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Platinum Metallicum - General symptoms

The Metal Platinum, Platina, Platinum Metalicum, Platinum metallicum, platina, Plantinum metallicum, Plat.

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HPUS indication of Platinum Metallicum: Numbness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Platinum Metallicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Is pre-eminently a woman’s remedy. Strong tendency to paralysis, anaesthesia, localized Numbness and coldness are shown. Hysterical spasms; pains increase and decrease gradually ( Stannum Iodatum Stannum.) Tremulousness.

A remedy of pains

For prim old maids Oversensitive mind and nerves Violent cramping, squeezing, thrusting or numbing pains, and then spasms


Many and various ovarian or uterine reflexes

Irregular spasm, congestion of blood or coldness of single parts, eyes, ears, etc


Alternate mental and physical or sexual symptoms Numbness; scalp, face, coccyx, calves, etc

Bandaged feeling Sticky; tears, stool, menses, etc

Laughs at wrong time

Unkind, abrupt and quarrelsome

Disordered sense of proportion; objects seem smaller, strange, frightful, etc



Hauteur Proud and erotic (Aurum Metallicum Aur)

Alone, deserted feeling

Mentally worse in twilight

Bad humor, yet weeps

Gradually increasing, then slowly lessening headache


Tense scalp

Cramp at root of nose


Boring in jaws

Congestion to abdomen


Hard, black, scant or soft, difficult stools; of tourists; of pregnancy

Crawling itching anus in evening

Painfully sensitive genitals, with itching, tickling or crawling

Dark, thick, profuse menses, with dragging

Heat in ovaries

Ovarian irritation


Dysmenorrhoea, with shrieks and jerks

Eroticism Onanism

Spasmodic yawning

Bruised backache, worse pressure or bending backward

Knees drawn up and spread apart

Cramp in calves

In sleep wants to uncover entirely

Chemically pure platina which is soft and can be cut with a knife, is dissolved in heated Aqua Marina aqua-regia (Nitric Acid nitric acid and hydrochloric acid), the golden yellow solution obtained, is properly diluted with distilled water, a smoothly-polished steel rod is suspended in it, on which the platina deposits as a crystalline crust.

When Platina is properly homoeopathically indicated in a case of disease, it relieves simultaneously the following ailments, if present Lack of appetite; eructation after eating; constipation while traveling; emission of prostatic juice; induration of the uterus; weariness of the lower limbs; cold feet; stuffed coryza.

Too violent effects of Platina are relieved by Pulsatilla Pulsatilla and by smelling of sweet of nitre.

The symptoms marked . are by , of Jueterbock.

To the above-named fellow-observer most of the symptoms of Platina are credited. They are taken from a proving instituted by him, chiefly on "a damsel both bodily and mentally healthy and blooming, though somewhat excitable," who took does of the 1st trituration equivalent in all to between two and three grains of the mental. The results of this proving were originally published in Vol. I of the Archiv.


Illusion of the imagination.

on entering the room after walking for an hour, everything around her seemed very small and all persons physically and bodily inferior to her, but she herself great and lofty in body.

the room appears to her gloomy and disagreeable.

attended with anxiety, gloomy and cross humor, a whirling vertigo and discomfort in her surroundings which before were pleasant to her.

in the open air, in the sunshine, everything vanishes at once.;.

Sensation of numbness in the sinciput, as if constricted in a warm, crowded room.

aggravated even to a severe dull burrowing, pressing the head together, with annoyed impatience, and heat in the upper part of the body, especially on the head, as if the sweat of anguish would break out.

in the evening in the cool air he feels unusual heat, and when starting to walk, a painful concussion of the brain, as from a ball beating against the skull, afterward, while lying in bed, a fluttering in the ears.

then he goes to sleep, the pains having abated.;.

Violent pressure in the forehead, as if everything was coming out, with a sensation of a load upon the head, which closed the eyes and pressed out tears.

aggravated by bending forward and by the least motion of the head.

before the fit, there is great anguish about the heart, then she feels as if struck on the forehead, so she cannot speak.

with increasing anguish, with burning heat and intense redness of the face and violent thirst, with augmented headache till ten o'clock.

this recurred for several days about the same hour.;.

* * * * *

, partly under the axilla, partly in the middle of the chest, unaffected by the respiration (aft. 3 h. and on 8th d.).

Attack of nausea, while walking in the open air, especially when walking against the wind.

relieved in the room, when resting the head upon the table.

but when raising it again, it is intolerably aggravated, with a whirling vertigo, much aggravated when looking upward.

at the same time the sight is dimmed as from smoke.

when he lays down his head, there is at once a state intermediate between sleeping and waking, with vivid dreams.

on raising the head, everything disappeared.;.

Pressive drawing pain, transversely across the precordial region, rising and decreasing in paroxysms, when it also darts into the middle of the upper arm, as if it was violently seized with paralysis and numbness of the arm.

the pain in the side is increased by laughing, inspiration and pressure, and at every step there is a painful concussion there.;.

Titanium Metallicum The metal. Stapf. An Element.


Pride and over-estimation of one's self; looking down on others; things look small to her.

Genitals exceedingly sensitive, but excessive sexual desire; nymphomania, with ovarian. troubles; prolapsus or profuse menses.

Pains increase gradually and as gradually decrease (Stannum Metallicum Stann.); sometimes attended with numbness (Chamomilla Cham.).

The nervous symptoms outside the brain symptoms calling for Platina are 1st "The pains increase gradually and as gradually decrease." 2nd. "This pains are attended with numbness of the parts" This first symptom you will remember is like Stannum Iodatum Stannum but the Platinum patient is not characteristically so weak as the Stannum Iodatum Stannum one. The second one is like Chamomilla Chamomilla, but the Platina patient is not so unvaryingly ugly as the Chamomilla Chamomilla one. Both are great mental remedies, however, and if any question arises (as there may) a close study of them in their entirety may be necessary.

In regard to the gradual outset of the pains of Platina and Stannum Iodatum Stannum, Belladonna Belladonna has exactly the opposite but Belladonna Belladonna more resembles the Platina in its brain symptoms.

Sexual organs. "Nymphomania aggravated in the lying-in; tingling or tittilation up into the abdomen." "Excessive sexual desire, especially in virgins.

Ovarian trouble and prolapsus with the profuse menses and excessive sensitiveness of the genitals to touch or coition. All these are very strong indications for Platinum Metallicum. All these symptoms, mental, nervous, spasmodic, sexual, etc., would indicate that Platina ought to be a good remedy for that protean malady, hysteria, and so abundant experience has proven it to be. Here again I have, as in the case of Zincum Metallicum Zincum and Stannum Iodatum Stannum, found the higher preparation of the drug most potent for good, though in, a case of insanity I used the 6th, not having it high at that time.

Platina has a form of constipation similar to Alumina Alumina, i. e., the stools adhere to the anus like soft clay.


Sixth trituration to thirtieth potency.



Nerves Vagus




Platinum Metallicum is readily friable, is sweetened by repeated washing in distilled water and well-dried between blotting paper. One grain of this is used for the preparation of the homoeopathic dynamizations as shown in the concluding part of the first volume of the Chronic Diseases.