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Platinum Metallicum - General symptoms - Nash

The Metal Platinum, Platina, Platinum Metalicum, Platinum metallicum, platina, Plantinum metallicum, Plat.

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HPUS indication of Platinum Metallicum: Numbness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Platinum Metallicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Pride and over-estimation of one's self; looking down on others; things look small to her.

Genitals exceedingly sensitive, but excessive sexual desire; nymphomania, with ovarian. troubles; prolapsus or profuse menses.

Pains increase gradually and as gradually decrease (Stannum Metallicum Stann.); sometimes attended with numbness (Chamomilla Cham.).

The nervous symptoms outside the brain symptoms calling for Platina are 1st "The pains increase gradually and as gradually decrease." 2nd. "This pains are attended with numbness of the parts" This first symptom you will remember is like Stannum Iodatum Stannum but the Platinum patient is not characteristically so weak as the Stannum Iodatum Stannum one. The second one is like Chamomilla Chamomilla, but the Platina patient is not so unvaryingly ugly as the Chamomilla Chamomilla one. Both are great mental remedies, however, and if any question arises (as there may) a close study of them in their entirety may be necessary.

In regard to the gradual outset of the pains of Platina and Stannum Iodatum Stannum, Belladonna Belladonna has exactly the opposite but Belladonna Belladonna more resembles the Platina in its brain symptoms.

Sexual organs. "Nymphomania aggravated in the lying-in; tingling or tittilation up into the abdomen." "Excessive sexual desire, especially in virgins.

Ovarian trouble and prolapsus with the profuse menses and excessive sensitiveness of the genitals to touch or coition. All these are very strong indications for Platinum Metallicum. All these symptoms, mental, nervous, spasmodic, sexual, etc., would indicate that Platina ought to be a good remedy for that protean malady, hysteria, and so abundant experience has proven it to be. Here again I have, as in the case of Zincum Metallicum Zincum and Stannum Iodatum Stannum, found the higher preparation of the drug most potent for good, though in, a case of insanity I used the 6th, not having it high at that time.

Platina has a form of constipation similar to Alumina Alumina, i. e., the stools adhere to the anus like soft clay.

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