitting than when walking.

Drawing on the upper part of the left thigh; on treading, this is so violent that her limb gives way.

Jerking drawing in the thighs, above the knees.

Drawing and tearing toward both the thighs from the middle of the groin, much aggravated by touching, as well as by inspiration.

Dull pain, as after a fall, on the upper part of the left thigh, while sitting (6th d.).

In the knee, first drawing, then burning, and while treading, there is a sprained pain.

Burning pricking on the right knee.

Violent tension in the left hough, after walking quickly in the open air.

Dull pressure on the inner side of the left hough, while sitting with drawn up legs.

Pain as after a severe blow, in the left knee.

Contusive pain above the knee, on the left side.

Tremulous sensation of numbness, as if tied too tight, in the knees, extending to the foot.

Sensation of numbness and weakness, like a dull pressure on the inner side of the left hough, while sitting.

Sensation of great weakness in the knee-joints and around them, more when standing than when sitting, with vacillation.

Weakness in the knee-joints, even so that they give way, more when standing than while walking, worst when going upstairs.

Sensation of weakness in the knees, when walking; also in the thighs, when sitting, as after fatigue by walking.

Painful sensation of weakness, just below the knee, when treading, in walking.

In the legs below the knee, painful weariness, while sitting.

Excoriative pulsation in the middle of the right leg, on the anterior surface.

Cramp-like jerks down the legs, with sensation of rigidity, also in the feet, while sitting, especially in the evening.

Acute blows down along the tibiae.

Tremulous formicating restlessness in the legs, while sitting, with sensation of numbness and rigidity, especially aggravated in the evening and also in bed.

Weariness of the legs, after a short walk, with oppression of the breath, more in the beginning of walking than later; at last nausea.

Cramp-like drawing through the right calf, on sitting down after a short walk.

Straining and beating in the right calf, so that the foot trembles, while sitting.

The feet are weary, with a sensation of swelling about the ankles; when sitting, the weariness extends with turgidity even into the calves, in the evening.

Pain in the ankle-joint, as from a misstep.

Sensation of numbness and weariness in the feet, as after a strain in standing, only while sitting.

Painful tearing on the dorsum of the left foot, with dull cutting right across the same.

Tensive pain in the bend of the foot, when bending forward while standing.

Erosion above the ankle-joint, on the outer side.

Sore gnawing and erosion about the ankles, paining when touched by the dress as if raw and rubbed open.

Stinging erosion on a small spot of the sole; he must scratch.

Violent stitch above the ankle-joint, not alleviated by scratching.

Shooting in the balls of both the feet, in the evening after lying down, till midnight.

Painful pulling on the sole of the right foot while standing, and a formicating pressure under the same, while sitting.

Hard pressure on the bottom of the sole of the right foot, near the toes.

Cramp-like pain in the metatarsal bone of the right foot.

Cramp-like drawing in the right heel.

Tremulous pain on a spot on the dorsum of the foot, as from an external pressure.

In the big toe, pain as if it was bandaged too tight.

Cramp-like burning tension in the left big toe.

Cramp-like drawing in the toes, especially in the big toes.

Cramp-like beating in the left big toe, at irregular intervals.

Painful beating on the bottom of the little toe.

Tearing with picking, as in an ulcer, in the right toes, especially in the big toe.

Smarting itching on the bottom of the big toe.

Formication in the right big toe, so that she would like to always scratch.

Burning, crawling shooting on the bottom of the big toe, as from many needles.

Sore pain in the (formerly frozen) balls of the toe, chiefly while walking.

Swelling of the ball of the toes, with nocturnal tearing pain.

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